The Quakerhouse
Darlington, DL3 7QF

The Quakerhouse
Darlington, DL3 7QF

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Nailmaker - Wapentake

Wapentake - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Brewed with Cascade and American Chinook hops, giving a light, citrusy flavour, making it and ideal session pale ale.

Jolly Sailor - Sailors Gold

Sailors Gold - 4.5%

Sailors Gold

Jolly Sailor

4.5% abv

A golden ale, not too hoppy with a crisp, refreshing taste.

Nailmaker - Cardinal Sin

Cardinal Sin - 4.4%

Cardinal Sin


4.4% abv

Single hopped pale ale brewed with Cardinal hops. A delicious mix of citrus, grapefruit and tropical pineapple flavours and aromas with a hint of bitterness.

Alnwick - Holy Island Bitter

Holy Island Bitter - 4%

Holy Island Bitter


4% abv

A Bitter brewed using UK malt and hops. It has a sweet tongue feel with a well-balanced bitter aftertaste and an earthy floral aroma. An easy drinking traditional session ale.

BEEspoke - Vickers Atomic Stout

Vickers Atomic Stout - 7.1%

Vickers Atomic Stout


7.1% abv

A rich full bodied stout with dominant flavours of coffee and dark chocolate.

Scarborough - Chinook

Chinook - 4.1%



4.1% abv

A straw coloured pale beer brewed using Chinook hops giving spicy bitter flavours and a fruity hoppy aroma.

Mad Scientist - Bitter Cold

Bitter Cold - 4.1%

Bitter Cold

Mad Scientist

4.1% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Craft Keg Available

Theakston - Barista Stout

Barista Stout - 4.2%

Barista Stout


4.2% abv

Brewed using seven different cereals including finest coffee together with subtle fruit hops for seasoning, we cold filter rather than pasteurise to enable the promotion of mouth-wateringly mellow coffee aroma and flavour on a bed of rich full bodied malt with hints of dark berry fruit hop.

Camerons - Road Crew

Road Crew - 4.5%

Road Crew


4.5% abv

Road Crew is an American pale ale packed full of hoppy citrus and blackcurrant flavours delivering a crisp, refreshing, superior taste to celebrate the spirit of the song and those who inspired it. Motorhead For Life.

Ciders & Perries Available

Lilley's - Peach Cider

Peach Cider - 4%

Peach Cider


4% abv

Like biting into a juicy ripe peach, sweet and full of flavour. We have blended our Somerset cider with peach juice to create this incredibly scrumptious peach cider.

Westons - Old Rosie (2019)

Old Rosie (2019) - 6.8%

Old Rosie (2019)


6.8% abv

Old Rosie is the name given to our 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller, that still sits in our yard in Herefordshire. Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family, we named this cloudy cider in her honour. Light, crisp and dry, this truly old fashioned cloudy cider is slowly matured and left unfiltered.

Thatchers - Gold

Gold - 4.8%



4.8% abv

This crafted Somerset cider is full of flavour blended from the highest quality apples, here at Myrtle Farm. A medium dry golden cider, with a smooth and refreshing taste.

Coming Soon

Mad Scientist - Cascade

Cascade - 3.8%


Mad Scientist

3.8% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Jolly Sailor - Sailor's Delight

Sailor's Delight - 4.4%

Sailor's Delight

Jolly Sailor

4.4% abv

A beautiful red/amber ale. Smooth, caramel notes with some underlying maltiness.

Alnwick - Alnwick Amber Ale

Alnwick Amber Ale - 3.8%

Alnwick Amber Ale


3.8% abv

A notable amber ale of light copper colour, pleasing bitterness with a refreshing citrus aftertaste. A medium bodied session-able ale, brewed with English crystal malt.

Alnwick - Alnwick IPA

Alnwick IPA - 4.5%

Alnwick IPA


4.5% abv

A traditional style English India pale ale with a medium body. A balanced and rounded hoppy profile and a distinguishable fruity character.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

Budweiser Budvar 5.0%

Czech Lager

Budweiser Pardal 3.8%

Czech Lager


Budweiser Budvar Nealko 0.5%

No Description.

South West Orchards Low Alcohol Cider 0.5%

No Description.


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The Quakerhouse is in the Darlington CAMRA branch area.