The Uxbridge Arms
Chasetown, WS7 3QL

The Uxbridge Arms
Chasetown, WS7 3QL

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Sharp's - Atlantic

Atlantic - 4.5%



4.5% abv

The blend of hops, which includes Centennial, Simcoe and Citra, gives the beer a complex nature which is carefully balanced by a fresh, citrus aroma and light candyfloss notes.

Hogs Back - Advent Ale

Advent Ale - 4.4%

Advent Ale

Hogs Back

4.4% abv

A deep chestnut coloured ale, brewed with the finest English malted barley and local hops, for a refreshing fruity nose, a sweet liquorice and roasted malt flavour with a rich dark chocolate aftertaste.

North Cotswold - Shagweaver

Shagweaver - 4.5%


North Cotswold

4.5% abv

A pale hoppy bitter brewed with a blend of three New Zealand hops. Appeals to both ale and lager drinkers alike. Sounds a bit naughty but it's not!

Salopian - Oracle

Oracle - 4%



4% abv

A crisp, sparkling sunflower gold ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long citrus aromatic finish. Hops: Citra and Amarillo.

Mobberley - Reflection

Reflection - 4.8%



4.8% abv

A hoppy and refreshing golden ale brewed with Simcoe and Loral hops.

North Cotswold - Hung, Drawn 'n' Portered

Hung, Drawn 'n' Portered - 5%

Hung, Drawn 'n' Portered

North Cotswold

5% abv

Strong, dark treacle coloured porter, with Bramling Cross hops and a malty finish. An ale that harks back to 18th century London. Descended from brown beer, porter is a well hopped beer made from dark roasted malt.

Enville - Blizzard

Blizzard - 6.5%



6.5% abv

A traditional copper coloured, premium quality strong bitter with well rounded barley malt aroma. Initial slight sweetness is followed by a gentle transition to a dry hoppy finish with just a hint of pear drops.

Salopian - Super Collider

Super Collider - 5.2%

Super Collider


5.2% abv

Sparkling and fresh, with lots of bitter dry piney hops and tropical fruits buzzing across a tart and effervescent hop laden finish.

Black Country - Plum Pig

Plum Pig - 4.3%

Plum Pig

Black Country

4.3% abv

A well rounded beer bursting with natural plum flavour.

Newby Wyke - Black Rain

Black Rain - 6%

Black Rain

Newby Wyke

6% abv

A strong porter brewed with chocolate malts, molasses and hops.

Black Country - Citra Sublime

Citra Sublime - 4.5%

Citra Sublime

Black Country

4.5% abv

A refreshing pale ale lifted by a fresh hop character. Hops: Citra.

Black Country - BFG

BFG - 4.2%


Black Country

4.2% abv

A straw coloured quaffing beer, with an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering refreshing after-taste.

Black Country - Fireside

Fireside - 5%


Black Country

5% abv

A well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste leading to a pleasant dry finish.

Black Country - Pig on the Wall

Pig on the Wall - 4.3%

Pig on the Wall

Black Country

4.3% abv

A refreshing chestnut brown beer with a complex flavour of light hops giving way to a bittersweet blend of roasted malt. Suggestions of chocolate and coffee undertones.

Ciders & Perries Available

Celtic Marches - Abrahalls AM

Abrahalls AM - 6%

Abrahalls AM

Celtic Marches

6% abv

A well rounded, easy to drink, still medium cider, made on the family farm from 100% cider apples grown in our Herefordshire cider apple orchards. The cider is made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples - Dabinett, Michelin and a smattering of Kingston Black. The fruit in our orchards is allowed to grow and fully ripen bringing out a full flavour in the cider.

Thatchers - Stan's Big Apple

Stan's Big Apple - 5%

Stan's Big Apple


5% abv

Crafted from vintage bittersweet apples including Tremlett's, Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. Stan's Big Apple is a traditional cider full of flavour and big on personality. Medium dry, this still cider bursts with apple flavours and has a depth of character that only comes from generations of experience.

Celtic Marches - Celtic Tiger

Celtic Tiger - 3.4%

Celtic Tiger

Celtic Marches

3.4% abv

Medium Herefordshire craft cider liberally imparted with orange and pineapple. Carribean sunshine and English countryside combine to provide a refreshing tropical cider.

Coming Soon

Beowulf - Mango Sypian

Mango Sypian - 4.3%

Mango Sypian


4.3% abv

Mango Sypian (pronounced ‘sippian’) is the newest beer in the Beowulf range. Sypian translates as ‘to sip or drink’ in Old English. It has bursts of juicy mango, combined with a tropical hoppy aroma. This is a pale ale which is refreshing and moderately dry on the palate, with a smooth and delicately bitter finish.

Byatt's - XXXMas

XXXMas - 5.5%



5.5% abv

A winter warmer. Rich and full-bodied with dark malts and full of festive hoppy berry fruit and spice cheer.

HopLab, Byatt's - Twinkle

Twinkle - 4.8%


HopLab, Byatt's

4.8% abv

Beautiful orange citrus flavour and aroma. A light, refreshing alternative to the rich treats of this time of year.

Welbeck Abbey - Cubitt's Voyage

Cubitt's Voyage - 3.5%

Cubitt's Voyage

Welbeck Abbey

3.5% abv

We've been bold, and used New Zealand hops in a super low strength brew to create a distinctively fruity pale ale.


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The Uxbridge Arms is in the Cannock CAMRA branch area.