The Starting Gate
Penn Fields, WV3 7BG

The Starting Gate
Penn Fields, WV3 7BG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Hobsons - Town Crier

Town Crier - 4.5%

Town Crier


4.5% abv

A full-flavoured golden ale with a big voice. The elegant straw coloured bitter has a hint of sweetness which is complemented by subtle hop flavours leading to a dry finish. The nose of crisp fruit is apparent with a refreshing balance of taste, a bitter which is supremely consistent and full of flavour.

Olde Swan - Black Widow

Black Widow - 6.5%

Black Widow

Olde Swan

6.5% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Goffs - Jester Brew 24

Jester Brew 24 - 4.2%

Jester Brew 24


4.2% abv

Single hopped IPA with Talus. Is it grapefruit? Is it coconut? You decide!! Beautifully tropical, naturally hazy.

Uley - Pigs Ear

Pigs Ear - 5%

Pigs Ear


5% abv

Deceptively strong IPA that is eminently quaffable. A pale-coloured beer with a light hop balance leads to a hoppy, fruity aroma and smooth, finish. A wolf in sheep's clothing!

Wye Valley - Wholesome Stout

Wholesome Stout - 4.6%

Wholesome Stout

Wye Valley

4.6% abv

A dark, full-bodied number; a wonderful stout with intense roasted barley flavours and a dry, bitter finish. It boasts roasted coffee notes and plenty of hop flavour. It's only the second beer to gain top beer writer Roger Protz's five-star rating.

Ciders & Perries Available

Westons - Stowford Press

Stowford Press - 4.5%

Stowford Press


4.5% abv

A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that is bursting with the delicious flavour of crisp cider apples.

Coming Soon

Goffs - Cheltenham Gold

Cheltenham Gold - 4.5%

Cheltenham Gold


4.5% abv

A classic American IPA. Boldly hoppy with a distinctly tropical aroma.

Three Tuns - XXX

XXX - 4.3%


Three Tuns

4.3% abv

A renowned beer from a recipe passed down by the Roberts family who owned the brewery for several generations; a pale-straw-coloured, premium bitter with simple, light malty-sweetness, delicately balanced with light bitterness of floral, earthy character.

Tollgate - Old Rasputin

Old Rasputin - 4.5%

Old Rasputin


4.5% abv

Dark soft stout with a hint of sweet creaminess.

Enville - Old Porter

Old Porter - 4.5%

Old Porter


4.5% abv

A traditional porter style ale, dark and creamy in appearance and offering a complex mix of roast malts, English hops and a wonderful caramel finish.

Abbeydale - Cryo Heathen

Cryo Heathen - 5%

Cryo Heathen


5% abv

We have given our much loved Heathen the cryo treatment for our 25th anniversary! Still the wonderfully refreshing Mosaic hopped beer we love, but with all those tropical and stone fruit flavours given an extra boost. Mosaic has been added in leaf, T90 and cry hop form, resulting in an aromatic beer with a zesty, bitter finish.

Bradfield - Farmers Stout

Farmers Stout - 4.5%

Farmers Stout


4.5% abv

A dark enriched 'black and white' stout balanced by ploughing through roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle bitter hop character.

Three Tuns - Cleric's Cure

Cleric's Cure - 5%

Cleric's Cure

Three Tuns

5% abv

A light-tan beer presenting medium malty sweetness with powerful, spicy, floral bitterness and hop character designed to recreate the iconic style of India Pale Ales of the 19th Century.

Goffs - Jester Brew 6

Jester Brew 6 - 5%

Jester Brew 6


5% abv

Juicy and fruity mango IPA, hazy and vegan friendly.

Thornbridge - In The Heart Of...

In The Heart Of... - 4.9%

In The Heart Of...


4.9% abv

A hop-forward modern English IPA using Olicana from Charles Faram's breeding programme with classic Goldings hops. This combination works sublimely with intricate floral undertones, providing a canvas for an array of tropical fruit flavour. Collaboration with Tollgate Brewery.

Enville - Enville Ale

Enville Ale - 4.5%

Enville Ale


4.5% abv

Based on a 19th century recipe, this traditional beekeepers ale is light in colour with fruity notes and a hint of sweetness to compliment the dry hoppy taste. Brewed using our own natural spring water, 100% Maris Otter floor malted barley, top fermenting ale yeast, specially selected honeys and pure English hops.

Goffs - Black Knight

Black Knight - 5.3%

Black Knight


5.3% abv

Very dark ruby red tinted beer with powerful chocolate malt aromas and a hint of vanilla.

Bradfield - Farmers Pale Ale

Farmers Pale Ale - 5%

Farmers Pale Ale


5% abv

A distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet, full-bodied and a predominantly dry aftertaste.

Enville - Sourton American Pale Ale

Sourton American Pale Ale - 4.3%

Sourton American Pale Ale


4.3% abv

A classic American Pale Ale, creamy, smooth and bursting with citrusy hops. This stunning session beer has been late hopped with a trio of America's finest; Magnum, Cascade, and Chinook combine to intensify aroma and provide an awesome flavour. The result is a bold, refreshing, fully-flavoured, hoppy session beer.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

ABK Hel 5.0%


No Description.

ABK Pilsner 4.2%


No Description.


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The Starting Gate is in the Wolverhampton CAMRA branch area.