The Beer School
Westhoughton, BL5 3AZ

The Beer School
Westhoughton, BL5 3AZ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Tiny Rebel - Cwtch

Cwtch - 4.6%


Tiny Rebel

4.6% abv

This isn't your average bitter - the hops do more to this deep amber coloured beer than just provide bite. Any old hop can do that! We've selected some of the most aromatic and tangy hops from the other side of the pond to give this red a fresh hit that complements the caramel flavours of the malts that gives this beer its colour.

Bowland - Double Deckerdence

Double Deckerdence - 3.8%

Double Deckerdence


3.8% abv

This is a delightful fruity beer perfect for these long Summer days. A smooth, sophisticated session pale ale.

Goffs - Jouster

Jouster - 4%



4% abv

A drinkable, tawny coloured ale, with a light hoppiness in the aroma. It has a good balance of malt and bitterness in the mouth, underscored by fruitiness, with a clean, hoppy aftertaste.

Craft Keg Available

Beartown - Birthday Bear

Birthday Bear - 8.4%

Birthday Bear


8.4% abv

A chocolate dark fruit gateau imperial stout. It's our birthday and we'll go big if we want to! Pure indulgence in a glass. Brewed to celebrate 30 years.

Beartown - Strawbeary

Strawbeary - 4.5%



4.5% abv

A strawberry sour. We are down in the records as the first brewery in the UK to make a strawberry-infused beer. This time it comes with a modern sour twist. Brewed to celebrate 30 years.

Beartown - Manbear

Manbear - 5.2%



5.2% abv

An IPA with gentle flavours of cream soda and a tropical finish to this IPA. This keg beer pays homage to the changeover from Manning Brewers to Beartown Brewery in 2017. Brewed to celebrate 30 years.

Beartown - Inception

Inception - 4.4%



4.4% abv

A session IPA with a fruity hop character driven by a bucket load of Mosaic, with a hazy complexion and a delicate finish.

Beavertown - Lunar Haze

Lunar Haze - 4.5%

Lunar Haze


4.5% abv

A hazy pale golden ale with aromas of tropical passion fruit, lemon citrus and a hint of peach and flavours of ripe passionfruit and sweet peach with a cloud lemon finish.

Beavertown - Bones Lager

Bones Lager - 4.4%

Bones Lager


4.4% abv

A pale gold bready lager, crisp, subtle citrus hints and a smooth clean aftertaste. Dead. Good. Lager!

Ciders & Perries Available

Udders Orchard - Elmet

Elmet - 5.5%


Udders Orchard

5.5% abv

Medium sweet cider made with local apples blended with a dash of Dabinett cider apples. Sweetened to make a more sessionable cider (85% fresh pressed juice).

Udders Orchard - Addle Croft

Addle Croft - 6.5%

Addle Croft

Udders Orchard

6.5% abv

A single variety, single tree perry, made using Norton Butt perry pears grown in Huddersfield. A medium complex perry, an initial sweetness turns in to a dry, tannic finish.

Sheppy's - Orchard Dew

Orchard Dew - 6%

Orchard Dew


6% abv

A fine, naturally cloudy cider, Orchard Dew is medium in sweetness, with a crisp refreshing taste.

Ross On Wye - 2022 Deep Space Truckin'

2022 Deep Space Truckin' - 7%

2022 Deep Space Truckin'

Ross On Wye

7% abv

This is a light, smooth cider, which belies its ABV. Pale straw in appearance, the flavour is gentle, with hay notes, soft tannins, slatey minerality, and a satisfying finish. Made from Harry Masters Jersey and Ellis Bitter which were pressed in combination, with Sweet Coppin blended later on, to elongate the flavour and offer delightful drinkability.

Coming Soon

Titanic - Steerage

Steerage - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Hoppy, gold-amber bitter. Fruit, malt and hop flavours carry through to a pleasing finish.

Lancaster - Ernest IPA

Ernest IPA - 4.3%

Ernest IPA


4.3% abv

A refreshing fruity extra pale IPA brewed with Ernest British hops.

Tiny Rebel - Shogun Assassin

Shogun Assassin - 4%

Shogun Assassin

Tiny Rebel

4% abv

This extra pale ale showcases a variety of hops; Columbus, Lotus and Simcoe which all add to the crisp taste of this flavourful pale ale. The vibrant flavours combined with the gentle malt presence delivers a refreshing experience.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

Hofmeister Helles 5.0%

Helles lager

Budvar Nealko 0.5%

No alcohol should never mean no flavour. Quite the opposite. Just as with Budweiser Budvar Original, we brew Nealko using celebrated Moravian barley for a bold, sweet, toasted malt profile, and the same Saaz hops for a lightly spiced, fresh, citrusy aroma with just a hint of bitterness. Rich, full-f


Lancaster Brewery Amber 3.6%

Northern Bitter

Lancaster Brewery Blonde 4.0%

Refreshing Golden Beer

Lancaster Brewery Black 4.5%

English Stout. Coffee, Smokey, Chocolate flavours.

Lancaster Brewery IPA 4.2%

Well-hopped IPA with a dry crisp finish.

Lancaster Brewery Red 4.8%

Premium Bitter. A delicious Ruby Beer.

Hofmeister Helles 5.0%

Made with mineral water, locally sourced barley and Hallertau Hops, 5% Hofmeister Helles is exactly the beer you crave after a long day. Its crisp and refreshing but, its got character too. Sweet digestive biscuit and honey is followed by the tingle of floral and spicy hop bitterness and then a snap

Hofmeister Weiss 5.1%

Genuine, imported wheat beer brewed in the heart of Bavaria. Made with mineral water, locally sourced barley, wheat and Hallertau Hops, 5.1% Hofmeister Weisse pours thick and velvety. Its aroma bursts with ripe banana and vanilla, all backed by a bready, brioche note. Notes of lemon drizzle cake are

Healeys Cornish Cyder Rattler Berry 4.0%

Fancy a taste of summer whatever the weather? Bursting with red berry juice and our famous Rattler bite, all blended with Healeys know-how, our Rattler Berry Cyder is a sip of pure sunshine. Gluten-Free | Vegan Friendly | Contains Sulphites

Healeys Cornish Cyder Rattler Mango 4.0%

Rattler Cornish Cider with Mango is a smooth, refreshing craft cyder with a deliciously juicy, sweet taste! Blended with crisp apples & gently carbonated to amplify tropical flavours perfect for a sunny afternoon! Gluten-Free | Vegan Friendly | Contains Sulphi

Healeys Cornish Cyder Rattler Pineapple 4.0%

Time to get tropical! Bursting with refreshing pineapple, blended with crisp apples and Healeys know-how. Our Rattler Cornish Cyder with Pineapple has the fresh flavour you crave! Gluten-Free | Vegan Friendly | Contains Sulphites

Healeys Cornish Cyder Rattler Strawberry & Lime 3.4%

Strawberry & Lime Cyder is a perfect summer tipple! This fruity new flavour is sure to get your taste buds tingling with its exciting, sweet and sharp accents. Gluten-Free|Vegan Friendly|Contains Sulphites


Schöfferhofer Schfferhofer Hefeweizen Bier 2.5%

Schfferhofer Grapefruit is the unique combination of sparkling smooth Schfferhofer unfiltered wheat beer with natural grapefruit flavoured drink. A refreshing, well-rounded taste with tangy character and hints of sweetness is pleasing to palate. INGREDIENTS Mixed beer dri


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The Beer School is in the Bolton CAMRA branch area.