The Penny Farthing
Crayford, DA1 4JJ

The Penny Farthing
Crayford, DA1 4JJ

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

HPA - 3.6%


Gadds', Ramsgate

3.6% abv

A modern, balanced pale ale brewed with delicious, juicy US hops. One for the hopheads.

BoHo Bitter - 4.1%

BoHo Bitter

Three Sods

4.1% abv

It’s so hard to find an exciting new bitter these days. Our BoHo Bitter is a classic English style, heavily dry-hopped with Belma and Wolf for a modern twist.

Cygnus - 4.7%



4.7% abv

A full-bodied stout with a rich roasted malt flavour and hints of chocolate and coffee.

Ghost Ship (Alcohol Free) - 0.5%

Ghost Ship (Alcohol Free)


0.5% abv

Alcohol-free version of the ghostly pale ale loved the world over.

Ciders & Perries available

Strawberry and Lime - 4%

Strawberry and Lime

Snails Bank

4% abv

A light medium cider blended with sweet tasty strawberries balanced out by tangy lime.

Mango Cider - 4%

Mango Cider


4% abv

An indulgent rich and fruity blend of our Somerset cider and lndian mango imparting a finely balanced medium sweet taste with an invitingly fragrant aroma.

Purple Haze - 4%

Purple Haze


4% abv

A dark fruit cloudy cider bursting with flavour.

Nell Gwynne - 4%

Nell Gwynne

Celtic Marches

4% abv

A cider liberally imparted with orange and cinnamon. Enjoy warm in the winter as an alternative to mulled cider or wine, or cold over ice in the summer.

Red Love - 5%

Red Love


5% abv

Britain’s first naturally red cider, produced with a red skinned, red fleshed apple also called Red Love. A still, clear cider, medium flavour with a long lasting finish, light and exceptionally refreshing, ideal for summer.

Pheasant Plucker - 4.5%

Pheasant Plucker


4.5% abv

A very apply pleasant to the mouth, yet still farmhouse style cider.

Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit - 4%

Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit

Snails Bank

4% abv

Artisan cider made by selecting the best local fruit combined with years of experience to craft ciders that our traditional, yet suit the modern palate. The sweet tasty Pineapple is balanced out by the tangy Grapefruit. English cider with a tropical twist!

Old Rosie (2019) - 6.8%

Old Rosie (2019)


6.8% abv

Old Rosie is the name given to our 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller, that still sits in our yard in Herefordshire. Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family, we named this cloudy cider in her honour. Light, crisp and dry, this truly old fashioned cloudy cider is slowly matured and left unfiltered.

Spiced Rum - 4%

Spiced Rum

Snails Bank

4% abv

Rum barrel aged cider carefully spiced with cinnamon and allspice.

Thundering Molly - 5.2%

Thundering Molly

Celtic Marches

5.2% abv

Thundering Molly is a well rounded medium cider. Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma. Gorgeous golden colour and a balanced finish. Made on our Herefordshire farm from 100% cider apples. Made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples.

Spiced Cider - 4%

Spiced Cider

Dudda's Tun

4% abv

A classic aromatic blend of cider and seasonal spices. Great for all seasons, but especially tasty as a festive treat!

Sloe Gin Cider - 4%

Sloe Gin Cider


4% abv

The marrying of these three flavours, sloe, gin and cider culminate with the characteristics of a fruity cider punch.

Blackcurrant Cider - 4%

Blackcurrant Cider

Dudda's Tun

4% abv

A zingy blend of cider and bursting blackcurrants, with a crisp apple finish. A perfect blend of sweetness and soft acidity.

Coming Soon

Draco - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A traditional bitter, copper in colour using a blend of only the best British hops. It’s a subtle flavour with a slight spicy note.

American Pale - 5%

American Pale


5% abv

Full bodied rich malty American pale ale brewed with four American hops providing a distinct refreshing citrus finish.

The Friar's Ale - 4.3%

The Friar's Ale


4.3% abv

An intensely hoppy IPA using all Kent hops. Jester and EKG hops give a hoppy, fruity IPA with a good smack of bitterness. A true IPA.

Indus - 3.9%



3.9% abv

Pale ale with a nice mix of old and new world hops from around the world. It is a very easy drinking session IPA which doesn’t leave behind too much of a tang.

Aquila - 4.6%



4.6% abv

A golden ale with dry floral flavours that combine perfectly to make this a real thirst quencher.

Kentish Best - 3.7%

Kentish Best


3.7% abv

A classic Kentish Best Bitter. Amber best bitter with well-balanced hoppiness and honey malts.

Sweet Symphony - 4.2%

Sweet Symphony


4.2% abv

Amber ale with Mosaic hops. Vegan friendly.

Dog Bolter - 5.6%

Dog Bolter

Gadds', Ramsgate

5.6% abv

Dark porter brewed with six different malts for a rich, malty body balanced by a deep and lasting hop bitterness.

Marsh Sunset - 4.8%

Marsh Sunset

Romney Marsh

4.8% abv

English-hopped, rich ruby ale.

No 7 - 3.8%

No 7

Gadds', Ramsgate

3.8% abv

The brewery workhorse. A simple beer brewed with Goldings hops for a little bitterness, Fuggles hops for flavour and some crystal malt for colour and body. Nice 'n' easy, drinks lovely.

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