The Geese And Fountain
Croxton Kerrial, NG32 1QR

The Geese And Fountain
Croxton Kerrial, NG32 1QR

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Dark Drake - 4.5%

Dark Drake

Dancing Duck

4.5% abv

Delicious malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine wonderfully in a smooth drinking velvety, oatmeal stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish.

Ella - 3.9%



3.9% abv

A single hopped beer, brewed on using Ella hops from Australia. Described as a very pale blonde with hoppy floral notes and a slight spiciness on the nose. The taste is bitter and hoppy with a bitter, slightly dry finish.

Original - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A true English session ale which is crowded in simplicity yet full of flavor. An enticing aroma of resinous hop and sweet roasted malt. The flavor being a balanced blend of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malt and a subtle yet assertive bitterness. With a dry and refreshing finish.

Ruby - 4.4%



4.4% abv

A dark ale with a ruby red colour, the aroma has a sweet scent of strawberries combined with a smokiness and a soft, rich taste.

IPA For India - 5.2%

IPA For India

Charity Special

5.2% abv

Fifteen breweries from across the UK brewed their own versions of a classic India Pale Ale recipe. A traditional IPA brewed with heritage Pale Ale malt and traditional UK hops to produce a well balanced IPA. All of the profits raised will be donated to the Sewa UK charity to fund PPE, temporary hospitals and support for rural areas in India.

Craft Keg available

Frisby - 4.2%


Round Corner

4.2% abv

Pouring a pale straw colour, Frisby is a bright lager with a dense white foam. A blend of German and English malts provides a delicate sweetness with biscuit and honied malt character. Very cold fermentation and extended maturation provide a clean base to build upon with English Fuggles hops which lend a light herbal and spicy aroma and definite yet soft bitterness.

R37. Trees Looking at You - 2.8%

R37. Trees Looking at You

Lost Found

2.8% abv

Passionfruit and mango ouble dry hopped session IPA. 10% of profits from this beer go to reforestation of the Amazon.

Helles - 4.4%


Lost and Grounded

4.4% abv

Gentle and balanced, Helles uses the same pilsner malt blend as Keller Pils, and is gently hopped with Magnum, Perle and Tettnang.

Black Magic - 5%

Black Magic


5% abv

A sumptuous new chocolate porter flavoured with cholaca (100% pure cacao) and hopped with Cascade on top of a complex base of 7 different malts. Robust and rich, dark and decadent and supernaturally smooth.

Budvar Original - 5%

Budvar Original


5% abv

Brewed and matured for 102 days, about 7 times longer than most other beers and using the finest ingredients: Moravian Malt, Whole cone Saaz hops, Artesian water from a Glacial well directly underneath the brewery and our own strain of yeast. This beer is perfectly balanced and remains independently owned by the Czech people.

Ciders & Perries available

Sherwood Blend - 6.5%

Sherwood Blend

Blue Barrel

6.5% abv

A tangy, full bodied medium traditional cider, with a delicious bittersweet after taste. Whole juice, wild yeast and naturally fermented. No concentrates, artificial sweeteners or flavouring.

Colwick Perry - 6.5%

Colwick Perry

Blue Barrel

6.5% abv

Award winning, fruity tannic medium sweet perry with a lasting gentle astringency. Whole juice, wild yeast and naturally fermented. No concentrates, artificial sweeteners or flavouring.

Apple & Mango - 4%

Apple & Mango

Bottle Kicking

4% abv

A classic tropical combination that perfectly complements this Leicestershire cider.

Summer Fruits - 4%

Summer Fruits

Bottle Kicking

4% abv

A refreshing and fragrant crisp apple cider with sweet strawberry, raspberry and tangy blackberry.

Premium Farmhouse Cider - 6%

Premium Farmhouse Cider

Thirsty Farmer

6% abv

A long fermented traditional farmhouse cider that has been filtered and carbonated to produce a refreshing, slightly sparkling, crisp, clear and distinctive, bittersweet apple taste. Sweet at the start then dry at the finish.

Coming Soon

Ten Fifty - 5%

Ten Fifty


5% abv

A full strength mahogany coloured beer, which has a moreishness typical of a beer possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a natural malty sweetness, creating a deceivingly drinkable beer.

Fortitude - 4%


Bristol Beer Factory

4% abv

A beautiful amber colour, with perfect balance between finest English Maris Otter malt and classic Southern English hops; malty, clean, moreish. Fortitude is a 4.0% bitter with attitude.

American Pale Ale - 4.8% (keg)

American Pale Ale (keg)

Toast Ale

4.8% abv

Bright. Tropical. Planet Saving. A fruity, refreshing APA. Brewed with surplus fresh bread, malted barley and West Coast American hops.

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