The Geese And Fountain
Croxton Kerrial, NG32 1QR

The Geese And Fountain
Croxton Kerrial, NG32 1QR

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Brewsters - Fun-Gal-Explorer

Fun-Gal-Explorer - 4.8%



4.8% abv

Light copper coloured amber ale brewed with aromatic UK hops.

Lincoln Green - Hood

Hood - 4.2%


Lincoln Green

4.2% abv

A heroic premium best bitter packed with premium Maris Otter malt and choice hops.

Grainstore - Lord Minimus

Lord Minimus - 3.8%

Lord Minimus


3.8% abv

A refreshing light golden hoppy brew with a distinct citrus note in its flavour. It exhibits a mellow malt sweetness which is finely balanced against a pronounced hop bitterness imparted by the use of Challenger, Cardinal and Cascade. The beer is dry hopped pre-fermentation with Cardinal. Surprisingly easy to drink and moreish.

8 Sail - Ploughman's Lunch

Ploughman's Lunch - 3.8%

Ploughman's Lunch

8 Sail

3.8% abv

A light refreshing, crisp blonde beer brewed with Extra Pale malt. The hop is Saaz, traditionally used in continental lagers giving a typical earthy lager hop flavour.

Wiper and True - Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope - 4.2%


Wiper and True

4.2% abv

Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic: a trio of hops that combine to beautiful effect. Our carefully selected blend creates a kaleidoscope of bright citrus and vibrant fruit flavours, balanced with gentle, clean bitterness. Harmonious, refreshing, and very drinkable.

Caps Off - Don't Mention The Wall

Don't Mention The Wall - 5.1%

Don't Mention The Wall

Caps Off

5.1% abv

Our milk stout brings the smooth roasted darkness of 8 malts with added lactose in the boil to counter the subtle spicy bitterness from the Willamette hops. Think toffee, treacle and hints of liquorice. Previously known as Milk Stout.

Craft Keg Available

Lost and Grounded - Wanna Go To The Sun

Wanna Go To The Sun - 4.6%

Wanna Go To The Sun

Lost and Grounded

4.6% abv

This Pale Ale has a base of Pilsner malt and Oats which lends a soft edge to the palate, and then we hit it with big whacks of Citra and Mosaic in both the brewhouse and dryhop. BAM! The result: bright and mega-fruity - think bananas, mangoes, papayas and peaches - SO LUSH!

Utopian - Unfiltered British Lager

Unfiltered British Lager - 4.7%

Unfiltered British Lager


4.7% abv

Influenced by the Bavarian Helles style, but just like all Utopian beers, it has been brewed solely with the finest, British grown malted barley and hops. A slow, low temperature fermentation followed by a long cold conditioning, gives this lager a crisp, clean finish whilst allowing all the wonderful flavours from the malt and hops to fully develop and shine. This unfiltered version of our signature lager is still light in colour with a slight haze from retained yeast which provides a greater depth of flavour than its filtered sibling. Vegan friendly.

Bianca Road - Etna

Etna - 7%


Bianca Road

7% abv

A delicious stout made in collaboration with our good friend, Franky Cilia from Onei Brewery. This is brewed using natural chestnut honey straight from Franky's honey farm in his home town of Ragusa, Sicily! This stout, which takes its name from Mount Etna, is erupting with rich and chocolatey flavours from the malt bill, which soon give way to a dominant dose of chestnut before finishing with a long delayed sweetness.

Duration - Folding Money

Folding Money - 3.4%

Folding Money


3.4% abv

This Lil' Helles is a beloved German style for drinking in beer gardens with friends. An easy 3.4% bready and floral, with a hint of stone fruits. Best poured cold in full sunshine.

Lincoln Green - Dosco

Dosco - 7.3%


Lincoln Green

7.3% abv

A double dry-hopped IPA with grapefruit and tropical fruit.

Ciders & Perries Available

Colemans - Whiskey Barrel Aged Cider

Whiskey Barrel Aged Cider - 6.8%

Whiskey Barrel Aged Cider


6.8% abv

Aged for at least six months in Irish Whiskey Barrels, our Barrel Aged Cider has a dark colour with a soft medium dry hit to the palate and a long smooth whiskey finish. The more you drink the more whiskey you can taste!

Saxby's - Plum Cider

Plum Cider - 3.8%

Plum Cider


3.8% abv

Saxby's Original Cider has been blended with plum juice to create a mouth-watering medley of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It's an eminently drinkable, fresh, crisp fruit cider that is great with spicy food.

Newton Court - Gasping Goose

Gasping Goose - 5.8%

Gasping Goose

Newton Court

5.8% abv

Made from a blend of cider varieties including Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Harry Masters, Gasping Goose is a well-balanced, golden, medium-bodied cider. The “Goose” is crafted from organic apples grown to Soil Association standards in Newton Court Farm’s orchards, resulting in an easy-to-drink cider, perfect for any season.

Harefields - Dragonfly - Oak Aged Blackcurrant

Dragonfly - Oak Aged Blackcurrant - 3.9%

Dragonfly - Oak Aged Blackcurrant


3.9% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Hunts - Wobbler

Wobbler - 6%



6% abv

A medium cider packed with bitter sweet and bitter sharp cider apples. This tannic Devon cider is deep in taste and long on flavour.

Cotswold Cider - Muscle Mary

Muscle Mary - 4%

Muscle Mary

Cotswold Cider

4% abv

A scrummy raspberry blush cider - flawless in pink. It'll have you lip-synching to cider in no time "It's in his kiss...that's where it is...".

Seb's Cider - Chisel Jersey

Chisel Jersey - 7.8%

Chisel Jersey

Seb's Cider

7.8% abv

Medium dry single variety cider with Chisel Jersey.

Wise Owl - Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider - 4%

Mulled Cider

Wise Owl

4% abv

A lightly spiced medium cider, ready to warm up any winter evening.

Downham - Stray Horse

Stray Horse - 5.8%

Stray Horse


5.8% abv

A medium dry cider with a light and long-lasting flavour from Bittersweet apples.

Monnow Valley - Do The Fandango

Do The Fandango - 6.2%

Do The Fandango

Monnow Valley

6.2% abv

A medium/dry cider.

Cockeyed - Cock Bird

Cock Bird - 5%

Cock Bird


5% abv

A clear cider with apple sweetness, full apple flavour. Sweet.

Marshwood Vale - Tom Putt

Tom Putt - 5.5%

Tom Putt

Marshwood Vale

5.5% abv

Single variety medium dry cider from hardy dual-use Tom Putt apples.

Dee Ciders - Richard's Sweet

Richard's Sweet - 6%

Richard's Sweet

Dee Ciders

6% abv

This cider won us our first award back in 2014. A soft and sweet cider with just enough bite to cleanse the palate. Needs to be respected as it can soon catch you out on a hot day.

Bignose & Beardy - Session - Medium Sweet

Session - Medium Sweet - 5%

Session - Medium Sweet

Bignose & Beardy

5% abv

Session offers a lower alcohol volume for a more accessible pint. Eastern Counties style crisp, clean acidity with layers of complexity from the slow maturation: our ciders are a minimum of 12 months old. Made from local waste apples our ciders are wild fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurised and uncarbonated. This is the medium sweet version.

Hallets - National Treasure

National Treasure - 5%

National Treasure


5% abv

This is our sweet cider which is made from a blend of cider apples and sweetened by keeved cider. Keeving is a French method of producing very sweet juice and not many cider makers in the UK go to the trouble of doing this. It's what makes our sweet cider special.

Torkard - Dangling Marsh Lover

Dangling Marsh Lover - 6%

Dangling Marsh Lover


6% abv

A naturally dry cider made with a blend of Jonagold apples (80%), Stoke Red and Yarlington Mill cider apples. Vegan friendly.

Charnwood Cider - 2021 Five Orchard Blend - Medium

2021 Five Orchard Blend - Medium - 6.6%

2021 Five Orchard Blend - Medium

Charnwood Cider

6.6% abv

A special blend made with apples from 5 orchards, varieties include Brown's Apple, Three Counties Apple, Discovery, Annie Elizabeth and more!

Coming Soon

Brewsters - Aromantica

Aromantica - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A lovely hoppy golden brew with classic UK Bramling Cross and US Citra to give a perfect juicy fruity blend of hop flavours.

Barefaced - Speak Out

Speak Out - 3.5% (keg)

Speak Out (keg)


3.5% abv

Brewed with a specific focus on balance and smash-ability, in the hope that each sip goes down easily. A long flavour profile of grapefruit, pine and melon back up a crisp and clean beer. American US05 yeast gives some fruity esters to finish off this easy-going smasher. Collaboration with The Burnt Chef Project where a portion of the profits will go towards training around mental health in the hospitality industry and to support as many people in the trade as possible.

Also Available

Speciality Imported Kegs

Budweiser Budvar Budvar Original 5.0%




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The Geese And Fountain is in the Vale of Belvoir CAMRA branch area.