The Tankerton Arms
Whitstable, CT5 2AW

The Tankerton Arms
Whitstable, CT5 2AW

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Iron Pier - Perry Street Pale

Perry Street Pale - 3.7%

Perry Street Pale

Iron Pier

3.7% abv

Pale ale, light and dry with an up front hit of orange rind, a background hint of pine and some pink grapefruit in the finish. Hops: Centennial, Simcoe, Citra and Admiral.

Canterbury - The Reeve's Ale

The Reeve's Ale - 4.1%

The Reeve's Ale


4.1% abv

A tawny copper best bitter with nutty malts and berry fruit hops.

Gadds', Ramsgate - No 3

No 3 - 5%

No 3

Gadds', Ramsgate

5% abv

This is a sparkling, bright, pale ale, made with Goldings for a tangy, slightly astringent bitterness with Fuggles for earthly balance.

Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout

Milk Stout - 4.5%

Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory

4.5% abv

The original Bristol Milk Stout with smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruits. This award winning national champion stout is a beautifully creamy, full-bodied stout.

Craft Keg Available

Iron Pier - Keller Queen

Keller Queen - 4.4%

Keller Queen

Iron Pier

4.4% abv

Germanic style lager beer. Soft hop character and a balanced bitterness for maximum drinkability. Unfined.

Gadds', Ramsgate - No 11

No 11 - 1.2%

No 11

Gadds', Ramsgate

1.2% abv

Hoppy pale ale you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Low alcohol, low calorie, great taste.

Ciders & Perries Available

Dudda's Tun - Elderflower Cider

Elderflower Cider - 4%

Elderflower Cider

Dudda's Tun

4% abv

This perfect blend of cider and fresh elderflower, with a gentle sweetness and smooth finish.

Kent Cider - Lemon

Lemon - 5%


Kent Cider

5% abv

We cannot get enough of our brand new finest Lemon cider! Sicilian lemons have been selected for their exquisite taste which when expertly blended with our sweet, apple cider creates a unique, fresh and absolutely luscious treat. Although contemporary in its flavour this cider is brought to you traditionally cloudy and still for that real fruit cider experience.

Kent Cider - Discovery

Discovery - 5%


Kent Cider

5% abv

Another delicious single-variety apple cider and very traditionally Kentish. This one is an easy-drinking medium, light and fruity!

Dudda's Tun - Greenhorn

Greenhorn - 5.2%


Dudda's Tun

5.2% abv

A light medium cider, with crisp and refreshing green apple undertones.

Kentish Pip - Skylark

Skylark - 5.5%


Kentish Pip

5.5% abv

Skylark is a next generation sparkling cider, popping with big notes of fresh Kentish dessert apples, followed by a flourish of complex cider tannins. Slow fermentation of this special blend of dessert and cider varieties, creates a medium, deeply refreshing cider for people who expect the beyond.

Coming Soon

Cellar Head - India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale - 5%

India Pale Ale

Cellar Head

5% abv

An enormously gratifying and balanced pale ale. Very pale and light malt flavours are accentuated by four heavy charges of England's finest hops. Initial aromas of magnolia are followed by flavours of marmalade on toast with the delicate sweetness of honey and pine. A beer for all seasons makes it one of our most popular choices. Vegan friendly.

Goody - Good Sheppard

Good Sheppard - 4.5%

Good Sheppard


4.5% abv

A deep amber ale with a warm vanilla twist on the palate and a soft feel on the tongue; a beer to guide you home. 'Sheppard' because it is Karen's mother's maiden name and an ancient English and sometimes Scottish surname.

Iron Pier - West Street Pale

West Street Pale - 4.1%

West Street Pale

Iron Pier

4.1% abv

English Pale Ale with all Kentish hops Fuggles and Goldings. Inspired by an old Gravesend Brewery Russel's AK recipe.

Cellar Head - Fireside

Fireside - 5.2%


Cellar Head

5.2% abv

Our new winter warmer, a smooth and warming beer perfect for the dark winter nights. A big malt base and large charge of English grown Northdown, Goldings and Challenger hops combine perfectly to give a rich, slightly spicy and decadent flavor with aromas of festive fruits. Finishing with a full body rounded bitterness.

Cellar Head - Resinate

Resinate - 4.1%


Cellar Head

4.1% abv

Pale and crystal malts, combined with the addition of flaked barley gives a firm malt flavour. Progress hops supply a light bitterness with the citrus finish provided by Sussex grown Cascade.

Iron Pier - Bitter

Bitter - 4%


Iron Pier

4% abv

An easy drinking bitter brewed using English hops and malt. Honey and spice, with some orange and plum, with a firm balancing bitterness. Hops: First Gold, EKG and Admiral.

Canterbury - The Wife Of Bath's Ale

The Wife Of Bath's Ale - 3.9%

The Wife Of Bath's Ale


3.9% abv

An American style crisp, spicy golden bitter with grapefruit and citrus hops and a long dry finish.

Canterbury - Kentish Best

Kentish Best - 3.7%

Kentish Best


3.7% abv

A classic Kentish Best Bitter. Amber best bitter with well-balanced hoppiness and honey malts.

Gadds', Ramsgate - Uberhop

Uberhop - 5.2%


Gadds', Ramsgate

5.2% abv

This deeply hoppy traditional lagerale makes a another welcome return at last. Flashy continental malts and bucketfuls of grassy, spicy Noble hops.

Iron Pier - Old Ale

Old Ale - 4.3%

Old Ale

Iron Pier

4.3% abv

Dark and full bodied, with roasted malt, subtle dried fruit flavours and a light bitterness to finish. An ale for all seasons.

Buxton - Best Bitter

Best Bitter - 4.2%

Best Bitter


4.2% abv

A classic Best Bitter, hopped with Fuggles and Challenger, featuring a robust malt backbone and pleasingly bitter sweet finish.

Goody - Good Life

Good Life - 3.9%

Good Life


3.9% abv

A fresh tasting pale ale, bursting with citrus flavours, a host of golden hops.

Iron Pier - Joined At The Green Hop

Joined At The Green Hop - 3.8%

Joined At The Green Hop

Iron Pier

3.8% abv

The Joined at the Hop series continues using fresh Challenger Green hops picked just a few hours before. They give this light golden pale ale a fresh grassy tone along with delicate flavours of cedar and green tea.

Mad Squirrel - Mister Squirrel

Mister Squirrel - 4%

Mister Squirrel

Mad Squirrel

4% abv

An old school bitter for the 21st century, Mister Squirrel is classy liquid. It is a balanced and respectable brew, with vintage notes of toffee, vanilla, and nuts. A beer like they used to be, Mister Squirrel is proof that these are the good old days.

Westerham - Scotney Green Hop

Scotney Green Hop - 4%

Scotney Green Hop


4% abv

Brewed in September to celebrate the hop harvest, this best bitter is hopped with undried green hops from the National Trust's hop garden at Scotney Castle. A mild tasting, mid gold best bitter, it has a wonderful sappy flavour of the undried green hops.

Titanic - Steerage

Steerage - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Hoppy, gold-amber bitter. Fruit, malt and hop flavours carry through to a pleasing finish.

Goody - Genesis

Genesis - 3.5%



3.5% abv

The beginning beer, a dark ruby coloured single hop ale with a full flavour and lasting bitter finish.

NorthDown - Tidal Pool

Tidal Pool - 4.6%

Tidal Pool


4.6% abv

An immense stone fruit and zesty citrus hit from the hops working in harmony with the soft, oat-ladened malt body and fruity floral yeast esters finishing with a bright bitter snap.

Cellar Head - Session Best

Session Best - 4%

Session Best

Cellar Head

4% abv

A moreish full flavoured beer with a peppery and warming taste, on the darker side than norm. Hops combine to give a rich, ripe orchard fruits flavour with a smooth bitter finish. Hops: Northdown, Fuggles, Golding and Bramling Cross.

Canterbury - The Friar's Ale

The Friar's Ale - 4.3%

The Friar's Ale


4.3% abv

An intensely hoppy IPA using all Kent hops. Jester and EKG hops give a hoppy, fruity IPA with a good smack of bitterness. A true IPA.

Iron Pier - Export India Porter

Export India Porter - 5.9% (keg)

Export India Porter (keg)

Iron Pier

5.9% abv

This is a bigger version of our straight Porter recipe with the addition of a punchy Chinook, Centennial and Columbus dry hop. Delicious and complex flavours of roasted malt, coffee, chocolate, with a dry hoppy finish.

Cellar Head - Cold Call

Cold Call - 4.3% (keg)

Cold Call (keg)

Cellar Head

4.3% abv

A traditional Pilsner with an English twist. Brewed with Kent grown Challenger and Golding hops which provide light floral and sweet honey notes leaving a fresh, crisp punch and a light bitterness. Awarded Gold (1st) Session Lager/Pilsner for the South East and London and Silver (2nd) for the UK at SIBA Keg Beer awards 2022.

Also Available


Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager 0.5%

No Description.


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The Tankerton Arms is in the Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whitstable CAMRA branch area.