The Fox And Goose
Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AY

The Fox And Goose
Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AY

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Citra - 4.1%



4.1% abv

Using only Citra hops which have zesty aromas and flavours of lime, grapefruit, mango, lychee, and gooseberry. Light and very refreshing.

Grizzly Bear - 4.5%

Grizzly Bear

Frisky Bear

4.5% abv

West Coast IPA using a boat load of Mosaic hops! Juicy fruit flavours of mango, pineapple and fleshy blood orange come through on the nose and the finish.

Yorkshire Bitter - 4%

Yorkshire Bitter

Mill Valley

4% abv

Our traditional Yorkshire bitter. It has a sweet caramel and toffee taste, and is then hopped with English grown hops, Admiral, Challenger and East Kent Goldings.

Shipley Stout - 4.6%

Shipley Stout


4.6% abv

Stout with hints of coffee and dark chocolate.

Baby Astral Matrix - 6.8%

Baby Astral Matrix


6.8% abv

We dialled down the ABV of our Astral Matrix recipe but left the hop content at 29kg of lovely Sabro, Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo and Chinook and 21kg of it going through the hop rocket! The results are a DDH IPA juice bomb with coconut, tangerine and passionfruit hits plus a soft and juicy mouth-feel from the copious amounts of oats in the recipe.

Brewer's Gold - 3.8%

Brewer's Gold


3.8% abv

A refreshing thirst quenching pale golden session beer. Malty undertones and a powerful spicy hop aroma combine to produce a dangerously moreish beer.

Craft Keg available

Thousand Yard Stare - 5.4%

Thousand Yard Stare


5.4% abv

A light, yet full-flavoured and hazy pale ale with an intense tropical fruit nose. Citrus, stone fruit and resinous notes dance around the palate, giving way to a juicy and mouth-watering finish.

Dassler - 4.2%



4.2% abv

NZ Helles lager using Motueka hops, hits of tartness from the Acidulated malt, a nice spicy bitterness from the Saaz-related Motueka hopping, we almost called this a Pils.

Ciders & Perries available

Summer Fruits - 4%

Summer Fruits

Pure North

4% abv

A light easy drinking medium cider made with cider apples and infused with, raspberry and red currents giving a refreshing fruity finish.

Original Draught - 4.5%

Original Draught


4.5% abv

Our original no-nonsense cider, 100% fresh pressed. It’s authentically distinctive appley aroma mixed with peaty notes. Packed full of classic cider apple tannins with a well- balanced and pleasing complexity.

Coming Soon

Release The Pressure - 4.1%

Release The Pressure


4.1% abv

Golden session with Amarillo and Simcoe hops. Full of soft orange/ grapefruit/ bright citrus flavours.

Tod's Blonde - 5%

Tod's Blonde

Little Valley

5% abv

Bypass the lager and follow your nose to the malty aroma of Tod’s Blonde. Sip by sip, the flavours become more complex, building to a rush of bitterness that’ll have you returning in no time.

Resilience - 4.1%



4.1% abv

Brewed during lockdown number 3 to symbolise our resilience as a brewery during these very difficult times. A drinkable, light amber ale with a delicate fruity quality.

London Thunder - 4.2%

London Thunder


4.2% abv

A classic approach to a style of beer first developed in Victorian London. Roasted malt and chocolate flavours are abound in London Thunder; a smooth, dark porter brewed using a blend of 7 malts and English hops.

Hoodoo - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Extra pale ale brewed with Amarillo hops and dry hopped with Ekuanot. Easy drinking with low bitterness and a smooth finish.

Toco - 5% (keg)

Toco (keg)


5% abv

Full-bodied and juicy - this pale layers up dried mango, candied fruit and dank hoppy goodness. Those flavours ride on top of a balanced malty base with a touch of bitterness in the finish.

Deanhouse Dry - 7%

Deanhouse Dry

Pure North

7% abv

A bright well rounded dry cider made using sharp cider apples and garden fruit from Deanhouse.

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