The Tankerton Arms
Whitstable, CT5 2AW

The Tankerton Arms
Whitstable, CT5 2AW

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Iron Pier - Perry Street Pale

Perry Street Pale - 3.7%

Perry Street Pale

Iron Pier

3.7% abv

Pale ale with Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe hops.

Brass Castle - Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty - 5.5%

Bad Kitty

Brass Castle

5.5% abv

A chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter. Multiple award winner, Champion Beer of Britain finalist 2019.

Iron Pier - Bitter

Bitter - 4%


Iron Pier

4% abv

An easy drinking bitter brewed using English hops and malt. Honey and Toffee flavours are complimented by spicey hops and smooth bitter finish.

Koomor - Petal

Petal - 4.8%



4.8% abv

A light hazy Kentish pale ale with a refreshing and slight wheat taste. Hints of grapefruit, flowers and lime. Vegan friendly.

Craft Keg Available

Old Dairy - El Dorado

El Dorado - 4.1%

El Dorado

Old Dairy

4.1% abv

A medium bodied, golden ale brewed with El Dorado hops giving hints of pineapple, peach and melon.

Tonbridge - Parallel 49

Parallel 49 - 4.5%

Parallel 49


4.5% abv

An American amber ale with biscuit and light caramel malt flavours. Tropical and sweet fruits, citrus and herb flavours and aromas. Hops: El Dorado and Ekuanot.

The Craft Beer Man - CBM No1 Helles Lager

CBM No1 Helles Lager - 4%

CBM No1 Helles Lager

The Craft Beer Man

4% abv

A Helles style Lager brewed to the German purity laws. With its citrus notes, it is gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Ciders & Perries Available

Kent Cider - Rhubarb

Rhubarb - 5%


Kent Cider

5% abv

This sweet cider is an absolute firm favourite: a must-try! Our Rhubarb cider contains absolutely no artificial flavours. It will appear slightly cloudy, but only because it is bursting with the addition of real pressed rhubarb juice to one of our delectable apple ciders.

Dudda's Tun - Elderflower Cider

Elderflower Cider - 4%

Elderflower Cider

Dudda's Tun

4% abv

This perfect blend of cider and fresh elderflower, with a gentle sweetness and smooth finish.

Dudda's Tun - Greenhorn

Greenhorn - 5.2%


Dudda's Tun

5.2% abv

A light medium cider, with crisp and refreshing green apple undertones.

Kent Cider - Waken

Waken - 4.2%


Kent Cider

4.2% abv

A wildly popular and deliciously easy-drinking, medium-sweet apple cider which packs a fruity punch. Cloudy cider, Kentish style: we take one of our clear, filtered apple ciders and then blend with 100% pressed apple juice.

Kentish Pip - Skylark

Skylark - 5.5%


Kentish Pip

5.5% abv

Skylark is a next generation sparkling cider, popping with big notes of fresh Kentish dessert apples, followed by a flourish of complex cider tannins. Slow fermentation of this special blend of dessert and cider varieties, creates a medium, deeply refreshing cider for people who expect the beyond.

Coming Soon

Tonbridge - Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition - 4.2%

Blonde Ambition


4.2% abv

Crisp, clean tasting blonde beer with a refreshing bitterness to quench a thirst any time of year. Fully flavoured with a combination of spicy and citrus notes from generous amounts of Kent grown "Challenger" and "First Gold" hops. This beer packs a real taste punch and is very hoppy, maybe not for those that like their Ale on the milder side.

Mad Cat - Pow Wow

Pow Wow - 3.5%

Pow Wow

Mad Cat

3.5% abv

Wild West Cluster and Tomahawk hops produce a fruity balanced refreshingly light beer.

Iron Pier - Wealdway IPA

Wealdway IPA - 4.5%

Wealdway IPA

Iron Pier

4.5% abv

Brewed using Columbus and Chinook hops, resulting in a piney, citrus and floral aroma.

Mad Cat - Golden IPA

Golden IPA - 4.2%

Golden IPA

Mad Cat

4.2% abv

Our first beer and it's still a bestseller, it's definitely a keeper! A background of amber malts and strong hit of peppery hops from First Gold, Aurora, and Cascade producing complex taste tingling flavour.

Bexley - Bursted

Bursted - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A dark amber biscuity bitter and full of malty flavour, it also makes a great bitter shandy! Brewed during the 1st Lockdown of 2020. It had started life as a popular Howbury brew and after a tweak with the abv to make it a session strength - it was born!

Mad Cat - Green & Gold

Green & Gold - 4.1%

Green & Gold

Mad Cat

4.1% abv

A green hop golden ale made with East Kent Goldings by our new Australian brewer Cameron Smith.

Bexley - Golden Acre

Golden Acre - 4%

Golden Acre


4% abv

Our golden ale, named after the small green next to St Johns Church in Bexley Village. A single malt golden ale made from Maris Otter barley and combined with US and Australian bittering hops to produce a refreshing ale with a zesty citrus flavour.

Hammerpot - HPA

HPA - 4.1%



4.1% abv

Hammerpot Pale Ale (HPA) is a light bodied golden, tangy pale ale with a balance of sweet malted barley and full, fresh, verdant English hop flavour.

Bexley - Black Prince - Rum

Black Prince - Rum - 5%

Black Prince - Rum


5% abv

Brown, chocolate, black, and crystal malts produce a dark rich ale with roasted vanilla aroma, and a sweet chocolate coffee flavour. This RUM version is conditioned with Dark Navy Rum, giving added sweetness and rich rum aroma.

Mad Cat - 9th Life

9th Life - 5.9%

9th Life

Mad Cat

5.9% abv

Historically, spring was a time for brewing strong ales, and at 5.9% this hoppy, golden IPA certainly follows in that tradition. Our strongest cask ale has a wonderful liquorice, citrus and peppery hop aroma, balanced with a smooth blend of full-bodied pale malts. Hops used are First Gold, Columbus and Cascade.

Old Dairy - Red Top

Red Top - 3.8%

Red Top

Old Dairy

3.8% abv

Relax and enjoy this classic English ale brewed with Maris Otter, Crystal, Brown and Chocolate malts. Savour the delicious toffee flavours with a hint of coffee, perfectly balanced against the fruitiness, spice and hints of citrus from East Kent Golding, English Cascade and Challenger hops.

Cellar Head - India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale - 5%

India Pale Ale

Cellar Head

5% abv

Very pale and light malt flavours are accentuated by four heavy charges of England's finest hops. A modern twist on a classic style.

Bexley - Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay - 4.8%

Anchor Bay


4.8% abv

Our IPA is brewed with blend of two American whole leaf hops, Mosaic and Cascade. A deep golden beer with a fruity, citrus taste and a floral, spicy aroma.

Iron Pier - Old Ale

Old Ale - 4.3%

Old Ale

Iron Pier

4.3% abv

Dark and full bodied, with roasted malt, subtle dried fruit flavours and a light bitterness to finish. An ale for all seasons.

Old Dairy - Copper Top

Copper Top - 4.1%

Copper Top

Old Dairy

4.1% abv

Our rich dark premium bitter has a delicious toffee caramel body with chocolate undertones from the Maris Otter, Crystal and Chocolate malts. Balanced with a spicy and fruity bite from the Bramling Cross and Challenger hops, this is truly an ale to savour.

Iron Pier - Golden Ale

Golden Ale - 3.5%

Golden Ale

Iron Pier

3.5% abv

A deliciously drinkable session ale brewed with all Kentish hops. It's a full bodied drop with fruity flavours and a light bitterness. Hops: Fuggles and Goldings.

Mad Cat - Unsinkable Sam

Unsinkable Sam - 5.2%

Unsinkable Sam

Mad Cat

5.2% abv

Small batch project export bitter.

Wild Beer - Bibble

Bibble - 4.2%


Wild Beer

4.2% abv

Brewed with Vienna malt and oats, an unusual mouth filling malt base. Hopped with beautiful Mosaic hops, renowned for their tropical fruit beauty, helped along with some nice orangey Amarillo hops both at the end of the boil and in the dry hop. It is unfined, so naturally hazy. A moreish bitterness is complimented by tropical fruit tastiness.

Old Dairy - Silver Top

Silver Top - 4.5%

Silver Top

Old Dairy

4.5% abv

A delightfully smooth cream stout with flavours of chocolate, coffee and liquorice from a blend of dark roasted English malts, balanced perfectly with the rich fruity aroma and subtle spice undertones of East Kent Golding, Challenger and Bramling Cross hops.

Mad Cat - Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde - 4.2%

Platinum Blonde

Mad Cat

4.2% abv

Made using a single Pilsner malt and Cascade and Galaxy hops. It has the pale straw colour normally associated with lagers but is less carbonated and definitely an ale. Fruity and less bitter than the IPA.

Iron Pier - Cast Iron Stout

Cast Iron Stout - 4.7%

Cast Iron Stout

Iron Pier

4.7% abv

Dark chocolate, coffee notes with a smooth and bitter finish. An aroma to match, the initial sweetness paves way for a lingering pleasant aftertaste.

Angels & Demons - Plzen

Plzen - 4.4% (keg)

Plzen (keg)

Angels & Demons

4.4% abv

Named after Czech town Plzen, where Pilsner beer style originated, this beer is a true follower of the tradition. Brewed with Saaz hops giving it those lovely Pilsner characteristics of distinct warmth and earthly flavours with underlying hints of meadow honey and slight grapefruit finish bitterness. Plzen will quench your thirst and its refreshing character is just asking for one more!

Old Dairy - Helles

Helles - 4.7% (keg)

Helles (keg)

Old Dairy

4.7% abv

A floral, light and fragrant Helles style beer.

Bexley - Idaho 7

Idaho 7 - 4.3% (keg)

Idaho 7 (keg)


4.3% abv

A Golden Pale Ale, hopped with Idaho 7, which gives fruity peach/mango aromas and flavours.

Tonbridge - India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale - 4.8% (keg)

India Pale Ale (keg)


4.8% abv

Modern IPA with a robust flavour and a crisp medium bitter finish. Kent grown Target and Epic hops provide a delicate blend of fruit, herb and spice notes. Dry hopped with English Cascade for an extra intensity.


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The Tankerton Arms is in the Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whitstable CAMRA branch area.