Chesterfield Alehouse
Chesterfield, S40 1AG

Chesterfield Alehouse
Chesterfield, S40 1AG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Lenton Lane - Walter's Lido

Walter's Lido - 6.1%

Walter's Lido

Lenton Lane

6.1% abv

A strong, hop forward IPA brewed with Pekko, Amarillo and Taiheke hops. Collaboration brew with the Peterborough Beer Festival team.

Raw - Funky Summer

Funky Summer - 4%

Funky Summer


4% abv

Funkylicious light session pale made with loads of funky hops.

Silver Brewhouse - West Coast

West Coast - 3.7%

West Coast

Silver Brewhouse

3.7% abv

Light and refreshing session pale with zesty American hops, Cascade, Chinook and Summit.

Jolly Boys - Black Forest Porter

Black Forest Porter - 5%

Black Forest Porter

Jolly Boys

5% abv

Full bodied, creamy and well balanced porter. Brewed with five Yorkshire malts and English hops. Enriched with flavours of sour cherry, chocolate and Kirsch to evoke the retro memories of Black Forest Gateau.

Craft Keg Available

Buxton - Honey Melon Kiwi Lime Ice Cream Sorbet

Honey Melon Kiwi Lime Ice Cream Sorbet - 6%

Honey Melon Kiwi Lime Ice Cream Sorbet


6% abv

One of the latest releases in the original Buxton x Omnipollo Ice Cream series. Sweet honey melon and kiwi combine with tart lime in a refreshing fruit cocktail.

Buxton - Blackcurrant Blackberry Ice Cream Slushie

Blackcurrant Blackberry Ice Cream Slushie - 6%

Blackcurrant Blackberry Ice Cream Slushie


6% abv

One of the latest releases in the original Buxton x Omnipollo Ice Cream series. Jam packed with juicy berries, a mouthwatering fruit ice cream experience.

Three Hills - BPAVK: Triple Chocolate Brownie

BPAVK: Triple Chocolate Brownie - 11%

BPAVK: Triple Chocolate Brownie

Three Hills

11% abv

This month we've chosen to use a higher proportion of chocolate, biscuit and roasted malts to extract flavours of dark chocolate and brownie. Post fermentation we've added more chocolate flavours to accentuate the aroma as well as the cacao notes on the palette.

Three Hills - Baby BPAVK: Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie

Baby BPAVK: Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie - 5.5%

Baby BPAVK: Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie

Three Hills

5.5% abv

Baby BPAVK turns our well-known Imperial Stout series into a session beer. This is the decadent salted caramel fudge brownie version.

Wiper and True - Milk Shake

Milk Shake - 5.6%

Milk Shake

Wiper and True

5.6% abv

This beer combines copious chocolate malts laced with vanilla and cacao to create a luxurious, milkshake-rich and satisfyingly dark beer. Contains lactose.

Full Circle - Asleep In The Orchard

Asleep In The Orchard - 6.5%

Asleep In The Orchard

Full Circle

6.5% abv

Our summer 2022 Saison is packed with cherries and brewed in collaboration with our friends at Northern Monk. Using an exciting new Hybrid Saison yeast, it gives traditional Saison notes and a slight wit beer aroma.

Polly's - Wonder Cryo

Wonder Cryo - 5.9%

Wonder Cryo


5.9% abv

We've gone all out on Wonder Cryo. Loaded to the nines with Simcoe Cryo and Idaho 7 Cryo, expect to find a beer absolutely bursting with the usual flavour notes from these incredible varietals - think fresh cut grapefruit, pineapple, overripe mango, and apricot - but with a pronounced cleanness, that makes this IPA so beautifully drinkable.

Full Circle - Rotator

Rotator - 5.2%


Full Circle

5.2% abv

We've transformed Beta into the newest addition to our core range - Rotator. An all-day drinker, Idaho-7 and Citra combine beautifully to pack a juicy tropical and citrus punch that will have you picking a new flavour with each sip. You'll be testing this one more than once.

Polly's - Little Petal

Little Petal - 5.4%

Little Petal


5.4% abv

Little Petal takes a detour from our usual output down the Pacific highway for a deliciously moreish West Coast Pale - clean and crisp resinous bitterness takes the lead here, with a classic hop lineup of Cascade and Simcoe.

Cloudwater - How Wonderful!

How Wonderful! - 3.7%

How Wonderful!


3.7% abv

This regularly brewed modern Pale Ale captures everything we love about the style. It channels the easy drinkability of those classic session beers we find ourselves returning to time and again, while treating you to bright, vibrant aromatics from a blend of our favourite hops. Full-flavoured, yet soft, juicy and refreshing. Hops used are Citra, NZ Cascade, Motueka and Mosaic.

Polly's - A Million Pretty Pieces

A Million Pretty Pieces - 4.5%

A Million Pretty Pieces


4.5% abv

Fruited sour utilising 100% citrus fruits bringing orange, lemon and grapefruit adding in a kilo of Halen Mon sea salt just to round the tartness off perfectly, this is a beer perfect for kicking back on one of those hazy long evenings to take in the sunshine and toast to a well earned drink after a long day at work. Sweet, sour, and just with a touch of saltiness.

Ciders & Perries Available

Ashover Cider - Derbyshire Vintage

Derbyshire Vintage - 7%

Derbyshire Vintage

Ashover Cider

7% abv

A full juice, unpasteurised, still dry cider. Made solely from ancient cider apples from Hereford, with tonnes of Kingston Black and left untampered for a slow wild fermentation it is a flavoursome and complex vintage cider fermented out to it's full potential of strength and dryness.

Ashover Cider - Strawberry Pippin

Strawberry Pippin - 4%

Strawberry Pippin

Ashover Cider

4% abv

A lighter and fruity alternative, still made with 100% hand-picked cider apples but sweetened post wild fermentation with strawberry juice. It's Ashover Pippin sweetened with real strawberry juice to create a smooth sweet bright cider, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Ashover Cider - Kingston Jack

Kingston Jack - 5.5%

Kingston Jack

Ashover Cider

5.5% abv

A full juice medium cider blend of Derbyshire fruit and bittersweet/sharp ancient cider apple varieties from Hereford, left untampered for a slow wild fermentation it is a flavoursome and complex vintage cider at a very easy drinking strength.

Ashover Cider - Ashover Pippin

Ashover Pippin - 6%

Ashover Pippin

Ashover Cider

6% abv

A 100% pure juice, wildly fermented cider made with a blend of fruit hand-picked from Derbyshire and Herefordshire Dabinett apples. A clean, bright, medium dry cider with a mellow taste and a real fresh apple flavour.


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Chesterfield Alehouse is in the Chesterfield CAMRA branch area.