Waveney Ales
Lowestoft, NR33 0PR

Waveney Ales
Lowestoft, NR33 0PR

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Potbelly - Philanthropist Phil

Philanthropist Phil - 5.2%

Philanthropist Phil


5.2% abv

A good all rounder, not extreme and supporter of smooth beers. With the late addition of Cascade hops giving a lovely smooth beer with a mature but not overpowering flavour.

Potbelly - Majestic Mark

Majestic Mark - 5.1%

Majestic Mark


5.1% abv

Steeped at a slightly higher temperature, and using caramalt, this lovely chestnut beer has an underlying sweetness which is balanced by the blending of Goldings and New World hops.

Potbelly - Incredible Ian

Incredible Ian - 5.6%

Incredible Ian


5.6% abv

Tasteful, blonde, and easily quaffable, this super multi hopped beer has been matured in a secondary tank for maximum satisfying smooth flavour.

Potbelly - Handy Andy

Handy Andy - 4.2%

Handy Andy


4.2% abv

Pale, forthright beer, with a generous amount of Comet hops, giving an unambiguous, dependable taste.

Potbelly - Gorgeous Gary

Gorgeous Gary - 4.5%

Gorgeous Gary


4.5% abv

A golden mellow beer, full of character, single hopped, extremely likeable.

Potbelly - Dangerous Darren

Dangerous Darren - 4.3%

Dangerous Darren


4.3% abv

A smooth, full bodied malty beer with a fruity finish from Aurora, Goldings and Willamette hops.

Potbelly - Clever Colin

Clever Colin - 4%

Clever Colin


4% abv

A well balanced basic golden style beer, easy drinking for simple pleasure.

Elgood's - Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot - 4.2%

Golden Chariot


4.2% abv

A very light-coloured pale beer brewed with Maris Otter pale ale malt which is delicately balanced with Bramling Cross and UK Cascade hops for a light refreshing beer with really good hop aroma and floral hop taste.

Roosters - High Tea

High Tea - 6.2%

High Tea


6.2% abv

High Tea is a limited edition Jasmine Green Tea IPA that's back by popular demand. Pale malt provides a backdrop for a blend of four hops, jasmine flowers and Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine, creating a mixed-fruit and floral aroma, with a balanced bitterness and green tea finish. English Admiral hops have been used to provide a citrus backbone to the beer, whilst the addition of three New World hops (Cascade, Crystal and Galaxy) enhances the fruit and jasmine aromas.

Saltaire - No 5

No 5 - 4.2%

No 5


4.2% abv

This classic stout’s creamy smoothness and roasted malt flavours will leave you wanting more.

Saltaire - South Island

South Island - 3.5%

South Island


3.5% abv

A clean, pale beer, with cool crisp fruitiness from New Zealand hops, grown at Tasman Bay.

Saltaire - Cascade

Cascade - 4.8%



4.8% abv

American style pale ale with the floral aromas and strong bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops.

Heritage - Masterpiece

Masterpiece - 5.6%



5.6% abv

A deep brown pale ale, with a fruity character and a top note of fresh bread. A full luxurious mouth-feel combines with a subtle peppery character to create an exquisite finish. Masterpiece was the name of one of the former dray horses at the museum.

Heritage - Fireside Ale

Fireside Ale - 4.9%

Fireside Ale


4.9% abv

Smooth dark warming winter ale with malty toffee and a hint of coffee.

Muirhouse - Blueberry Porter

Blueberry Porter - 4.1%

Blueberry Porter


4.1% abv

Rich porter with a red tinge from the added blueberries.

Saltaire - Blonde

Blonde - 4%



4% abv

Our signature pale ale balances soft malt flavours with subtle spice from Bohemian Saaz hops.

Saltaire - Amarillo

Amarillo - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Straw coloured clear wheat beer exclusively hopped with American Amarillo Hops with intense citrus fruit flavours.

Mighty Oak - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde - 3.7%

Oscar Wilde

Mighty Oak

3.7% abv

A wonderfully mellow, nutty, morish dark mild. Brewed using Maris Otter Pale, Crystal and Black malts and gently hopped with Challenger.

Mauldons - Silver Adder

Silver Adder - 4.2%

Silver Adder


4.2% abv

A super pale ale. Powerful hops give a lovely citrus burst followed by a crisp, clean finish.

Woodforde's - Nelson's Revenge

Nelson's Revenge - 4.5%

Nelson's Revenge


4.5% abv

A delicious classic bitter made with five different varieties of hops. It has complex citrus and spice aromas and wonderful malt notes from roasted Norfolk barley. Hops: Savinjski, Challenger, English Goldings, Cascade and Amarillo.

Woodforde's - Volt IPA

Volt IPA - 4.5%

Volt IPA


4.5% abv

Send your taste buds into overdrive with our beer that has some serious voltage! This IPA is crafted to spark your taste buds. The best American hops are all piled into this beer. Shock the system!

Rudgate - Ruby

Ruby - 4.4%



4.4% abv

A dark ale with a ruby red colour, the aroma has a sweet scent of strawberries combined with a smokiness and a soft, rich taste.

Hardy & Hansons (Greene King) - Olde Trip

Olde Trip - 4.3%

Olde Trip

Hardy & Hansons (Greene King)

4.3% abv

Taking its name from the world famous Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which lays claim to being England's oldest inn, this is a rich, toffee-flavoured beer bursting with fruity character that is perfectly balanced with a clean, bitter finish.

Caledonian - Deuchars IPA

Deuchars IPA - 3.8%

Deuchars IPA


3.8% abv

Rich in character and long on refreshment. Solid gold in colour, strongly aromatic, with hints of fresh citrus. The distinctive light malt and fresh floral flavours combine with the zesty citric hop to deliver a mouth-watering adventure.

Ciders & Perries Available

Westons - Rosie's Pig Raspberry

Rosie's Pig Raspberry - 4%

Rosie's Pig Raspberry


4% abv

A refreshing berry flavour with citrus notes creates a well-balanced easy drinking cider with a fresh finish. A fresh distinctive raspberry aroma with hints of aromatic cucumber.

Westons - Rosie's Pig Rhubarb

Rosie's Pig Rhubarb - 4%

Rosie's Pig Rhubarb


4% abv

Medium-sweet, cloudy, and slowly matured still cider made from freshly pressed apples, paired with a refreshing infusion of rhubarb juice. The well balanced, fruity taste and tart finish provides a deliciously moreish cider.

Coming Soon

Ilkley - Promise

Promise - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A light, easy-drinking ale brewed to showcase the beauty of Golden Promise, our principal malt from Simpsons Malt in Berwick.

Great Newsome - Pricky Back Otchan

Pricky Back Otchan - 4.2%

Pricky Back Otchan

Great Newsome

4.2% abv

A hoppy golden bitter combining Pilgrim (UK), Northern Brewer (Germany) and Cascade hops (US), with a small amount of crystal and wheat malt, to produce a wonderfully robust beer with a beautiful depth of smooth malt flavour and a hint of sweet citrus on the nose.

Great Newsome - Frothingham Best

Frothingham Best - 4.3%

Frothingham Best

Great Newsome

4.3% abv

Dark amber robust best bitter. Aroma of raisin fruit & hazelnut, moderately bittered with resin hop and peach fruit tones through to a sweet finish.

Ilkley - Mary Jane

Mary Jane - 3.5%

Mary Jane


3.5% abv

Multi-award-winning pale ale packed with American hops. Intensely refreshing, with citrus aroma and balanced bitterness.

Great Newsome - Holderness Dark

Holderness Dark - 4.3%

Holderness Dark

Great Newsome

4.3% abv

Strong dark mild ale with aromas of sweet toffee and grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut on the mouth with a long satisfying finish.

Ilkley - Blonde

Blonde - 3.9%



3.9% abv

Combining the smooth easy drinking nature of European hops with the fruity notes expected from their cousins across the Atlantic, we present Ilkley's Blonde. A soft malt body leading to a crisp, floral bite with a mandarin finish.

Ilkley - Joshua Jane

Joshua Jane - 3.7%

Joshua Jane


3.7% abv

Rich Yorkshire ale. Everything that is great about traditional Yorkshire bitter, fused with Ilkley Brewery's unique hop character. Named after Mary Jane's suitor, ont' Ilkla Moor baht'at.

Greene King - Abbot Ale

Abbot Ale - 5%

Abbot Ale

Greene King

5% abv

A full-bodied, very distinctive beer with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Ilkley - Landmark

Landmark - 5%



5% abv

This collaboration Extra Special Bitter draws on a wealth of knowledge, delivering beautiful biscuit flavours and soft toffee notes, alongside some fresh hop flavours built around the punchy English Jester. Celebrating 50 years of Bradford CAMRA and 15 years of Ilkley Brewery, these Landmarks needed commemorating!

Ilkley - Pale

Pale - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Award-winning New World pale ale. Crisp and dry, with a zesty and fresh-cut grass aroma. Powerfully hopped for a floral finish. The Sauvignon Blanc of the beer world.

Great Newsome - Sleck Dust

Sleck Dust - 3.8%

Sleck Dust

Great Newsome

3.8% abv

Straw coloured thirst quenching easy drinking ale. Pleasingly bittered with lemony citrus hop notes and a floral aroma. "Sleck Dust" to quench the thirst!


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Waveney Ales is in the North East Suffolk CAMRA branch area.