The Penny Farthing
Crayford, DA1 4JJ

The Penny Farthing
Crayford, DA1 4JJ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Beat - SkaBurst

SkaBurst - 4%



4% abv

A naturally hazy farmhouse session ale with aromas of oranges and lemons combined with a refreshing tropical and fruity taste with a slightly tart finish.

Bad Seed - Session IPA (Ekuanot, Azacca, Columbus)

Session IPA (Ekuanot, Azacca, Columbus) - 4%

Session IPA (Ekuanot, Azacca, Columbus)

Bad Seed

4% abv

Easy drinking abv, full on hop flavour. A combination of ace hops – Ekuanot, Azacca and Columbus - come together to give flavours of tropical fruit, grapefruit and citrus with a smooth bitterness.

Hand - Tamper

Tamper - 5.2%



5.2% abv

A comforting and warming porter, boosted with the addition of coffee! Expect a super smooth mouthfeel, notes of milk chocolate, malted milk biscuits and a gentle bitterness from roasted grains and coffee beans.

Hartlebury - Bitter Strikes Back

Bitter Strikes Back - 3.8%

Bitter Strikes Back


3.8% abv

A light golden session bitter.

Adnams - Ghost Ship (Alcohol Free)

Ghost Ship (Alcohol Free) - 0.5%

Ghost Ship (Alcohol Free)


0.5% abv

Alcohol-free version of the ghostly pale ale loved the world over.

Ciders & Perries Available

Celtic Marches - Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti - 4%

Tutti Frutti

Celtic Marches

4% abv

Medium Herefordshire cider liberally imparted with cherry and pineapple. Exotic flavours to produce a unique tropical twist to a craft cider.

Snails Bank - Orchard Dry

Orchard Dry - 5.2%

Orchard Dry

Snails Bank

5.2% abv

A more challenging cider for the connoisseur. Again, Dabbinett apples feature highly in the blend along with other traditional bitter sweets such as Harry Masters and Ellis bitters. Not so dry as to be unpleasant, just slightly sweeter to ensure a crisp balanced cider where all the flavors really shine through.

Snails Bank - Peach Melba

Peach Melba - 4%

Peach Melba

Snails Bank

4% abv

Succulent juicy peach cider rippled with sharp raspberry.

Snails Bank - Damson In A Dress

Damson In A Dress - 4%

Damson In A Dress

Snails Bank

4% abv

This fruity little number is Harry Masters cider apples steeped with crimson purple damsons.

Snails Bank - Apple & Ginger

Apple & Ginger - 4%

Apple & Ginger

Snails Bank

4% abv

A clear and refreshing medium cider pepped up with freshly ground root ginger for a fiery kick!

Broadoak - Moonshine Rum & Raisin

Moonshine Rum & Raisin - 4%

Moonshine Rum & Raisin


4% abv

Moonshine premium cider has been infused with rum and raisin invoking the flavours of the warm and sunny West lndies. A classy cider and very drinkable.

Broadoak - Rhubarb

Rhubarb - 4%



4% abv

Blended with sweet culinary apples to give a delicious drink with a tart note.

Snails Bank - Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie - 4%

Banoffee Pie

Snails Bank

4% abv

Apple cider rippled through with luscious toffee, sweet banana and vanilla.

Snails Bank - Very Perry

Very Perry - 5%

Very Perry

Snails Bank

5% abv

A fruity medium Perry with a complex yet balanced flavor only found in real Perry. This little number is made from Stinking Bishop Perry pears and has all the hall marks of a top quality Perry.

Broadoak - Mango Cider

Mango Cider - 4%

Mango Cider


4% abv

An indulgent rich and fruity blend of our Somerset cider and lndian mango imparting a finely balanced medium sweet taste with an invitingly fragrant aroma.

Broadoak - Purple Haze

Purple Haze - 4%

Purple Haze


4% abv

A dark fruit cloudy cider bursting with flavour.

Biddenden - Red Love

Red Love - 5%

Red Love


5% abv

Britain's first naturally red cider, produced with a red skinned, red fleshed apple also called Red Love. A still, clear cider, medium flavour with a long lasting finish, light and exceptionally refreshing, ideal for summer.

Broadoak - Pheasant Plucker

Pheasant Plucker - 4.5%

Pheasant Plucker


4.5% abv

A very apply pleasant to the mouth, yet still farmhouse style cider.

Westons - Old Rosie (2019)

Old Rosie (2019) - 6.8%

Old Rosie (2019)


6.8% abv

Old Rosie is the name given to our 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller, that still sits in our yard in Herefordshire. Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family, we named this cloudy cider in her honour. Light, crisp and dry, this truly old fashioned cloudy cider is slowly matured and left unfiltered.

Celtic Marches - Thundering Molly

Thundering Molly - 5.2%

Thundering Molly

Celtic Marches

5.2% abv

Thundering Molly is a well rounded medium cider. Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma. Gorgeous golden colour and a balanced finish. Made on our Herefordshire farm from 100% cider apples. Made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples.

Broadoak - Sloe Gin Cider

Sloe Gin Cider - 4%

Sloe Gin Cider


4% abv

The marrying of these three flavours, sloe, gin and cider culminate with the characteristics of a fruity cider punch.

Coming Soon

Wantsum - Golgotha

Golgotha - 5.5%



5.5% abv

A rich, deep and broad malt base gives this stout a very long smooth finish. Hops are prominent on the nose with blackcurrant, liquorice and cedar.

Ascot - Little Giddy

Little Giddy - 3.8%

Little Giddy


3.8% abv

A real thirst quenching summer beer. Packed full of Cascade hops giving easy going citrus and floral notes, with a light and crisp bitter finish.

Bristol Beer Factory - Beam Me Up

Beam Me Up - 4.2%

Beam Me Up

Bristol Beer Factory

4.2% abv

This is an Aussie hop smasher at session strength, an extraordinarily pale ale combining three hops: Ella and Galaxy giving subtle tropical flavours and hints of spice and brand-new hop Melba adding passionfruit, grapefruit and summery citrus characteristics. To round off this big Aussie hop pale, we've added oats for a smooth, well-rounded bittersweet body.

360 Degree - Bluebell

Bluebell - 4.3%


360 Degree

4.3% abv

Our Sussex Best Bitter is bittersweet, fruity, round and thirst quenching. Crafted from only the best English malt to deliver a beautifully modern take on this most English of beers. Hops used are East Kent Goldings, Fuggles and Cascade.

Wantsum - Montgomery

Montgomery - 4%



4% abv

A pale ale exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops Simcoe, Columbus and Centennial,

Bad Seed - Stereo Vision

Stereo Vision - 3.9%

Stereo Vision

Bad Seed

3.9% abv

Easy drinking, session pale hopped with Comet and Cascade. This awesome hop combo deliver citrus flavours and aromas with big floral, fruity notes. A go to beer!

Wantsum - More's Head

More's Head - 3.7%

More's Head


3.7% abv

A chestnut coloured Bitter providing malt and roasted grains balanced by fruit and floral hop bitterness with a hint of citrus.

360 Degree - Tacoma

Tacoma - 3.9%


360 Degree

3.9% abv

Easy drinking. Brewed with caramelised and crystal malts, and a triple addition of Cascade. Expect citrus, spicy and floral flavours, complemented by a subtle bitterness.

Gadds', Ramsgate - No 3

No 3 - 5%

No 3

Gadds', Ramsgate

5% abv

This is a sparkling, bright, pale ale, made with Goldings for a tangy, slightly astringent bitterness with Fuggles for earthly balance.

360 Degree - Fastback

Fastback - 5.2%


360 Degree

5.2% abv

Packed with 'C' hops in the kettle and again, dry hopped in tank. This balanced, copper-hued pale is rich and smooth, full of blackcurrant, pine and citrus notes. Hops used are Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra.

Mad Squirrel - Shamrock

Shamrock - 4.5%


Mad Squirrel

4.5% abv

In honour of St. Patricks Day, we have brewed this cask only special! An Irish dry stout that was designed for cask, brewed for cask and served on cask only. Pouring black with a light tan head, this traditional Irish stout presents a roasty, dark chocolate flavour with a subtle berry note. Eminently drinkable and surprisingly light.

Ascot - Gold Cup

Gold Cup - 4%

Gold Cup


4% abv

Light golden ale with intense citrus grapefruit aromas from Cascade and Chinook hops. Very refreshing Golden Ale with a strong hop character.

Manchester - Mochachocolatteyaya

Mochachocolatteyaya - 5%



5% abv

Brewed in celebration of our 4th year, a thick, medium sweet, chewy milk stout, infused with 5lts of cold brew coffee and 200g of raw cacoa nibs per cask.

Wantsum - Hurricane

Hurricane - 4.5%



4.5% abv

A refreshing IPA brewed with Mosaic and Citra Hops, this beer packs a citrus punch. Oats in the mash give a smooth mouthfeel and plenty of body to the beer, this is the perfect beer for drinking in the sun.

360 Degree - Session

Session - 4.3%


360 Degree

4.3% abv

Hopped with Mosaic, Amarillo and Chinook for hints of grapefruit and tangerine in this dangerously sessionable pale ale.

Also Available

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Diageo Guinness 4.2%

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Guinness 4.2%

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Bulmers Original Cider 4.5%

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The Penny Farthing is in the Bexley CAMRA branch area.