The Inkpot Micro Pub
Rainworth, NG21 0JY

The Inkpot Micro Pub
Rainworth, NG21 0JY

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Durham - Buena Onda

Buena Onda - 3.9%

Buena Onda


3.9% abv

Blonde ale, pale malt base with a hint of biscuit from Vienna malt overlaid with orange, citrus and tropical notes throughout. US hop Zappa towards the end of the boil and for dry hopping creates more fruit like Skittles sweets. Tart and citrus lemon and orange on the finish. Taste the rainbow!

Collyfobble - Black Ower Bill's Mother's

Black Ower Bill's Mother's - 4.8%

Black Ower Bill's Mother's


4.8% abv

Dry rich smooth easy drinking Irish stout! Roasted barley in the grist for sophisticated flavours of coffee and dark chocolate, which sits alongside a sweet creaminess and good body from the addition of malted oats. A modern twist on a classic style.

Pennine - IPA

IPA - 4.4%



4.4% abv

A crisp golden IPA brewed with a perfect balance of zesty fruits, mild liquorice and black pepper undertones.

Collyfobble - Bob On!

Bob On! - 3.8%

Bob On!


3.8% abv

Malty traditional bitter with flavours of caramel/, toffee and bread.

Little Eaton - Gangway Gold

Gangway Gold - 4.5%

Gangway Gold

Little Eaton

4.5% abv

A golden ale with a biscuity malt backbone that is complemented by a refreshing and crisp finish.

Craft Keg Available

Project Coasters, Beermats - West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA - 5.6%

West Coast IPA

Project Coasters, Beermats

5.6% abv

Orange, tangerine and grapefruit characteristics with a good malty backbone lead to a crisp, dry, citrus finish in this West Coast IPA.

Ciders & Perries Available

Blue Barrel - Smoking Barrels

Smoking Barrels - 6.5%

Smoking Barrels

Blue Barrel

6.5% abv

Medium dry cider matured in malt whiskey casks to create a charismatic cider with a complex caramel oak finish. Whole juice, wild yeast and naturally fermented. No concentrates, artificial sweeteners or flavouring.

Ashover Cider - Ashover Pippin

Ashover Pippin - 6%

Ashover Pippin

Ashover Cider

6% abv

A 100% pure juice, wildly fermented cider made with a blend of fruit hand-picked from Derbyshire and Herefordshire Dabinett apples. A clean, bright, medium dry cider with a mellow taste and a real fresh apple flavour.

Ashover Cider - Apple Pie

Apple Pie - 4.5%

Apple Pie

Ashover Cider

4.5% abv

Crafted in Ashover with care using only 100% fresh pressed apples, hand-picked locally fermented wildly and back-sweetened with new season Wye Valley cloudy apple juice to create a smooth, fresh, medium sweet cider.

Ashover Cider - Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart - 4%

Bakewell Tart

Ashover Cider

4% abv

A full juice unpasteurised, unfiltered cloudy, traditional cider, hand crafted with a blend of hand-picked local and Herefordshire cider apples back sweetened with 100% pure cherry juice and almond. A sweet cider.

Ashover Cider - Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb Crumble - 4%

Rhubarb Crumble

Ashover Cider

4% abv

A full juice unpasteurised, unfiltered cloudy, traditional cider, hand crafted with a blend of hand-picked local and Herefordshire cider apples back sweetened with 100% pure rhubarb juice. A smooth medium sweet cider.

Coming Soon

Milestone - Hammer Head

Hammer Head - 5.6%

Hammer Head


5.6% abv

A full-bodied chocolate stout with a chocolate and roasted barley nose and a hint of bitterness to help the roasted barley expand on the palate.

Ashover - Session Bitter

Session Bitter - 3.5%

Session Bitter


3.5% abv

Limited edition easy drinking session bitter.

Hartshorns - Tally Whacker

Tally Whacker - 4.6%

Tally Whacker


4.6% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Triple Point - Brewge

Brewge - 4.5%


Triple Point

4.5% abv

A pale ale brewed with Belgian yeast and a big dose of fruity hops. With light and refreshing banana bread aromas from the yeast and a lovely fruity backdrop from the hops. Gluten free.

Beermats - Teammates

Teammates - 3.9%



3.9% abv

Pale ale with a citrus aroma leading to a light, fresh, hoppy finish. Made with Mosaic hops for an intense aromatic flavour. We're supporting the Alzheimers Society with every pint and bottle sold we will donate 10p to the great work of this charity.


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The Inkpot Micro Pub is in the Mansfield & Ashfield CAMRA branch area.