The Raven
Bath, BA1 1HE

The Raven
Bath, BA1 1HE

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Acorn - Plum Porter

Plum Porter - 4.5%

Plum Porter


4.5% abv

A full bodied Victorian style porter infused with English plums.

Magpie - Jay IPA

Jay IPA - 5.2%



5.2% abv

Mature hops, citrus fruit nose with a balance of hops and malt in the mouth with a smooth, hoppy aftertaste.

Goffs - Jester Brew 15

Jester Brew 15 - 3.8%

Jester Brew 15


3.8% abv

Heavily single hopped with Mosaic for bold tropical fruit aromas. Large doses of naked oat malt for extra creaminess and mouthfeel. Naturally hazy.

Parkway - Wintertime Wonder

Wintertime Wonder - 4.4%

Wintertime Wonder


4.4% abv

Rakau and Wai-iti hops come together with a very malty base giving hints of plum and apricot in this warming chestnut ale.

Exeter - Darkness

Darkness - 5.1%



5.1% abv

Darkness lives up to its name - black and velvety as midnight. This is a well-balanced but complex chocolate stout. Deliciously smooth, made with our special recipe which include seven separate grain types. The rich bitter-chocolate taste is created using a complex mash of premium malts including Chocolate Malt, which derives its characteristic coffee/chocolate flavour and aroma from subtle roasting during the malting process.

Otter - Otter Amber

Otter Amber - 4%

Otter Amber


4% abv

Amber in colour, with a careful selection of traditionally malted barley and hops delivering a balanced, fruity, citrus flavour, and soft hoppy aftertaste.

Frome - The Usual Best Bitter

The Usual Best Bitter - 4.2%

The Usual Best Bitter


4.2% abv

New recipe for The Usual, brewed with the king of barley's; Maris Otter from heritage maltsters Warminster Maltings this amber best bitter is fruity and malty. A great sessionable 4.2% ABV.

Stonehenge - Danish Dynamite

Danish Dynamite - 5%

Danish Dynamite


5% abv

This light golden, dry, strong ale has won several major beer festival awards. Its slightly fruity flavour is well balanced by a fine hop flavour and bitterness, before resulting in a smooth, dry, refreshing finish.

Craft Keg Available

By The Horns - Imperial Panettone Pastry Stout

Imperial Panettone Pastry Stout - 11.5%

Imperial Panettone Pastry Stout

By The Horns

11.5% abv

We’ve taken our award-winning Panettone Pastry Stout and upped the flavour and abv to create this warm and luscious Imperial Stout. It has been brewed with vanilla, raisins, orange, rum and brandy to exude the flavours and smells of a Christmas favourite - panettone. You’ll get hints of fluffy sweet pastry, candied citrus fruits and brandy along with notes of caramel and chocolate. It’s got enough alcohol to get you through the coldest of winter nights and finishes with a sweet and soft mouthfeel, completing this luxurious imperial stout. Collaboration with Jiddler's Tipple.

Unity - Cosmic Death Metal

Cosmic Death Metal - 5.5%

Cosmic Death Metal


5.5% abv

A blood red ale hopped with Belma and HBC 431 for an ambrosial mix of berry and red fruit flavours and aromas, with a little bitterness to finish.

Flowerhorn - FrogBat

FrogBat - 6%



6% abv

A blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry smoothie like sour! Collaboration beer with Brewmonster Brewing Co. Vegan friendly.

Brennans - Brennans Irish Stout

Brennans Irish Stout - 4.2%

Brennans Irish Stout


4.2% abv

A velvety dark ruby stout poured with a smooth creamy white head. It greets you with a cocoa aroma distinguished by earthy undertones yielding to a sweet caramel taste from the very first sip. The gentle chocolate flavour lingers to the last drop.

Electric Bear - Swings 'N' Roundabouts

Swings 'N' Roundabouts - 5.5%

Swings 'N' Roundabouts

Electric Bear

5.5% abv

A term used almost every day by our Head Brewer, this juicy IPA is brewed with a blend of Mosaic, Sabro and HBC 586 hops. Bursting with sweet tangerines and the luscious notes of ripe peach, finishing with the smooth touch of coconut cream to give that velvety smooth mouthfeel. Vegan friendly.

Ciders & Perries Available

Sandford Orchards - Devon Mist

Devon Mist - 4.5%

Devon Mist

Sandford Orchards

4.5% abv

Made with plenty of scrumpy soul. Not every cloudy cider has to be a challenge, Devon Mist is a gentle joy. Rich autumnal fruit with a perceptible sparkle and satisfying finish.

Thatchers - Cheddar Valley

Cheddar Valley - 6%

Cheddar Valley


6% abv

The colour of this unique cider gives it a vibrant character all of its own for those who want an alternative refreshing drink with a touch of natural sparkle. Naturally fermented, Cheddar Valley is matured in oak vats to ensure the distinctive full flavour is retained.

Moles - West Country Gold

West Country Gold - 4.8%

West Country Gold


4.8% abv

West Country Gold is one of the few ciders which can proudly state that it comes from 100% English apples. Using great ingredients and our unique recipe means that this is a superb cider which gives consumers a taste, which is clean and dry with a refreshing crispness.

Sheppy's - Classic Draught Cider

Classic Draught Cider - 5.5%

Classic Draught Cider


5.5% abv

A crisp, fruity, lightly sparkling hand crafted cider. One of our most popular products, it is blended to perfection using traditional Somerset apples.

Coming Soon

4T's - Passion Storm

Passion Storm - 4.8%

Passion Storm


4.8% abv

Passionfruit pale ale hopped with Amarillo, Apollo and Mosaic creating a magical mouth full of hops then with the addition of passionfruit, it gives this beer a knockout blow. Citrus and of course passionfruit aromas with a balanced bittering.

Electric Bear - For Ruck Sake

For Ruck Sake - 4%

For Ruck Sake

Electric Bear

4% abv

We brewed another classic best bitter, this time to enjoy alongside the Six Nations Rugby showing across our teleboxes. Honey and spice on the nose, followed through with warming cedar and subtle green tea notes, at a very sessionable ABV, you’d better try this For R*ck Sake. Collaboration with The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer. Vegan friendly.

Acorn - Barnsley Bitter

Barnsley Bitter - 3.8%

Barnsley Bitter


3.8% abv

Well balanced session bitter. Fine, rewarding taste with hints of chocolate with a fresh fruit and bitter taste.

4T's - English Stout

English Stout - 5%

English Stout


5% abv

Mouth-watering, balanced and smooth English stout. A combination of specialist malts lends roasted chocolate and biscuit notes to this award winning stout. Then the Challenger, Northdown and EKG hops break through, releasing bursts of toffee and flowery tones.

Electric Bear - Gizmo

Gizmo - 4%


Electric Bear

4% abv

This super sessionable pale ale presents prominent citrus and stone fruit undertones, with subtle hints of fresh pine and pink grapefruit aromas. Brewed with hop duo Mosaic and Talus, then fined to make this beer as clear as a sunny day. Mosaic and Talus. Vegan friendly.

Stonehenge - Spire Ale

Spire Ale - 3.8%

Spire Ale


3.8% abv

A golden, hoppy beer made with Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, First Gold hops for bitterness and for aroma, the new hop, Willamette is adding a tempting nose to this very palatable golden brew.


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The Raven is in the Bath & Borders CAMRA branch area.