Trunch Social Club
Trunch, NR28 0PS

Trunch Social Club
Trunch, NR28 0PS

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Green Jack - Nightingale

Nightingale - 4%


Green Jack

4% abv

Our new English bitter. We plan to donate £10 from every firkin sold to pubs to the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Green Jack - Excelsior

Excelsior - 4%


Green Jack

4% abv

Excelsior is a clean crisp ale with balanced malts.This golden ale has a fruity hop character and aprominent floral aroma making this beer a easy drinking session ale, perfect for Spring and welcoming in the Summer.

Greene King - Abbot Ale

Abbot Ale - 5%

Abbot Ale

Greene King

5% abv

A full-bodied, very distinctive beer with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Craft Keg Available

Greene King - Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker - 4.5%

Ice Breaker

Greene King

4.5% abv

Waves of guava and passion fruit crash with big citrus flavours. Easy drinking with plenty of fruity hop character, this unfiltered pale ale is the ultimate refreshment.

Ciders & Perries Available

Aspall - Cyder

Cyder - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Made in the Aspall house style by blending culinary and bittersweet apple varieties such as Cox and Russet to deliver the refreshing, crisp taste of just-bitten apples. Delivering the refreshing, crisp taste of just-bitten apples with a light to medium body. A new mid-strength cider for all occasions.

Coming Soon

MrWinter's - Spontaneous Consumption

Spontaneous Consumption - 4.7%

Spontaneous Consumption


4.7% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

All Day - Sleepy Water

Sleepy Water - 10%

Sleepy Water

All Day

10% abv

Let out at All Day Beer Bash April 2024 and once entered with slurring. Straightforward no-nonsense English big stout

Brass Castle - Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater Taffy - 4.5%

Saltwater Taffy

Brass Castle

4.5% abv

An ode to the classic New Jersey candy. Up-front caramel and toffee sweetness is balanced with light residual saltiness.

All Day - All Day Long

All Day Long - 3.4%

All Day Long

All Day

3.4% abv

A true session bitter. Copper in colour, medium bodied with sweet biscuit notes and subtle bitterness from our secret blend of British hops.

Bruha - Lambent Mild

Lambent Mild - 3.4%

Lambent Mild


3.4% abv

A soft dark ale with dried fruit maltiness. Easy drinking with a touch of sweetness on the finish.

4T's - Elvis Peachley

Elvis Peachley - 4.6%

Elvis Peachley


4.6% abv

India Pale Ale, with velvety smooth peach aromas. We can't build our dreams on suspicious minds so take my hand, take my whole life too, but I can't help falling in love with Elvis Peachley.

Woodforde's - Red And Berried

Red And Berried - 5.2%

Red And Berried


5.2% abv

A raspberry porter with a rich chocolaty finish and aromas of raspberries and vanilla.

Blackfriars Tavern - Herring Bridge Pale Ale

Herring Bridge Pale Ale - 3.8%

Herring Bridge Pale Ale

Blackfriars Tavern

3.8% abv

Exclusive pale ale brewed to celebrate the opening of the Herring Bridge in Great Yarmouth on February 1st 2024.

Three Blind Mice - Milk Worm

Milk Worm - 5.3%

Milk Worm

Three Blind Mice

5.3% abv

Chocolate and vanilla milk porter, silky smooth and sweet, fantastically moreish. Made with organic cocoa and vanilla pods.

Chalk Hill - CHB

CHB - 4.2%


Chalk Hill

4.2% abv

A copper-coloured Best Bitter with a malty aroma, fruity sweetness and bittersweet hoppiness towards the finish.

Beeston - Magnificent Men

Magnificent Men - 7.2%

Magnificent Men


7.2% abv

A strong amber ale. A fulfilling taste journey starting with warm fruity malts and, with time, moving satisfyingly slowly into an expanding hoppy bitterness.

Tindall - Steam Lager

Steam Lager - 4.8%

Steam Lager


4.8% abv

Crisp amber hybrid steam lager combining the malt and hop flavour of ale with the crispness and carbonation of Lagers to create an extremely crisp caramelly lager with a nice hit of hops. Vegan friendly.

Moon Gazer - Leveret

Leveret - 3.4%


Moon Gazer

3.4% abv

A golden mild. Soft fruity bitterness gives way to a malty, biscuit finish. Gluten free.

Drenchfoot - Barrel Bomber

Barrel Bomber - 4.2%

Barrel Bomber


4.2% abv

A refreshing pale ale with East Kent Goldings, Mosaic and a Citra dry hop. Brewed to celebrate D-Day.

Three Blind Mice - Old Brown Mouse

Old Brown Mouse - 4.2%

Old Brown Mouse

Three Blind Mice

4.2% abv

A traditional full bodied and malty best bitter.


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Trunch Social Club is in the Norwich & District CAMRA branch area.