The Wooden Walls Micropub
Bristol, BS16 5NU

The Wooden Walls Micropub
Bristol, BS16 5NU

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

XT - 8 Porter

8 Porter - 4.5%

8 Porter


4.5% abv

A smooth rich dark porter beer brewed with a careful blend of four malts, along with a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep dark beer with roasty coffee flavours.

Anarchy - Gold Star

Gold Star - 4.5%

Gold Star


4.5% abv

Session IPA - delicate fruity sweetness with hints of bergamot and pine, soft bitterness layered with citrus fruits.

Wantsum - Imperium

Imperium - 4%



4% abv

A deep amber Best Bitter with smooth biscuit malts and a hoppy nose. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Kent Bullion hops.

The Fresh Standard - Solution

Solution - 4.8%


The Fresh Standard

4.8% abv

Fresh, clean and crisp, Solution common pale ale is the new go to crushable beer. Distinct, quenching bitter lemon and passion fruit flavours balanced with a reserved and classy all malt backbone and zesty, southern hemisphere hop aroma.

Wantsum - 1381

1381 - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A golden IPA combining pale and crystal malts with Williamette and Centennial hops to give delicate citrus and herbal aromas.

Craft Keg Available

Cold Bath - Cold Bath Lager

Cold Bath Lager - 4.2%

Cold Bath Lager

Cold Bath

4.2% abv

Say hello to our Signature Session Lager. Brewed in Yorkshire in a classic continental style, we've taken lager yeast, malt, home grown barley and a unique blend of Europe's finest hops that are more often found in ale (but we think work a treat in lager). This craft lager has been brewed with gently filtered Yorkshire water giving you a crisp, clean taste with just a hint of spice.

Ciders & Perries Available

Sandford Orchards - Apple & Oak

Apple & Oak - 6.7%

Apple & Oak

Sandford Orchards

6.7% abv

A dry vintage cider aged in new oak barrels. Showcasing youthful, ripe, bittersweet apple flavours - complemented by notes of vanilla and toasty oak.

Broadoak - Moonshine

Moonshine - 7.5%



7.5% abv

This medium-sweet cider has a crisp, light, refreshing, fruity flavour, supplied by dessert and culinary apples, resulting in a very drinkable character, despite its strength.

Sandford Orchards - Sandford Reserve

Sandford Reserve - 7.4%

Sandford Reserve

Sandford Orchards

7.4% abv

Finest cask-aged cider. We take our most elegant and refined ciders from vat, cask and foudre at the point that both barrel and fruit marry perfectly. Intricate flavours of peach, vintage oak and sherry wine.

Sandford Orchards - Slack Ma Girdle

Slack Ma Girdle - 5.8%

Slack Ma Girdle

Sandford Orchards

5.8% abv

This is one of our favourite Devon cider apples. Here it is blended with other varieties to create our driest cider, for the true aficionado. Ripe apple and refreshing citrus flavours lead to a satisfying bitterness and a long finish.

Sandford Orchards - Devon Dry

Devon Dry - 5%

Devon Dry

Sandford Orchards

5% abv

Crisp, dry and filled with mouth watering cider apple tannin leading to a long, clean, citrus finish. This is our tribute to the true West Country dry cider style.

Coming Soon

Uley - Pale

Pale - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A refreshing, light, thirst quenching pale ale. Floral notes on the aroma with hints of vanilla and fruit in the mouth. The finish is notably bitter and long. With well- balanced characteristics of Slovenian, American and UK hops.

Wantsum - Montgomery

Montgomery - 4%



4% abv

A pale ale exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops Simcoe, Columbus and Centennial,

Cotswold Lion - Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece - 4.4%

Golden Fleece

Cotswold Lion

4.4% abv

Packed with citrus grapefruity flavours. The perfect beer to accompany breakfast. Cuts through any spicey food! NB: Unlike some IPA's, this one cannot be used as a paint stripper.

Dorking - Aldhurst Original

Aldhurst Original - 3.5%

Aldhurst Original


3.5% abv

An easy-drinking amber bitter celebrating our 15th anniversary. Balanced, light, malty and using 100% English ingredients, it's a perfect cask session beer.

Also Available


Bristol Beer Factory Clear Head 0.5%


Non Alcoholic IPA

Williams Bros Brewing Joker AF 0.5%


Hoppy IPA

Good Chemistry Zero Gravity 0.5%


Pale Ale

Williams Bros Brewing Alien Form 0.5%


Fruity IPA


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The Wooden Walls Micropub is in the Bristol CAMRA branch area.