The Countryman
Tasburgh, NR15 1NS

The Countryman
Tasburgh, NR15 1NS

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Moon Gazer - Ostara

Ostara - 4.2%


Moon Gazer

4.2% abv

A light golden ale - light with a soft bitterness and a lemon and orange citrus finish.

Elmtree - Best Bitter

Best Bitter - 4.2%

Best Bitter


4.2% abv

A well balanced copper coloured crisp beer, the early malt notes give way to a distinctively complex Goldings hop finish.

Adnams - Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship - 4.5%

Ghost Ship


4.5% abv

This pale ale has a good assertive pithy bitterness and a malty backbone. Brewed with Citra, and a blend of other American hop varieties to create some great citrus flavours.

Coming Soon

Lacons - Nectaron

Nectaron - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Part of our experimental single hop series, showcasing the best of international hop development, Nectaron is the latest big release from New Zealand. This clean, soft, pale ale has a full mouthfeel, which complements the tropical notes of pineapple, passion fruit, peach and grapefruit.

Panther - Beast of the East

Beast of the East - 5.5%

Beast of the East


5.5% abv

This strong bitter is an amber IPA which uses high level of New Zealand hops to give it a strong fruity punch.

Sharp's - Twin Coast

Twin Coast - 3.9%

Twin Coast


3.9% abv

A crisp, bright, session pale ale. It's twin dry-hopped with a burst of US citrus-hops, to create a zesty and quenching, pale-gold nectar.

Wolf - St George's Ale

St George's Ale - 3.8%

St George's Ale


3.8% abv

Patriotic golden ale with a clean dry finish brewed to celebrate St George's Day, this highly rated ale makes England proud!

Panther - Spring

Spring - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A golden ale with lots of refreshing tropical aromas such as mangoes, pineapples and melon from American hops.

Lacons - Encore

Encore - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Our award-winning amber ale packs a smooth citrus punch whilst balancing a dry pine and zesty flavour throughout. The finish is robust with a long bitterness.

Chalk Hill - Gold

Gold - 4.3%


Chalk Hill

4.3% abv

A malty straw coloured ale, refreshing and easy drinking.

Tindall - Forest Mist

Forest Mist - 4.2%

Forest Mist


4.2% abv

A light amber citrus ale. This is our take on what we believe a best bitter of the future will taste like. We have used some of the latest developed malts to provide a delicious malt backbone. Hopped with some of our favourite hops including Citra, Columbus and even a new experimental hop which doesn't yet have a name to create a delicious aroma.

Chalk Hill - CHB

CHB - 4.2%


Chalk Hill

4.2% abv

A copper-coloured Best Bitter with a malty aroma, fruity sweetness and bittersweet hoppiness towards the finish.

Adnams - Southwold Bitter

Southwold Bitter - 3.7%

Southwold Bitter


3.7% abv

A beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness. Brewed with the finest East Anglian Pale Ale malt barley, sourced locally to the brewery. We use Fuggles hops which we add late in the boil to preserve the herbal flavours of this traditional English hop. We add more Fuggles to each cask so that the flavour of the hops infuses into the beer.

Also Available

Keg Beers

Coors 4.0%

No Description.

Madri 4.7%

No Description.

Peroni 5.0%

No Description.

Carling 4.0%

No Description.

Aspall Cyder 4.5%

No Description.

Jubel Peach 4.0%

Peach infused lager

Sharps Doom Bar 4.3%

Keg Bitter


Guinness Irish Stout 4.1%

No Description.


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The Countryman is in the Norwich & District CAMRA branch area.