The Hurst Arms Public House
Eastbourne, BN21 1TW

The Hurst Arms Public House
Eastbourne, BN21 1TW

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Harvey's - Tom Paine

Tom Paine - 5.5%

Tom Paine


5.5% abv

A dry hopped, robust Pale Ale named after the author of 'Rights of Man', who was an Excise Officer in Lewes between 1768-1774. Originally released for Independence Day, twenty-five years ago, it launched the concept of seasonal brews 'for one month only' and celebrated independent brewers.

Harvey's - Dark Mild

Dark Mild - 3%

Dark Mild


3% abv

Soft, slightly sweet with a dry aftertaste akin to an infusion of ground nuts. It is refreshing, hydrating and comforting. 'Liquid bread' in every sense.

Harvey's - Sussex Best

Sussex Best - 4%

Sussex Best


4% abv

Finest Maris Otter malted barley is supplemented with a dash of Crystal malt for balance. Our hops are a blend of four different local varieties, to give a distinctive hoppy finish.

Harvey's - IPA

IPA - 3.5%



3.5% abv

Premium malted barleys and local aroma hops combine to create a beer that is light and refreshing. Fragrant hop flavours impart a full but delicate bitterness to this classic table beer.

Coming Soon

Harvey's - Armada Ale

Armada Ale - 4.5%

Armada Ale


4.5% abv

Armada Ale was one of the first new 'Golden Ales' that emerged in the 1980s. It has a pronounced yet balanced hop character, derived from Fuggle and Golding hops. Robust, refreshing and still a port of call in any beer-drinker's voyage of discovery.


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The Hurst Arms Public House is in the South East Sussex CAMRA branch area.