Tombstone Saloon Bar
Great Yarmouth, NR30 1HR

Tombstone Saloon Bar
Great Yarmouth, NR30 1HR

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Tombstone - Ale

Ale - 3.7%



3.7% abv

Light golden session ale with subtle citrus tones of oranges and lemons.

Elephant School - Hopper Strange Thing

Hopper Strange Thing - 4.4%

Hopper Strange Thing

Elephant School

4.4% abv

Session pale ale crammed with Mosaic hops.

Tombstone - Regulators

Regulators - 4.1%



4.1% abv

A golden ale.

Tombstone - Texas Jack

Texas Jack - 4%

Texas Jack


4% abv

A ruby ale with full on flavour and a twist of plums.

Milestone - Lion's Pride

Lion's Pride - 3.8%

Lion's Pride


3.8% abv

A well balanced copper coloured session ale, light and refreshing. Hops: Brewers Gold, Perle and Northdown.

8 Sail - Victorian Porter

Victorian Porter - 5%

Victorian Porter

8 Sail

5% abv

An 1800's recipe recreates a beer style from the time when porter was popular. Generous amounts of Brown and Black malts give a rich roasted coffee flavoured dark beer.

8 Sail - Fenman Bitter

Fenman Bitter - 4.1%

Fenman Bitter

8 Sail

4.1% abv

An easy drinking traditional English amber bitter with well-balanced flavours from Pale, Crystal, Wheat and Chocolate malts along with Fuggles and Goldings hops.

Tombstone - Gunslinger

Gunslinger - 4.3%



4.3% abv

Golden with a caramel/nutty flavour.

Ciders & Perries Available

Norfolk Raider - Cinnamon Lil

Cinnamon Lil - 4%

Cinnamon Lil

Norfolk Raider

4% abv

Something for the colder seasons, a wondeful blend of our cider with the great taste of cinnamon.

Westons - British Vintage

British Vintage - 7.3%

British Vintage


7.3% abv

A vibrant medium dry cider that is crisp and rounded. A true celebration of all things British.

Snails Bank - Rhubarb & Winter Spices

Rhubarb & Winter Spices - 4%

Rhubarb & Winter Spices

Snails Bank

4% abv

Rhubarb cider with a twist of vanilla and undertones of cinnamon.

Norfolk Raider - Elder 24

Elder 24 - 4%

Elder 24

Norfolk Raider

4% abv

A still cider made with elderflower syrup and local apples from Norfolk. Sweet elderflower, soft and aromatic with light apple juiciness.

Thirsty Farmer - Strawberry

Strawberry - 4%


Thirsty Farmer

4% abv

Thirsty Farmer has been combined with delicious strawberries to create a craft cider with a hint of summer. Golden in colour with a slight red hue, this cider has a gentle soft fruit aroma, that delivers a delicate sweetness with a hint of strawberry flavour that works perfectly with the Thirsty Farmer apple zing to create a mouth-watering summer drink.

Thirsty Farmer - Dry

Dry - 5.5%


Thirsty Farmer

5.5% abv

A traditional long fermented, still farmhouse cider, rich amber in colour and slightly cloudy with a rich, ripe apple scent. Just as it should be!! Tasting only of sweet, bitter apples, giving way to a crisp, sharp and satisfying dry finish.

Farmer Jims - Medium Cider

Medium Cider - 5%

Medium Cider

Farmer Jims

5% abv

This medium golden cider is our most popular. It's crisp apply flavour is subtly balanced with a subtle sweetness.

Cockeyed - Devon Jasper

Devon Jasper - 5%

Devon Jasper


5% abv

A clear session cider. Crisp and refreshing. Medium in sweetness.

Norfolk Raider - Wingman

Wingman - 4.8%


Norfolk Raider

4.8% abv

Our traditional full bodied cider with rich apple notes.

Norfolk Raider - Dolly Pink

Dolly Pink - 4%

Dolly Pink

Norfolk Raider

4% abv

A refreshing and tasty pink cider for those hot summer days.

Newton Court - Organic Farmhouse Scrumpy

Organic Farmhouse Scrumpy - 7.4%

Organic Farmhouse Scrumpy

Newton Court

7.4% abv

A traditional strong dry farmhouse cider, stored in oak barrels on the farm over winter. The old fashioned saying is you never tap the barrel until you've heard the cuckoo. We use mixed organic cider fruit from our ancient orchards to deliver a strong, complex flavour.

Thirsty Farmer - Vintage

Vintage - 6.5%


Thirsty Farmer

6.5% abv

A distinctive, premium, aged, clear, medium-dry cider made using traditional bittersweet cider apples.

Thirsty Farmer - Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant - 4%


Thirsty Farmer

4% abv

Sweet and juicy blackcurrants are blended with our traditional cider to create a refreshing, thirst quenching drink with a depth of colour and a light floral aroma. Sharp apple works in harmony with ripe, flavoursome blackcurrants to produce a sweet, well balanced and delicately flavoured cider.

Newton Court - Panting Partridge

Panting Partridge - 5.3%

Panting Partridge

Newton Court

5.3% abv

Made with Perry pears handpicked by Pauls cousin from orchards from Yarkhill to Much Marcle. Medium with a juicy pear taste and delicate wine finish.

Thirsty Farmer - Sweet

Sweet - 5.5%


Thirsty Farmer

5.5% abv

A traditional long fermented, still farmhouse cider, rich amber in colour and slightly cloudy with a rich, ripe apple scent. Just as it should be!! Tasting only of sweet, bitter apples, giving way to a crisp, sharp and satisfying dry finish.

Hunts - Hazy Dazy

Hazy Dazy - 4.5%

Hazy Dazy


4.5% abv

During long, hot Summer days a haze would descend on the countryside. As the men returned from days in the field Mr Hunt would call them to the cellar saying "Yer, have the Hazy Dazy, tis a bootiful drop." describing his classic sweet, cloudy cider.

Hunts - Wobbler

Wobbler - 6%



6% abv

A medium cider packed with bitter sweet and bitter sharp cider apples. This tannic Devon cider is deep in taste and long on flavour.

BumbleBee - Rogue

Rogue - 5.5%



5.5% abv

We added a single variety Dabinett apple juice in our vats to give the perfect amount of zing. On the drier side of medium-dry, this lovable rogue scratches itches you didn’t even know you had!

Snails Bank - Blood Orange

Blood Orange - 4%

Blood Orange

Snails Bank

4% abv

Apple cider blended with blood orange juice giving a complex floral and tart flavour.

Newton Court - Harry Masters Single Variety

Harry Masters Single Variety - 6.2%

Harry Masters Single Variety

Newton Court

6.2% abv

Our single variety range really allows drinkers to savour the characteristics of some of the noblest of cider fruit. Harry Masters is fruity, punchy with a welcome astringency. The fruit itself is a popular mid-season bittersweet cider apple named after the Somerset gentleman who discovered it and for its classic, conical 'Jersey' shape.

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Tombstone - Six Shooter

Six Shooter - 6.6%

Six Shooter


6.6% abv

A brown ale.

Also Available


Affligem Blond

No Description.

Heineken Amstel

No Description.


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Tombstone Saloon Bar is in the East Norfolk CAMRA branch area.