The Kings Fee
Hereford, HR1 2BP

The Kings Fee
Hereford, HR1 2BP

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Robinsons - Citra Pale Ale

Citra Pale Ale - 3.4%

Citra Pale Ale


3.4% abv

£2.35 pint

A crisp and delicious American style IPA which has notes of passion fruit and tropical flavours whilst delivering an intense hop finish. Hops: Citra

£2.35 pint

Banks's - Freddy Export IPA

Freddy Export IPA - 4.6%

Freddy Export IPA


4.6% abv

£2.35 pint

This session IPA is pale amber in colour, with a fruity aroma and plenty of citrus notes throughout, balanced by a moderate malt flavour, leading to a soft bitterness and dry, refreshing finish. Hops: Citra, Columbus, Jester and Summit. Brewed exclusively for J D Wetherspoon at Banks's Brewery, Wolverhampton by Peter Croonenberghs, Brombeer Compagnie, East Flanders, Belgium.

£2.35 pint

Titanic - EBA

EBA - 4.6%



4.6% abv

£2.35 pint

This new chestnut beer is brewed in the style of a classic English brown ale, with the warmth and depth of opulent darker malts balanced by the heavy-handed addition of hops, resulting in a fruity, hoppy finish. Hops: Fuggles, Goldings, Northdown and Pilgrim.

£2.35 pint

Hereford - H.L.A

H.L.A - 4%



4% abv

£1.99 pint

A crisp light and refreshing beer with citrus and hoppy notes.

£1.99 pint

Greene King - IPA

IPA - 3.6%


Greene King

3.6% abv

£1.71 pint

A light, uncomplicated session bitter. Copper coloured with a bitter introduction, sweetish malt undertone and refreshing increasing bitterness.

£1.71 pint

Sharp's - Doom Bar

Doom Bar - 4%

Doom Bar


4% abv

£2.46 pint

Bitter with a faint flowery aroma and a moderately fruity, malty taste. The finish is long but pleasantly bitter with some sweetness and dryness.

£2.46 pint

Greene King - Abbot Ale

Abbot Ale - 5%

Abbot Ale

Greene King

5% abv

£2.86 pint

A full-bodied, very distinctive beer with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

£2.86 pint

Craft Keg Available

Carlsberg Marston's - Shipyard

Shipyard - 4.5%


Carlsberg Marston's

4.5% abv

£2.78 pint

An easy-drinking American style pale ale bursting with fruity citrus hop aroma and flavour. Dry-hopped with a quartet of four American hop varieties - Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Centennial. Collaboration with Shipyard Brewing Company.

£2.78 pint

BrewDog - Punk IPA

Punk IPA - 5.6%

Punk IPA


5.6% abv

£3.71 pint

This Trans-Atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt. The finish is aggressive and dry with the hops emerging over the warming alcohol.

£3.71 pint

Ciders & Perries Available

Celtic Marches - Lily the Pink

Lily the Pink - 4.5%

Lily the Pink

Celtic Marches

4.5% abv

£3.49 pint

A medium fruity cider - gorgeous pink colour - made from 100% cider apples on their Herefordshire farm - intense fruity aroma - very drinkable!!!

£3.49 pint

Celtic Marches - Thundering Molly

Thundering Molly - 5.2%

Thundering Molly

Celtic Marches

5.2% abv

£3.49 pint

Thundering Molly is a well rounded medium cider. Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma. Gorgeous golden colour and a balanced finish. Made on our Herefordshire farm from 100% cider apples. Made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples.

£3.49 pint

Celtic Marches - Slack Alice

Slack Alice - 4.6%

Slack Alice

Celtic Marches

4.6% abv

£3.49 pint

A medium well-rounded yet a little tart 4.6% cider drier than Thundering Molly, still mellow with a very slight tart finish.

£3.49 pint

Celtic Marches - King's Tipple

King's Tipple - 4.5%

King's Tipple

Celtic Marches

4.5% abv

£3.49 pint

Bursting with fresh pressed traditional Herefordshire cider apples, this delicious golden drop has a delicate, clean and noble palate that’s enjoyed across the kingdom. The abundantly rich ripe cider apples used to create this much-loved tipple were grown on one of Herefordshire’s finest orchard estates where, each harvest, the bountiful crops receive the royal treatment and they are transformed into a glistening craft cider, fit for the King!

£3.49 pint

Thatchers - Stan's Big Apple

Stan's Big Apple - 5%

Stan's Big Apple


5% abv

£3.49 pint

Crafted from vintage bittersweet apples including Tremlett's, Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. Stan's Big Apple is a traditional cider full of flavour and big on personality. Medium dry, this still cider bursts with apple flavours and has a depth of character that only comes from generations of experience.

£3.49 pint

Cockeyed - Pear Mania

Pear Mania - 7%

Pear Mania


7% abv

£3.49 pint

This is a medium-sweet apple-pear hybrid, made by blending a variety of fruits to give a full, fruity aroma and a smooth, crisp flavour which packs a mad punch.

£3.49 pint

Westons - Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider

Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider - 4.2%

Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider


4.2% abv

£3.49 pint

An easy drinking traditional cloudy medium dry cider blended to give a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice.

£3.49 pint

Westons - Old Rosie (2019)

Old Rosie (2019) - 6.8%

Old Rosie (2019)


6.8% abv

£3.49 pint

Old Rosie is the name given to our 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller, that still sits in our yard in Herefordshire. Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family, we named this cloudy cider in her honour. Light, crisp and dry, this truly old fashioned cloudy cider is slowly matured and left unfiltered.

£3.49 pint

Thatchers - Haze

Haze - 4.5%



4.5% abv

£3.17 pint

Naturally cloudy thanks to the juice of the Jonagold apple.

£3.17 pint

Thatchers - Gold

Gold - 4.8%



4.8% abv

£3.06 pint

This crafted Somerset cider is full of flavour blended from the highest quality apples, here at Myrtle Farm. A medium dry golden cider, with a smooth and refreshing taste.

£3.06 pint

Westons - Stowford Press

Stowford Press - 4.5%

Stowford Press


4.5% abv

£2.26 pint

A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that is bursting with the delicious flavour of crisp cider apples.

£2.26 pint

Coming Soon

Adnams - Extra

Extra - 4.3%



4.3% abv

£2.35 pint

This classic, amber-coloured Extra Special Bitter has subtle caramel and herbal notes, while the big malty background provides balance to the powerful resinous hop flavour. Hops: Fuggles.

£2.35 pint

Hawkshead - Five Hop

Five Hop - 5%

Five Hop


5% abv

£2.35 pint

This golden ale is made using, as the name suggests, 5 different hop varieties; Amarillo, Citra, Ekuanot, Jester and Simcoe. The fruity, floral and citrus aromas lead to a fruity, hoppy flavour, balanced by biscuit notes, leading to a crisp, dry finish.

£2.35 pint

Saltaire - Triple Choc

Triple Choc - 4.8%

Triple Choc


4.8% abv

£2.35 pint

Chocolate malts, real chocolate and chocolate syrups make this stout a real chocolate bomb.

£2.35 pint

Otter - Otter Head

Otter Head - 5.8%

Otter Head


5.8% abv

£2.35 pint

We believe that the key to brewing a great strong beer is to make it well-balanced with a good use of hops making Otter Head easily drinkable. Whilst it has a distinctive barley wine, old ale character it remains light to drink with a malty, fruity and slightly sweet flavour with a long bittersweet aftertaste. The fruit and malt aroma sits well with the beer’s deep, luxurious red/brown colour. Hops: Challenger, Fuggles and Pilgrim.

£2.35 pint

Carlsberg Marston's - Wainwright Amber

Wainwright Amber - 4%

Wainwright Amber

Carlsberg Marston's

4% abv

£2.35 pint

This amber-coloured ale has a subtle bitterness and delicately enticing hop balance, it is satisfyingly moreish. Clean, creamy and lightly fruity; a pint at the pinnacle of perfection. Hops: Bobek, Hersbrucker, Magnum and Tradition.

£2.35 pint

Cairngorm - White Lady

White Lady - 4.7%

White Lady


4.7% abv

£2.35 pint

This golden seasonal beer is brewed in the style of a Bavarian wheat beer, infused with orange peel and crushed coriander seeds to provide citrus fruit notes and a hint of spice. Hops: Bobek and Perle.

£2.35 pint

Batemans - Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze - 5%

Spring Breeze


5% abv

£2.35 pint

This golden seasonal beer delivers a fusion of succulent floral and citrus hop flavours, balanced by crisp malt, to produce a clean, thirst-quenching character. Hops: Challenger, Goldings and Styrian.

£2.35 pint

Glamorgan - Ffresh

Ffresh - 4.5%



4.5% abv

£2.35 pint

A well rounded pale ale with citrus and exotic fruit notes, a hint of pine and a clean, hoppy bitter finish. This pale ale embodies all that we love about Wales: it’s easy going, approachable and practically impossible to resist. Hops: Citra, Columbus and Goldings. Gluten free.

£2.35 pint

Also Available

Bottled Cider

Hog's Back Hazy Hog 5.0%

a gently sparkling, full flavoured Cider with a fine haze. Made from 100% bittersweet apples using traditional methods and fermented in oak vats.

Henry Weston's Vintage 8.2%

A local favourite, medium sweet

Healey's Rattler 6.0%

Sparkling Cornish cider made with Cornish rattler apples.

Suffolk's Aspalls 5.5%

A crisp and slightly dryer sparkling cider

Angry Orchard Hard Cyder 5.0%

Sweeter and sparkling American cider

Koppaberg Various Flavours ... 4.0%

Swedish cider - strawberry & lime, mixed fruits, passionfruit light and mixed fruits tropical

Bulmers Red Berries 4.0%

Local, fruity and sweet

Bulmers Original 4.5%

Light bodied local cider

Thatcher's Blood Orange 4.0%

Crisp and moreish, made with aromatic sweet apples. Great over ice

International Keg Beers

Leffe Blonde 6.6%

Belgian blonde-style abbey beer. Notes: floral, wpocy, cloves & vanilla. Europe's no.1 speciality beer.

Guinness 4.1%

Classic Irish stout. Notes: malty sweetness with a hoppy bitterness, coffee & chocolate

Bottled Beer

Brewdog Hazy Jane 5.5%

New-England IPA. Fruity & hazed.

Brewdog Elvis Juice 5.1%

A grapefruit infused IPA

Newcastle Brown 4.1%

A traditional English classic, "Newkie Brown" has brewed since 1927.

Goose Island IPA 5.9%

Has a hoppy bite with smooth notes of citrus

Tyskie Gronie 5.0%

A strong Polish lager

Brooklyn Lager 5.2%

Award-winning, hoppy, amber lager from the US. Flavours of coffee, toast and caramel. An aroma of grapefruit, flowers and pine.

Singha 5.0%

Premium Thai lager from Bangkok

Birra Moretti 4.6%

Premium Italian lager

Asahi 5.2%

Japanese lager. Super "dry", crisp taste with a quick clean finish (karakuchi)

Peroni 5.1%

Classic Italian premium lager.

Efes Pilsener 5.0%

A mediterranean slow brew. 100% malt lager

Budweiser Budwesier 4.5%

The world's no.1 commercial beer brand, "The King of Beers". A US-style biscuit-sweet lager.

Cobra 4.5%

Premium lager brewed with rice, maize and hops. A perfect compliment to all foods, especially spice.

Sol 4.0%

An easy drinking lager, served with a lime wedge.

Desperados 5.9%

A refreshing tequila-flavoured beer served with a lime wedge.

Tsing Tao 4.7%

Pronounced "ching dao". A crisp refreshing lager imported from Qingdao, China.

Tusker 4.2%

A pale lager from Kenya

Becks 4.0%

Refreshing lager

Estrella Galacia 5.5%

A gluten-free Spanish lager.

Erdinger 5.3%

A German wheat beer from Bavaria, double matured with yeast.

Canned Beer

Camden Town Brewery Hells 4.6%

A London malt lager with Bavarian yeast and kettle hops, influenced by German-style beers. Notes: clean, crisp and dry. Vegan.

Lagunitas IPA 6.2%

American-style beer, hoppy and malty

Hop Union Bloody Nora 4.7%

Orange flavoured hoppy craft beer from Bristol. Previously GWB

Wild Beer Under The Sun 4.7%

A hazy soft session IPA with tropical flavours

Standard Draught Products

Koppaberg Strawberry and Lime 4.0%

Sweet fruity cider

Worthington's Creamflow 3.6%

Traditional session bitter

Stella Artois 4.6%


Carling 4.0%


San Miguel 5.0%

Dry lager

Coors Light 4.0%

Lighter, refreshing lager

Bud Light 3.5%

Lighter, refreshing lager

Budweiser 4.5%


Carlsberg 3.8%


Corona Extra 4.5%


Low Alcohol

Adnam's Ghost Ship 0.5%

Citrus, low-alcohol pale ale

Erdinger Alcohol Free 0.5%

Low alcohol isotonic wheat-beer

Brewdog Punk IPA 0.5%

Low alcohol beer in the style of the post modern classic

Becks Blue 0.1%

Low alcohol lager

Stella Alcohol Free

Zero-alcohol lager

Heineken Zero

Alcohol free beer. Crisp & refreshing

Koppaberg Strawberry & Lime

Zero alcohol cider, fruity & sweet


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The Kings Fee is in the Herefordshire CAMRA branch area.