The Dead Poets Inn
Holbrook, DE56 0TQ

The Dead Poets Inn
Holbrook, DE56 0TQ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Carlsberg Marston's - Bass Premium Ale

Bass Premium Ale - 4.4%

Bass Premium Ale

Carlsberg Marston's

4.4% abv

Draught Bass is still brewed to an original recipe using only the finest ingredients and the experience of generations. It is brewed with two strains of yeast to produce a complex nutty, malty taste with subtle hop undertones, which has widespread appeal to repertoire drinkers.

Ossett - Excelsius

Excelsius - 5.2%



5.2% abv

The strongest beer in our core range. A classic pale ale, brewed from British pale malt and US Cascade hops. Smooth, fruity and full- bodied, with a deceptive bitterness to complement its alcohol strength. Refreshing citrus hop aromas complete the sensory pleasure.

Oakham - Citra

Citra - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish.

Brunswick - Rocket

Rocket - 4.7%



4.7% abv

A pale IPA style beer, heavily dry hopped with a multitude of New World hops to give pleasant citrus and apricot flavours.

Rowton - Shropshire Star

Shropshire Star - 4%

Shropshire Star


4% abv

A golden bitter hopped with the American hop El Dorado, giving a very hoppy taste.

Ashover - Centennial

Centennial - 3.7%



3.7% abv

Session pale brewed with Centennial hops.

Brunswick - Railway Porter

Railway Porter - 4.3%

Railway Porter


4.3% abv

Chocolate aroma with spicy fruit notes. A complex, full-bodied brew with distinct coffee and fruity after character.

Everards - Old Original

Old Original - 5.2%

Old Original


5.2% abv

The ultimate strong ale with rich and fruity flavours, Old Original is a classic. The very best British hops and premium Maris Otter malt give this a full-bodied taste.

Craft Keg Available

Everards - American Pale

American Pale - 4.5%

American Pale


4.5% abv

Flavoursome and refreshing, American Pale packs a fruity punch. A dark golden beer, loaded with three varieties of American hops for a full-on zesty flavour. Hops: Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo.

Everards - Helles Lager

Helles Lager - 4.8%

Helles Lager


4.8% abv

Helles means 'pale in colour' and our limited edition Helles Lager is just that! A golden beer brewed with Saaz hops in the classic German-Style to give a more rounded and fuller flavour than a light lager. Helles Lager is a refreshing beer with a soft and bready malt character and a touch of sweetness. We've dry hopped it with Bavarian hops for a light bitterness and a clean, crisp finish.

Everards - Cast No Shadow

Cast No Shadow - 4.2%

Cast No Shadow


4.2% abv

A sumptuous dark brown stout, brewed with a new variety of UK hop called Olicana which offers a complex bitterness. An indulgent beer with a roasted character and rich chocolate character.

Ciders & Perries Available

Bad Boy - Original

Original - 5.9%


Bad Boy

5.9% abv

Deliberately cloudy, Somerset style dry, slightly nutty craft cider. We are proud to display the 90% juice quality mark as awarded by the Small Independent Cider Association for our Bad Boy Original Cider.

Wilkins - Farmhouse - Medium Dry

Farmhouse - Medium Dry - 6%

Farmhouse - Medium Dry


6% abv

Created by a living legend! A medium-dry real cider using cider apples.

Bad Boy - Cherry Cider

Cherry Cider - 4%

Cherry Cider

Bad Boy

4% abv

A beautifully balanced and refreshing sour but sweet cherry cider.

Udders Orchard - The Udder Side

The Udder Side - 6.5%

The Udder Side

Udders Orchard

6.5% abv

An equal blend of apple and dessert pears, pressed, fermented and matured the traditional way. A pyder with medium sweetness, very light and summery with a refreshing acidity and a moorish summery taste.

Green Man - Proper Dry

Proper Dry - 6.5%

Proper Dry

Green Man

6.5% abv

Straight out of the barrel, this is cider as cider naturally wants to be. A careful blend of hand- picked bittersweet, sharp and sweet apples are pressed and the pure juice is slowly fermented over several months until all the sugar has turned to alcohol and the cider is then matured for several more months to develop flavour. The result is a pure, bone dry, gently tannic yet smooth and refreshing traditional cider.

Torkard - Maypole Thief

Maypole Thief - 7%

Maypole Thief


7% abv

A medium cider made from bittersweet and bittersharp apples grown in Hucknall and Papplewick. It's a wild or feral ferment, matured for over 6 months; it is hazy, old-gold/straw in colour, soft tannins, and full of natural apple fruitiness.

Sandford Orchards - Apple & Oak

Apple & Oak - 6.7%

Apple & Oak

Sandford Orchards

6.7% abv

A dry vintage cider aged in new oak barrels. Showcasing youthful, ripe, bittersweet apple flavours - complemented by notes of vanilla and toasty oak.

Harry's - Corker

Corker - 4.5%



4.5% abv

An amber single variety medium cider that is matured for 18 months, Fruity, well balanced, with sweetness blending with mellow tannins.

Aston Manor - Kings Apple Cider

Kings Apple Cider - 5.5%

Kings Apple Cider

Aston Manor

5.5% abv

Celebrate the Coronation of Kings Charles III with a refreshing, medium dry, easy drinking cider. Made exclusively from English eating apples and 100% fresh juice.

Snails Bank - Gooseberry Fool

Gooseberry Fool - 4%

Gooseberry Fool

Snails Bank

4% abv

Tart tangy gooseberry expertly blended with a medium apple cider.

Sting - Tipsy Marian

Tipsy Marian - 6.9%

Tipsy Marian


6.9% abv

This strong cider is not to be taken lightly with lots of delicious ingredients added to the apples. Fallen in the autumn sunshine just makes tipsy Marian more appealing to a real cider drinker. This is a party cider so be prepared to have a hangover if you join the party.

Ashover Cider - Ashover Pippin

Ashover Pippin - 6%

Ashover Pippin

Ashover Cider

6% abv

A 100% pure juice, wildly fermented cider made with a blend of fruit hand-picked from Derbyshire and Herefordshire Dabinett apples. A clean, bright, medium dry cider with a mellow taste and a real fresh apple flavour.

Healeys - Flattler - Pineapple

Flattler - Pineapple - 4%

Flattler - Pineapple


4% abv

Flattler is your favourite pineapple cyder, without the fizz!

Three Cats - Medium Sweet

Medium Sweet - 6.7%

Medium Sweet

Three Cats

6.7% abv

A traditional medium sweet still cider with mellow and sweet apple notes but packs a serious punch! At 6.7% don't be fooled by its smooth and easy-drinking appearance, this is a serious strength cider!

Celtic Marches - Lily the Pink

Lily the Pink - 4.5%

Lily the Pink

Celtic Marches

4.5% abv

Our golden girl is a medium fruity cider with a gorgeous delicate hue. Made using 100% cider apples, from our very own Herefordshire farm, Lily has an intense fruity nose and is gently sweet on the palate. Lily's subtle balance of fresh cider apples, candy apple sweetness and light body makes for a very easy drinking and quaffable cider.

Inch's - Medium Apple

Medium Apple - 4.5%

Medium Apple


4.5% abv

Made with Herefordshire red apples, Inch's is a lightly sparkling cider with a fresh apple aroma. It is a medium apple cider which means every drop is crafted to be perfectly balanced between sweet and dry for great tasting refreshment. We make it using 100% British apples, grown within 40 miles from our Hereford mill.

Also Available


Molson Coors Madri Excepional 4.6%


Premium lager

Molson Coors Carling 4.0%




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The Dead Poets Inn is in the Amber Valley CAMRA branch area.