Ye Olde John O'Gaunt
Lancaster, LA1 1JG

Ye Olde John O'Gaunt
Lancaster, LA1 1JG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Timothy Taylor - Landlord Dark

Landlord Dark - 4.3%

Landlord Dark

Timothy Taylor

4.3% abv

Landlord Dark originates from the multi award-winning Landlord Pale Ale but brewed with caramelised sugars to give a rich yet light and drinkable dark ale. This perfectly balanced mellow dark beer has body and depth. It has a fruity, toasted aroma with hints of chocolate, citrus and roasted malts on the tongue. A darker shade of pale!

Robinsons - Unicorn

Unicorn - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Our award-winning flagship beer! Unicorn was born in 1896 and was originally called Robinsons Best Bitter. Unusually light, agile, yet complex, Unicorn hasn't changed in over a hundred years. Dripping with heritage, it's a magnificent, thirst-quenching, thoroughbred bitter. The first of a bloodline that continues to this day.

Robinsons - Dizzy Blonde

Dizzy Blonde - 3.8%

Dizzy Blonde


3.8% abv

Known at the brewery as Peggy, this Dizzy Blonde is great fun, great company, and often the centre of attention. Inspired by our colonial friends across the pond, Dizzy is sassy, fresh, and a firm family favourite. She's a zesty, vibrant ale with wild, aromatic, invigorating Amarillo hops...and a crisp, dry finish.

Adnams - Lighthouse

Lighthouse - 3.4%



3.4% abv

Based on our Champion Pale Ale, Lighthouse is a light 3.4% abv golden beer with a light fragrance, lovely malty flavours and a long hoppy finish. Brewed with Pale Ale and Crystal malt, it has a hint of caramel and toffee. It's hopped with a blend of Fuggles and Goldings hops.

Coming Soon

Castle Rock - Harvest Pale

Harvest Pale - 3.8%

Harvest Pale

Castle Rock

3.8% abv

Brewed with a gently-kilned malt, and an aromatic blend of American hops added during the brewing process gives this 3.8% alc pale beer exceptional poise. Its distinct hop flavour leads to a crisp finish.

Also Available


Beavertown Neck Oil 4.3%


Session I.P.A

Strongbow 5.0%



Strongbow Darkfruit 4.0%


Fruit Cider

Birra Moretti 4.6%


Italian Lager

Carling 3.7%



Red Stripe 4.7%


Jamaican Lager Beer

Guinness 4.2%




Adnams Ghost Ship Low Alcohol 0.5%


Low Alcohol Citrus Pale Ale

Birra Moretti Zero


Alcohol Free Lager

Old Mout Cider Alcohol Free Berries and Cherries


Alcohol free fruit cider

Old Mout Cider Berries and Cherries 4.0%


Fruit Cider

Old Mout Cider Kiwi and Lime 4.0%


Fruit Cider

Crabbies Ginger Beer 4.0%


Alcoholic Ginger Beer (GF)

Crabbies Raspberry Ginger Beer 4.0%


Alcoholic Ginger Beer (GF)

Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7%


Dark Ale, 550ml

Shipyard American IPA 5.0%


American IPA, 550ml

Estrella 4.6%


Mediterranean Beer, 330ml

Budweiser Budvar 5.0%


Czech Lager, 330ml

Desperados 5.9%


Beer flavoured with tequila, 330ml

Sol 4.2%


Mexican Lager, 330ml

WKD Blue 4.0%


Alcopop, 275ml, GF, VG

Coca Cola



Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water


200ml, contains quinine

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water Slimline


200ml, contains quinine

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer



Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale



Old Mout Cider Strawberry And Apple 4.0%


Fruit cider

Global Brands Ltd Hooch 4.0%


A sparkling alcoholic lemon brew

HP Bulmers Ltd Bulmers original 4.5%


original apple cider


Booker Red Alert


Energy drink used for bombs and spirits


Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 12.0%

Italian. Crisp, Zesty Apples

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc 12.5%

Chilean. Fruity, Light and Zesty

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 10.5%

California. Lively Summer Fruits

Jack Rabbit Merlot 12.5%

Chilean. Rich and Smooth

Jack Rabbit Prosecco 11.0%

Italy. Extra Dry, 200ml


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Ye Olde John O'Gaunt is in the Lunesdale CAMRA branch area.