The Geese And Fountain
Croxton Kerrial, NG32 1QR

The Geese And Fountain
Croxton Kerrial, NG32 1QR

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Mi'ld Man's A Dustman - 5.4%

Mi'ld Man's A Dustman

Lenton Lane

5.4% abv

Our second collab with our friends at Castle Rock Brewery. This strong mild gets it’s chocolate flavour from the chocolate malt whilst still providing a smooth bitterness you’d expect from this style.

Ten Fifty - 5%

Ten Fifty


5% abv

A full strength mahogany coloured beer, which has a moreishness typical of a beer possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a natural malty sweetness, creating a deceivingly drinkable beer.

Cooper - 4.3%



4.3% abv

Amber with a pine and citrus nose. Rich hop flavours with grapefruit undertones and a long well hopped finish.

Ashbourne Ale - 4%

Ashbourne Ale


4% abv

A pale bitter brewed with Goldings hops for a crisp lasting taste.

Craft Keg available

Sticky Toffee Pudding - 6%

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Castle Rock

6% abv

A decadent dessert beer. Itense caramel and toffee flavours from a complex blend of sugars, syrups, molasses and malts, all bought in touch with creamy vanilla custard.

Harvest Festbier - 5.6%

Harvest Festbier


5.6% abv

Based on the classic Marzen served at Oktoberfest for nearly a century, our version is a celebration of malt: juicy, rich, with notes of freshly baked bread, honey and marzipan. We added just enough hops to balance out the malt and keep it from being too sweet, and slowly matured it over 45 days.

Hop A Doodle Doo - 4.3%

Hop A Doodle Doo


4.3% abv

A copper coloured ale, brewed with four malts and three hops. It has a full bodied feel and a delicious fruity hop character.

Frisby - 4.2%


Round Corner

4.2% abv

Pouring a pale straw colour, Frisby is a bright lager with a dense white foam. A blend of German and English malts provides a delicate sweetness with biscuit and honied malt character. Very cold fermentation and extended maturation provide a clean base to build upon with English Fuggles hops which lend a light herbal and spicy aroma and definite yet soft bitterness.

Budvar Original - 5%

Budvar Original


5% abv

Brewed and matured for 102 days, about 7 times longer than most other beers and using the finest ingredients: Moravian Malt, Whole cone Saaz hops, Artesian water from a Glacial well directly underneath the brewery and our own strain of yeast. This beer is perfectly balanced and remains independently owned by the Czech people.

Ciders & Perries available

Rowen - 7%



7% abv

A medium cider with zesty back note and a sharper crisper note. Made using a blend of traditional cider apples and Ashmead Kernels from Calke Abbey.

Hornbeam - 6.4%



6.4% abv

A medium/dry cider with peach/mandarin back note and a soft tannic edge. Made using a blend of Heritage variety apples from Aslockton Hall in the Vale of Belvoir.

Apple & Mango - 4%

Apple & Mango

Bottle Kicking

4% abv

A classic tropical combination that perfectly complements this Leicestershire cider.

Vintage - 6.7%



6.7% abv

Vintage cider is a modern take on barrel aged ciders, fermented using champagne yeasts before final conditioning in white wine barrels for up to 6 months. The resulting cider is a soft well balanced medium dry cider with hints of vanilla and deep apple flavours from the oak aging.

User Friendly - 6.1%

User Friendly


6.1% abv

An ever popular organic cider made from a blend of Norfolk apples. A still, easy-drinking, slightly sweeter cider with great aroma and flavours.

Traditional Farmhouse - 6.5%

Traditional Farmhouse

Cider By Rosie

6.5% abv

This is a dry cider produced from vintage quality apples using the keeving method. It’s sweetened with sucralose – a non-calorific sweetener that has no aftertaste and cannot initiate secondary fermentation.

Special Reserve 2019 - 6.4%

Special Reserve 2019

Charnwood Cider

6.4% abv

Medium-dry made with a blend of apples collected from local orchards and a blend of cider apples from Charnwood Cider's own orchard including Balls Bittersweet, Major, Foxwhelp, Brown's, Somerset Redstreak and Yarlington Mill (from someone else's orchard!).

Sileby Special - 6.4%

Sileby Special

Charnwood Cider

6.4% abv

A limited edition medium blend made using apples harvested in Sileby.

Happy Medium - 7.2%

Happy Medium

Old Monty

7.2% abv

A tasteful blend of mostly Michelin and Dabinet apples, with some desert apples.

Crimson King - 6%

Crimson King


6% abv

A traditional medium dry cloudy cider made from a blend of bittersweet cider apples that were picked and pressed in Worcestershire. It is dryish with a soft tannin finish.

2018 Old Orchard - 6.8%

2018 Old Orchard

Ross on Wye

6.8% abv

Dabinett, Michelin and Vilberrie combine for a bittersweet cider fermented originally in an oak cask. The cider is full of flavour – with light acidity, a juicy, fruity body and some powerful astringent and rich tannins on the finish.

Laughing Juice - 4.7%

Laughing Juice

Three Saints

4.7% abv

Medium sweet single variety perry.

Addle Croft - 6.5%

Addle Croft

Udders Orchard

6.5% abv

A complex perry, an initial sweetness turns in to a dry, tannic finish.

Summer Fruits - 4%

Summer Fruits

Bottle Kicking

4% abv

A refreshing and fragrant crisp apple cider with sweet strawberry, raspberry and tangy blackberry.

Extra Dry Still - 6.7%

Extra Dry Still

Mahorall Farm

6.7% abv

Extra dry still cider using only 100% fresh apple juice and wild natural yeast to achieve a taste as cider should be.

Sparkling Cider - 4.5%

Sparkling Cider

Thirsty Farmer

4.5% abv

Thirsty Farmer Sparkling Cider is a long fermented traditional farmhouse cider that has been filtered and carbonated to produce a refreshing, slightly sparkling, crisp, clear and distinctive, bittersweet apple taste. Sweet at the start then dry at the finish. Serve cold or over crushed ice and enjoy!

Coming Soon

Heisenberg - 4.4% (keg)

Heisenberg (keg)

Nene Valley

4.4% abv

Crisp and pale. The hop recipe has been chosen to yield flavour without overpowering the palate.

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