The King's Ditch
Tamworth, B79 7AS

The King's Ditch
Tamworth, B79 7AS

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Internet King - 4%

Internet King


4% abv

A super hoppy and hazy pale ale hopped with Falconer’s Flight, where juicy citrus flavours take centre stage over the top of a gentle bitterness. This beer is light in ABV buts packs a huge punch flavour-wise.

Stouter - 5%



5% abv

Our coffee and vanilla porter. Full bodied deep dark ale with a complex flavour and aroma.

Affinity - 4.6%



4.6% abv

Strong golden bitter with lots and lots of fruity Citra hops (which we have a strong affinity for!).

Ciders & Perries available

Floppy Tabs - 6.5%

Floppy Tabs


6.5% abv

Medium real cider. ABV varies dependant upon growing season. Pressed from fresh-picked locally-grown Nottinghamshire apples. Still, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Badger's Spit - 7.5%

Badger's Spit


7.5% abv

Chants’ Badger’s Spit is a hazy gold, well-balanced dry cider with a tart finish.

Vintage - 6.5%


Thirsty Farmer

6.5% abv

A distinctive, premium, aged, clear, medium-dry cider made using traditional bittersweet cider apples.

Dry - 6%


Wise Owl

6% abv

Award winning dry cider made from a blend of 8 different varieties of apple to make a light and flavoursome cider.

Pickled Parrot - 6%

Pickled Parrot


6% abv

This traditional perry is naturally cloudy and full of flavour. It is of medium sweetness with just a hint of acidity making it a gloriously smooth and well balanced perry.

Medium Farmhouse Perry - 6%

Medium Farmhouse Perry


6% abv

Made with 100% Perry pears grown in Somerset producing a very light easy drinking Perry.

Squeal Pig - 4.5%

Squeal Pig


4.5% abv

Very pale straw in colour with sweet citrus notes in the aroma. A clean-tasting, very refreshing perry.

Rhubarb Cider - 4%

Rhubarb Cider


4% abv

We have expertly blended our crisp Somerset Cider and tangy rhubarb to make this taste sensation. Sweet and full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge to it.

Strawberry Cider - 4%

Strawberry Cider


4% abv

Easy drinking still strawberry cider made with a blend of apple cider and strawberry juice.

Mango - 4%



4% abv

Smooth and sophisticated mango cider made with an ample portion of mango juice and Somerset cider.

Farmhouse Cider - Medium - 6%

Farmhouse Cider - Medium


6% abv

Roger Wilkins and his family have been producing proper traditional cider from their farm in Mudgley for generations. This hazy, smooth, oak matured cider is CAMRA award winning.

Happy Daze - 4.5%

Happy Daze

Gwynt y Ddraig

4.5% abv

A new cider in our range, fruity, apply aroma, well balanced finish. A light and very easy to drink medium cider.

Stoke Red - 7.5%

Stoke Red


7.5% abv

The Stoke Red is a good apple to sweeten, well bodied and with a good flavour. The cider produced from this apple takes a long time to ferment, which makes the cider late to mature. The trees tend to be of a medium height and bear fruit early December. The apple, as you might guess from it’s name is a strong red colour with a slight tint of yellow.

Black Fox - 6%

Black Fox


6% abv

A medium-dry organic cider. A rare flavour like no other, a cider that delivers a mellow flavour with a bittersweet bite that creeps up on you. A true reflection of the mischievous and elusive Black Fox.

The Devils Device - 8.4%

The Devils Device

Mr Whitehead's

8.4% abv

Dry, clear and golden in colour with a full bodied smell.

Moonshine - 7.5%



7.5% abv

This medium-sweet cider has a crisp, light, refreshing, fruity flavour, supplied by dessert and culinary apples, resulting in a very drinkable character, despite its strength.

Haystack - 6.2%



6.2% abv

Medium dry cider with a lovely appley aroma, using a blend of apples from Harry's orchard including the classic Dabinett variety.

Somerset Scrumpy (Dry) - 6%

Somerset Scrumpy (Dry)


6% abv

Made with a blend of bittersweet cider apples this is a very traditional unfiltered cider. Perfect for those that like a dry Somerset cider. Full-bodied and full of character.

Game Cock - 4.5%

Game Cock


4.5% abv

The Game Cock cider, like the bird is hardy and dauntless in character and won’t take long to ruffle your feathers. Game Cock Sweet Cider is light-brown in colour with rich fresh apple aromas. Sweet-tasting with mild tannins appearing in the aftertaste.

Coming Soon

Thunder Bridge - 3.7%

Thunder Bridge


3.7% abv

A fresh tropical mouth strike that combines a modest ABV with a big IPA flavour. Naturally hazy, thunderingly juicy! Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Zeus hops.

Taiheke - 3.8%



3.8% abv

One of our range of single hopped beers brewed only using Taiheke hops from the New Zealand. This is a rich gold beer with floral and lemon notes in the aroma, full bodied for its ABV, giving hints of pithy grapefruit and lemon and a lovely zesty bitter finish.

Lil Wingman - 4.5%

Lil Wingman


4.5% abv

Session NEIPA with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. Glowing hazy yellow malt base, with zesty citrus and pineapple notes paired with tropical white wine and peach-like aroma and flavour.

Moa - 3.9%



3.9% abv

Our ever evolving New Zealand hopped session pale. Each year we brew this with a different hop combination.

Woodpecker - 4.6%


Animal, XT

4.6% abv

Hopped with high Alpha, high Intensity American hops Simcoe, Chinook, Summit, Bravo and Cascade and dry hopped with even more Chinook. A pale malty backbone of Wheat, Vienna and Pale Caramalt add a balance to this beer for added drinkability. Expect bold citrus, grapefruit and pine flavours with a hint of plum and passionfruit.

Wild Ones - 4.2%

Wild Ones

Bristol Beer Factory

4.2% abv

Introducing Sabro, hailing from the mountains of New Mexico - a new hop which has been produced from a distinct sub-species of the hop family which has been growing wild in the mountains of New Mexico for the past million years. Sabro promises an intoxicating and complex blend of fruity, citrus flavours, distinct tangerine and coconut with hints of cedar, mint and cream. The anticipation for this neomexicana hop is real and the proof will be in the pouring.

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