Tom Said
Ripley, DE5 3AR

Tom Said
Ripley, DE5 3AR

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Kazbek - 4.3%


North Riding

4.3% abv

Single hopped Czech Republic pale ale with citrus and spicy lemon flavours and aromas from the Kazbek hops.

Human Frequency - 4%

Human Frequency


4% abv

Super hop forward modern cask pale loaded with massive citrus notes. Incredibly soft mouthfeel with a gentle bitter finish. Definitely a beer garden bev for restart!

Helles - 4.1%


Triple Point

4.1% abv

Pale but not insignificant. Inspired by the easy drinking beers of Munich. Refreshing and aromatic with character and drinkability.

Craft Keg available

Citrus Tart - 4.5%

Citrus Tart


4.5% abv

A super-refreshing beer. Soured during the brewing process, then we add fresh lemon and lime juices for flavour and to kick the tartness into overdrive. Pucker Up and strap yourself in - this is a citrus overload!

Pupa - 4.5%


Vibrant Forest

4.5% abv

Pupa is built to sit between East and West Coast styles of American IPA. Both aroma and flavour swell with a deep hit of light citrus and ripe tropical fruits. Oats create a full yet smooth mouthfeel and the fruity yeast strain lends a soft stone fruit flavour to the finish.

4 Dimensional Manifold - 9.5%

4 Dimensional Manifold

Wilde Child

9.5% abv

We’ve pulled out some serious stops for this one; no less than 7 different malts have been blended for a solid dark beverage. Add to that a heap of toasted coconut in the latter stages of the boil, vanilla and Madagascan cacao nibs post fermentation and you have one absolute killer of an imperial stout.

Alright Dave - 5.2%

Alright Dave


5.2% abv

Next in our series of 5.2% DDH Pales! This trio of American hops is sure to be a new fan favourite. Expect massive notes of tropical fruits, citrus and juicy mango.

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