The Smiling Grape Company
St Neots, PE19 2BH

The Smiling Grape Company
St Neots, PE19 2BH

Craft Keg Available

Craft Keg Available

Fierce - Scottish Export

Scottish Export - 5%

Scottish Export


5% abv

A traditional Scottish Export ale packed with notes and aromas of caramel, toasted biscuit and toffee! Vegan friendly.

BrewBoard - Beasticus

Beasticus - 4.9%



4.9% abv

Spearheaded by the superb floral, herbal and citrus notes of Azacca and Cryo Loral, this hazy IPA is crammed to the gunnels with the best hops nature has to offer. Sessionable in strength, it is designed to be drunk happily in the sunshine on a spring or summer's day.

Goodh - Joe

Joe - 5.8%



5.8% abv

Coffee Stout. Upfront aromas of freshly brewed coffee, dark chocolate and a subtle touch of peated whisky. Sparkles on the tongue with flashes of iced coffee, dark chocolate and tobacco leaf. Vegan friendly.

Ciders & Perries Available

Barbourne - Major Jane

Major Jane - 6.8%

Major Jane


6.8% abv

A blend of Major and Jane cider apples are used to make this classic dry cider. It is fermented on wild yeasts, unsweetened and unpasteurised (what cider is supposed to taste like !). Straight from the barrel.

Hecks - Vintage Dry

Vintage Dry - 6.5%

Vintage Dry


6.5% abv

Farmhouse cider made with vintage quality Somerset Cider apples, matured for 2 years before being tapped.

Sting - Tuck's Tipple

Tuck's Tipple - 4.7%

Tuck's Tipple


4.7% abv

This scrumptious premium medium cider is rich in fruity aromas and ripe apple flavours. A blend of bittersweet and desert apples carefully selected for their delicious mellow taste.

Snails Bank - Orchard Dry

Orchard Dry - 5.2%

Orchard Dry

Snails Bank

5.2% abv

A more challenging cider for the connoisseur. Again, Dabbinett apples feature highly in the blend along with other traditional bitter sweets such as Harry Masters and Ellis bitters. Not so dry as to be unpleasant, just slightly sweeter to ensure a crisp balanced cider where all the flavors really shine through.

Farmer Jims - Dry Cider

Dry Cider - 5%

Dry Cider

Farmer Jims

5% abv

The distinct flavour and aroma of Dabinett cider apples really comes through producing a slightly sharp cider with a dry finish.

Saxby's - Straight Outta The Orchard

Straight Outta The Orchard - 7.5%

Straight Outta The Orchard


7.5% abv

This dry cider is unsweetened and unfiltered pretty much straight from the tanks in the cidery. At 7.5%, the strong content comes with a parental advisory, and is remarkably smooth due to a secondary fermentation.

Thirsty Farmer - Vintage

Vintage - 6.5%


Thirsty Farmer

6.5% abv

A distinctive, premium, aged, clear, medium-dry cider made using traditional bittersweet cider apples.

Broadoak - Perry

Perry - 7.5%



7.5% abv

A sweet but incredibly refreshing perry with a glorious fresh-tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma.

Saxby's - Bourbon Cider

Bourbon Cider - 8.5%

Bourbon Cider


8.5% abv

A limited run of Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider which is our cider matured in Bourbon barrels. At 8.5% it packs a deceptive punch. A smooth medium/dry cider with subtle hints of Bourbon Whiskey, it has a long flavour with a satisfying warming feeling in the stomach. Naturally gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Also Available

Foreign Keg

Huyghe Brewery Delirium 7.4%

No Description.

Huyghe Brewery Delirium Cherry Red 7.4%

No Description.


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The Smiling Grape Company is in the Huntingdonshire CAMRA branch area.