The Nelson Arms
Tonbridge, TN9 1UP

The Nelson Arms
Tonbridge, TN9 1UP

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Sussex Best - 4%

Sussex Best


4% abv

Finest Maris Otter malted barley is supplemented with a dash of Crystal malt for balance. Our hops are a blend of four different local varieties, to give a distinctive hoppy finish.

Bishops Farewell - 4.6%

Bishops Farewell


4.6% abv

Intensely hoppy and full-bodied golden best bitter. Tropical fruit flavours provide a counterpoint to the grapefruit hoppy character. An abiding dryness develops.

Pale Ale - 4.2%

Pale Ale


4.2% abv

Our homage to our favourite taste of California. It’s a classic, packed full of the finest Cascade, Chinook and Citra hops. We’ve created this beer to be an easy drinking sip after sip of West Coast sunshine.

NIPA - 5%


Rother Valley

5% abv

A traditional IPA brewed with the classic English Admiral hops. Golden in colour, it is both bitter and sweet.

Brick Field Brown - 5.4%

Brick Field Brown

Five Points

5.4% abv

Our take on the traditional English brown ale. This is a well balanced, full bodied beer brewed with all-British barley and Golden Naked Oats, coupled with Willamette hops from the USA. Earthy aromas and flavours of demerera and hazelnuts. It’s a hug in a glass.

Craft Keg available

Arise - 4.4%


Burning Sky

4.4% abv

Straw gold in colour, a balanced malt bill gives a great mouth feel and a finish that keeps on giving. Restrained bitterness followed by massive peach, pine and resinous hop flavours to keep you satisfied. A session IPA that’s perfect for the end of the day (or the start).

Blackcurrant Kir Royal - 11.3%

Blackcurrant Kir Royal

Vault City

11.3% abv

Taking inspiration from the French cocktail, this silly sour perfectly combines tart Scottish blackcurrants with our mixed-culture and a suitably subtle addition of white grape for those Champagne vibes. This is in an elegant, stupidly succulent sour beer.

Spin Drift - 5.7%

Spin Drift


5.7% abv

An extra pale malt bill, oats and Vienna create a smooth body bristling with spikes of intense US Simcoe hops over a backbone of UK Jester hops. The result is a fruity, easy drinking, sessionable, light IPA. Hints of pine, grape, peach and grapefruit.

Spin Drift - 5.7%

Spin Drift


5.7% abv

An extra pale malt bill, oats and Vienna create a smooth body bristling with spikes of intense US Simcoe hops over a backbone of UK Jester hops. The result is a fruity, easy drinking, sessionable, light IPA. Hints of pine, grape, peach and grapefruit.

Tropical Deluxe - 3.8%

Tropical Deluxe

Howling Hops

3.8% abv

American style session pale. A fruity and hop forward session beer fermented with a New England yeast strain. Aromas of stonefruit and pine, reserved malt profile and a clean dry finish.

Quaddymodo - 11%


Brew York

11% abv

Our second Quad. We've gone multi-layered with blackberry, blueberry and cherry forest fruits upfront, with complex hints of honey, toffee, smoke and liquorice in the finish from the turbinado sugar, Mmolasses and star snise. Collaboration with McColls.

Premium Pils - 4.8%

Premium Pils


4.8% abv

Pleasantly well-rounded taste profile. Mild, crispy hop tone for a unique slightly tart taste experience. Only top quality ingredients are used in the brewing of this beer. The beer is pleasantly light thanks to especially soft brewing water.

Craft Lager - 4%

Craft Lager


4% abv

Light, pale golden lager hopped with Hallertau Magnum, Traditional and Styrian Goldings, and dry-hopped with Admiral and Boadicea.

Ciders & Perries available

Mango - 4%


Wise Owl

4% abv

Gorgeous blend of medium cider and mango making it delicious and moreish with a tropical feel.

Strawberry - 4%


Wise Owl

4% abv

A fresh, fruity medium cider with pleasant strawberry notes. Not overly sweet.

Rum Cask - 8.8%

Rum Cask

Olde Simmo's Wealden Cyder

8.8% abv

Made from Dabinett single variety cider apples grown in Five Oak Green and matured in rum casks.

Cox And Bramley - 4.8%

Cox And Bramley

Kentish Pip

4.8% abv

A quintessentially Kentish Cider made from aromatic Cox and crisp Bramley apples. This special is medium dry and full of fresh fruit character.

Tamoshanta 2019 - 4.9%

Tamoshanta 2019


4.9% abv

A fruity keeved cider, partially fermented in oak barrels. Keeving and initial fermentation takes place in large vats but on Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish and mature. Medium sweet with smokey vanilla tannin.

The Major - 6.7%

The Major

Kentish Pip

6.7% abv

A new special edition single variety dry cider made with 100% Major apples grown at Woolton Farm. Major is a heritage bittersweet cider apple with relatively low acidity and high tannin leading to a lovely balance for a dry cider. Think spicy oak with rich smooth tannins. Dry with a good depth and balance.

Chiddingstone Cider - Medium Dry - 7.5%

Chiddingstone Cider - Medium Dry

Castle Cider Co

7.5% abv

Medium dry cider made from a blend of apple varieties from Kent.

High Diver - 4.8%

High Diver

Kentish Pip

4.8% abv

High Diver plunges you into a world of fine bubbles and bobbing apples. A luxurious blend with Cox and Bramley apples, medium dry, marrying fresh acidity with a bright aromatic fruit character.

Shimmy - 4%



4% abv

Lovingly referred to as the Tangbomb this lip moreish number is awash with tropical pineapple flavours, balanced with a light touch of citric acid from the lemon.

Apple & Ginger - 4%

Apple & Ginger

Snails Bank

4% abv

A clear and refreshing medium cider pepped up with freshly ground root ginger for a fiery kick!

Coming Soon

Guerrilla Stout - 4.9%

Guerrilla Stout

Blue Monkey

4.9% abv

Our award winning revolutionary stout. A hearty pitch black beer full of malty complexity balanced by a robust bitter bite.

Tropic Ale - 4.9%

Tropic Ale


4.9% abv

A mouth-watering taste of the tropics in a hotbed of fruity and citrusy hops.

Steady Rolling Man - 5.2% (keg)

Steady Rolling Man (keg)


5.2% abv

Inspired by the ridiculously tasty hoppy beers we fell for, we got brewing our own versions, over and over again, while listening to the blues greats. The heady concoction of old time blues records and juicy American hops transfixed us from the start and the rolling man was born in these sessions! Incredibly soft and delicate with intense tropical fruit hop aromatics and saturation, this is our vision of the perfect pale ale.

Export Stout - 7.7% (keg)

Export Stout (keg)


7.7% abv

Soft like velvet and far too easy to drink. 11 malts were used and lashings of molasses to boot! Caramel flavours range from sweet shop to burnt sugar. Roasted impact hits in waves with coffee grounds and cocoa upfront and that unmistakable roasted barley oomph we crave through the middle. Bitterness and roasted astringency are balanced by a slightly sweet and natural finish. No adjuncts here… Just a straight up 7.7% ABV export stout.

Great Northern Lager - 4.3% (keg)

Great Northern Lager (keg)

Northern Monk

4.3% abv

A classic Pilsner style lager using Bamsberg Pilsner malt for a light and crisp base and additions of wheat to help round out the mouthfeel. Saaz hops bring a clean bitterness as a well as a subtle spicy character.

Devon Red - 4.5%

Devon Red

Sandford Orchards

4.5% abv

A perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives our orchards their distinctive quality.

Didgeridoo - 6%



6% abv

This still cider is smooth and rich and has been fermenting, ever so slowly, since the balmy autumn of 2018 until the crisp spring of 2020. It perfectly combines the complexity of a keeved cider with the warming funk of a traditional Somerset farmhouse. Full juice, naturally sweet.

Night Bird Cider - 4.9%

Night Bird Cider


4.9% abv

Our sophisticated yet easy drinking namesake, a sparkling fragrant and refreshing cider. A medium wild fermented cider made from dessert and culinary varieties grown on the Nightingales family farm and surrounding orchards.

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