The Old Bank House
Tamworth, B79 7NB

The Old Bank House
Tamworth, B79 7NB

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Salopian - Black Heart Stout

Black Heart Stout - 4.3%

Black Heart Stout


4.3% abv

Rich ebony to the eye, with a tan head. The aroma has notes of malt, licorice, tobacco, chocolate, raisin and plums. The taste has hints of sweetness and a slight bitterness with a long roasted malt and hop filled finish.

Tiny Rebel - Trick Town

Trick Town - 4.8%

Trick Town

Tiny Rebel

4.8% abv

We’ve brewed another American wheat simply because we can’t get enough of them. Different hop profile on this, a combination of Columbus, Hallertau Blanc and Citra hops so a mashup of citrus, tropical and spicy notes. Vegan friendly.

Wilde Child - Wonderland Trail

Wonderland Trail - 4.5%

Wonderland Trail

Wilde Child

4.5% abv

A well balanced session pale ale brewed using Summit and Amarillo hops; a solid bitterness and healthy malt backbone combined with flavours/aromas of orange, lemon and grapefruit.

Abbeydale - Exodus

Exodus - 4.3%



4.3% abv

Pale with Simcoe, Ahtanum and Sorachi Ace hops. Well balanced pale with lemon, lime and tropical fruit hop character with a subtle malty aftertaste. Slight lingering bitterness on the palate.

Cloudwater - Fuzzy

Fuzzy - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Seven years of pioneering hazy beers and a blend of hand-selected hops combine in a recipe based on our 2018–2020 Signature Pale.

Ciders & Perries Available

Gwynt y Ddraig - Haymaker

Haymaker - 6.5%


Gwynt y Ddraig

6.5% abv

A fruity medium cider bursting with the flavour of apples. A true Farmhouse Cider with a smooth finish.

Lilley's - Tropical Cider

Tropical Cider - 4%

Tropical Cider


4% abv

We have blended our Somerset cider with an explosion of tropical fruits. Pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango and lime all combine to make this a succulent thirst quencher. Perfect for drinking on the beach and making you feel closer to the Caribbean with every sip.

Lilley's - Bee Sting

Bee Sting - 6.8%

Bee Sting


6.8% abv

Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma.

Cockeyed - Copper Beech

Copper Beech - 7%

Copper Beech


7% abv

A medium cider with rich apple flavour and pronounced satisfying strength.

Snails Bank - Fruit Bat

Fruit Bat - 4%

Fruit Bat

Snails Bank

4% abv

Crisp apple cider blended with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant. Perfect over ice on a freshly mowed lawn.

Seacider - Medium Dry

Medium Dry - 5.8%

Medium Dry


5.8% abv

A fruity flourish gives way to a dry backbone. All the Gala and Bramley flavour washing over then a creeping dryness, refreshing the palate. Produced with slightly less Gala Apple juice to produce a refreshing dryness and a higher ABV.

Ampleforth Abbey - Traditional Cider

Traditional Cider - 6.5%

Traditional Cider

Ampleforth Abbey

6.5% abv

If you are more of a traditional cider fan this is for you. We have left it uncarbonated so the full flavour of the apple comes through. Light, refreshing and easy drinking.

Westons - Vintage Cider - Draught

Vintage Cider - Draught - 5.2%

Vintage Cider - Draught


5.2% abv

Made from apples of a single year's harvest, all sourced from within 50 miles of our cider mill in Herefordshire. This draught cider is bright golden in colour, and slowly matured to ensure a rich and characterful aroma. A refreshing medium-dry, sparkling cider that is smooth and rounded in flavour.

Coming Soon

Neepsend - Wilbrand

Wilbrand - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Session IPA brewered with German TNT hop blend for red and citrus fruit notes on top of a tropical foundation.

North Riding - Chocolate & Fudge Porter

Chocolate & Fudge Porter - 4.5%

Chocolate & Fudge Porter

North Riding

4.5% abv

Porter using six different malts for a smooth rich flavour then infused post fermentation with chocolate and fudge flavouring.

Chapter - 18. Unconsenting Soul

18. Unconsenting Soul - 4.2%

18. Unconsenting Soul


4.2% abv

A light, hoppy profile and a soft, full bodied malt bill complements our new fruity house yeast blend. We're excited for this. For what's over the wall. To meet our shadow.

Mallinsons - Hops United

Hops United - 4.4%

Hops United


4.4% abv

What glorious flavours arise from a blend of hop varieties! Late use of Centennial and Cascade give this blonde ale lovely lemon and floral aromas, whilst early use of Bravo and Amarillo hops provide a refreshing gentle bitterness. What follows is a gorgeous pithy tartness that just leaves you wanting more.

Fat Cat - Tom Cat

Tom Cat - 4.1%

Tom Cat

Fat Cat

4.1% abv

A session IPA showcasing the tropical flavours of the Mosaic hop delivering bold and fruity flavours. A hoppy thirst quencher.

Verdant - Where Can I Find Friday?

Where Can I Find Friday? - 4.4%

Where Can I Find Friday?


4.4% abv

A golden ale hopped with Mosaic and Strata. Collaboration with Fyne Ales.

Abbeydale - Dr Morton's Safety Beer

Dr Morton's Safety Beer - 4.1%

Dr Morton's Safety Beer


4.1% abv

Pale beer brewed with a combination of Australian hops, Galaxy and Vic Secret, plus Cascade and Chinook. Bursting with grapefruit, pineapple and passionfruit flavours, this will have them rushing back to the bar for another!

Salopian - Hubbub

Hubbub - 5.3%



5.3% abv

A hazy sunshine pale, bursting with flavours across fusillades of tropical fruit and grapefruit that flourish over a prickle of pine and light floral herbal notes. Fulfilling and refreshing.

DEYA - Crocodilos Motorcycle Football

Crocodilos Motorcycle Football - 4.6%

Crocodilos Motorcycle Football


4.6% abv

A soft juicy cask pale, with notes of gooseberry, orange and peach with a firm bitterness. Hops: Strata, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka. Brewed with Cheltenham Motor Club for their annual Wheel Ale festival kicking off Sept 3rd, running all weekend.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

ABK Weissbier 5.3%

German Wheat Beer

Veltins Pilsner 4.8%

German Pilsner Lager

ABK Edel 5.8%

German Strong Lager

ABK Dunkel 5.0%

German Dark Lager

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No Description.


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The Old Bank House is in the Lichfield, Sutton & Tamworth CAMRA branch area.