The Split Chimp Micropub
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 1SA

The Split Chimp Micropub
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 1SA

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Bad Seed - Urban Myth

Urban Myth - 4.6%

Urban Myth

Bad Seed

4.6% abv

In your face American Pale Ale hopped with Comet and Chinook hops. Easy drinking pale with big fruit character and huge aroma. A riot of tropical and citrus flavours.

Cullercoats - Porthole Coffee Porter

Porthole Coffee Porter - 4.1%

Porthole Coffee Porter


4.1% abv

An all English creamy Porter, caramel and coffee aroma, brewed with Tynemouth Coffee Company Black Middens Roast named after the treacherous rocks in the Tyne River Estuary. 10 different malts give a rounded, rich taste and a creamy mouthfeel, with gorgeous rich coffee aroma.

Bad Seed - Flare Star

Flare Star - 4.2%

Flare Star

Bad Seed

4.2% abv

This beer is light golden in colour and packed full of US Comet hops which gives it a big hit of citrus and grapefruit.

Three Kings - Clever Chimp 2

Clever Chimp 2 - 4%

Clever Chimp 2

Three Kings

4% abv

A crisp easy drinking well hopped session blonde with 100% American Cascade and Chinook hops. Medium bitterness with a fresh citrus and grapefruit aroma.

Craft Keg Available

Gweilo UK - Totally Tropical Sour

Totally Tropical Sour - 6.5%

Totally Tropical Sour

Gweilo UK

6.5% abv

A huge beer with bags of pineapple, guava and coconut. This tropical fruit and nut cocktail is perfectly balanced by the kettle soured base, resulting in a delicious journey of fruit flavours. The purees and coconut addition work together so well, the balance on this beer has astounded us, we can't believe it's 9.5%. Be careful with this one, she's lively!

Hydes - Grand Central IPA

Grand Central IPA - 4.2%

Grand Central IPA


4.2% abv

An IPA showcasing a six-hop plethora of punchy varieties from America and Australia. It is fresh, unfined and very lightly filtered, keeping as many juicy, fruity flavours in the beer as possible. This sessionable craft beer is also vegan friendly.

Tiny Rebel - Clwb Tropica

Clwb Tropica - 5%

Clwb Tropica

Tiny Rebel

5% abv

This grown up fruit salad is as colourful as the most hideous Hawaiian shirt you've ever seen. It's super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering. Packed full of American hops, amplified by peach, passionfruit, pineapple and mango flavours. Previously called Clwb Tropicana.

Beavertown - Neck Oil

Neck Oil - 4.3%

Neck Oil


4.3% abv

We wanted to create a light, crisp, punchy, go to beer! A beer that you know you can pick up and appreciate or simply get it down ya neck. Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of hop additions during the whirlpool and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliantly 'easy' IPA.

Three Kings - Dark Side Of The Toon

Dark Side Of The Toon - 4.1%

Dark Side Of The Toon

Three Kings

4.1% abv

A dry, dark, roast, bitter, creamy ale with hints coffee and chocolate. Medium body and mouthfeel from flaked and roasted barley. 45 IBU's from Challenger hops.

Ciders & Perries Available

Lilley's - Apples & Pears

Apples & Pears - 5.2%

Apples & Pears


5.2% abv

Made from 88% pear and 12% apple. Sweet in flavour with a mouth-watering almost exotic taste.

Hallets - Blindfold

Blindfold - 6%



6% abv

This is our medium cider which has an intense fruit flavour with a citrus sharp finish. It's made with a blend of cider apples and is very popular.

Also Available


Westons Cider Stowford Press Cider 4.0%

Med Cider

Birra Murano Lager 4.6%



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The Split Chimp Micropub is in the Tyneside & Northumberland CAMRA branch area.