Tom Said
Ripley, DE5 3AR

Tom Said
Ripley, DE5 3AR

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Sanctuary - Soul Vacation

Soul Vacation - 4.6%

Soul Vacation


4.6% abv

A modern hazy pale.

North Riding - Nectaron

Nectaron - 4%


North Riding

4% abv

New Zealand hopped pale ale, flavours and aromas are tropical passion fruit and citrus.

Craft Keg Available

Pentrich - Fear Of Sleep

Fear Of Sleep - 4.5%

Fear Of Sleep


4.5% abv

A sessionable coffee infused porter. Dark and roasty flavours from both the dark malts and the coffee combine to make for a rich and flavoursome winter brew.

Polly's - Who Knew?

Who Knew? - 6.6%

Who Knew?


6.6% abv

Employing our pyramid dry-hopping technique to full effect on this beer, with Citra taking the lead before smaller additions of Galaxy and finally Mosaic, expect a tropical explosion of flavour from this beer, with ripe stonefruits, mango and passionfruit a-plenty, all wrapped up in that amazing LA3 juicebomb vibe.

Anarchy - Flat Out

Flat Out - 4.5%

Flat Out


4.5% abv

Session IPA - Made with Vermont yeast, this IPA boasts notes of bitter orange, a touch of lime and an earthy, hoppy finish.

Buxton - Quercus

Quercus - 5.5%



5.5% abv

A smooth and fruity, hazy style pale ale, double dry hopped with HBC 586 cryo hops.

Coming Soon

Belper (No Longer In Business) - Three

Three - 3.6%


Belper (No Longer In Business)

3.6% abv

A slightly smokey bitter porter. It's very sharp on the initial taste but after a few sips or gulps it mellows into a very nice rich dark porter.

Bad Seed - Plain Speak

Plain Speak - 5.7%

Plain Speak

Bad Seed

5.7% abv

West Coast IPA. Chinook, Columbus, Cascade and El Dorado combine citrus and tropical flavours and an assertive bitterness. Classic US style with an amped up hopping rate.

North Riding - Mosaic Pale

Mosaic Pale - 4.3%

Mosaic Pale

North Riding

4.3% abv

Mosaic hops are full of blueberry and citrus flavours and seriously pack a powerful punch. This is one juicy banger of a pale ale.

Torrside - Yellow Peak

Yellow Peak - 4.2%

Yellow Peak


4.2% abv

A light, fruity American Pale brewed with Amarillo and Summit hops and dry-hopped with Mosaic.

Anarchy - X-Ray Eyes

X-Ray Eyes - 5.1%

X-Ray Eyes


5.1% abv

Session IPA with fruity and citrus flavours. Coconut and tropical fruit flavours from whirlpool additions of Sabro and Citra, with a slightly bitter finish due to an early kettle addition of Pahto hops. The aroma is coconut with hints of grapefruit and lime.

Belper (No Longer In Business) - 5 Reasons Why

5 Reasons Why - 5%

5 Reasons Why

Belper (No Longer In Business)

5% abv

A lovely juicy, hazy IPA. Hopped with Centennial in the boil and dry hopped with plenty of Chinook.

North Riding - Cascade Pale

Cascade Pale - 4%

Cascade Pale

North Riding

4% abv

US hopped pale ale using one of the first American hops to grace our shores, often neglected now due to newer varieties, we love this hop and the unique citrus qualities it puts into beer.

Alter Ego - Incognito

Incognito - 5.8%


Alter Ego

5.8% abv

A West Coast style American IPA hopped with one of our favourites, the classic Centennial and backed up by another favourite, Mosaic. Expect citrus and pine in abundance. Vegan friendly.

Brass Castle - Let's Dance

Let's Dance - 5.3%

Let's Dance

Brass Castle

5.3% abv

DDH Pale at showcasing Citra and experimental hop HBC 431. A blast of juicy fruits in this little number, notably peach, mango, citrus and berry. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Gluten free.

Brass Castle - Matchstick Men

Matchstick Men - 5.3%

Matchstick Men

Brass Castle

5.3% abv

Pale ale hopped with Citra in the kettle, before being double dry hopped with Mosaic. The result is a 5.3% delight, bursting with citrus and tropical fruit. Brewed to a gluten free recipe.

Brass Castle - Quench

Quench - 3.2%


Brass Castle

3.2% abv

Hazy and hoppy New England style session pale brewed to a dangerously drinkable 3.2%.

North Riding - Citra Pale

Citra Pale - 4.5%

Citra Pale

North Riding

4.5% abv

Citrus in a glass, the hop that keeps on delivering. Easy drinking premium pale ale with a grapefruit, mango and lemon taste and aroma.

Bad Seed - Flare Star

Flare Star - 4.2%

Flare Star

Bad Seed

4.2% abv

This beer is light golden in colour and packed full of US Comet hops which gives it a big hit of citrus and grapefruit.

Ashover - Littlemore Citra

Littlemore Citra - 4.1%

Littlemore Citra


4.1% abv

Award winning, clean, pale, crisp and refreshing. Brewed using the ever popular Citra hop.

Alter Ego - Echo Chamber

Echo Chamber - 3.8%

Echo Chamber

Alter Ego

3.8% abv

What this beer lacks in ABV is more than made up for with generous amounts of Mosaic hops. A sessionable pale ale with tropical fruit, citrus and piney notes. Vegan friendly.

Vault City - Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie - 7.5% (keg)

Key Lime Pie (keg)

Vault City

7.5% abv

We've taken a great shine to Pastry Sours this is our first entry into a Serious Pastry Sour (is that a thing?). Sharp lime acidity melts into a fluffy pie crust serve with a dollop of whipped cream. Contains lactose.

Brass Castle - Fruit Lupe - Centennial & Clementine

Fruit Lupe - Centennial & Clementine - 4.8% (keg)

Fruit Lupe - Centennial & Clementine (keg)

Brass Castle

4.8% abv

Part of our range of 4.8% single-hop pale ales matched up with fruit to complement the hop. Centennial hops being super-citrussy and slightly floral, we've paired this version up with clementine, giving delicate orangey character throughout with minimal bitter bite. Brewed to a gluten free recipe.

Anarchy - Media Circus

Media Circus - 5.4% (keg)

Media Circus (keg)


5.4% abv

Pale ale made with Sabro and Columbus this hazy pale ale has notes of coconut and orange, with a pithy, floral finish. Vegan friendly.

Brew By Numbers - 21 Pale Ale - Citra

21 Pale Ale - Citra - 5.2% (keg)

21 Pale Ale - Citra (keg)

Brew By Numbers

5.2% abv

This soft and delicate single-hopped pale ale showcases one of our favourite American hops: Citra. A fruit-forward aroma builds into a vibrant tropical character, creating a beer that is full-bodied, juicy and refreshing.


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Tom Said is in the Amber Valley CAMRA branch area.