The Crystal Ship
Earith, PE28 3PP

The Crystal Ship
Earith, PE28 3PP

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Papworth - Koura

Koura - 5.7%



5.7% abv

Fruity wheat beer brewed with Australian and New Zealand hops. Strong fruit flavours and a banana finish.

Papworth - The Whitfield Citrabolt

The Whitfield Citrabolt - 3.8%

The Whitfield Citrabolt


3.8% abv

Golden ale brewed with Citra hops. Refreshing lemon and grapefruit aromas and flavours dominate initially giving way to a lasting dry, bitter aftertaste.

Papworth - Robin Goodfellow

Robin Goodfellow - 5.4%

Robin Goodfellow


5.4% abv

A strong dark ale, heavy and complex malts softened with dark fruit flavours, leading to a distinct velvety hop finish. Hops: Fuggles, Cascade and Willamette.

Leighton Buzzard - Best Buzzard

Best Buzzard - 4.3%

Best Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard

4.3% abv

The classic, traditional best bitter; malty, deceptively more-ish session ale.

Papworth - Red Kite

Red Kite - 4.5%

Red Kite


4.5% abv

A full-bodied IPA, well balanced with four different malts and a long, strong hop finish, bursting with tropical fruit flavours from the gratuitous overuse of hops. Hops: Centennial, Mosaic, Cascade and Galaxy.

Papworth - Whispering Grass

Whispering Grass - 3.8%

Whispering Grass


3.8% abv

Classic English golden ale, with a subtle malt aroma and strong hop finish from East Kent Goldings. The aroma of this delightfully fresh golden ale has whispers of English summer meadows. The subtle character of Maris Otter malt is perfectly balanced with a strong and dry hop finish from Goldings hops.

Papworth - Papillon

Papillon - 4.1%



4.1% abv

A light amber ale combines sweet malty notes with a lingering and fruity hop finish. Hops: Archer and Huell Melon.

Papworth - Old Riverport Session

Old Riverport Session - 3.8%

Old Riverport Session


3.8% abv

This traditional stout is silky smooth and oozes flavour, with rich cocoa, coffee and caramel notes in abundance.

Papworth - Mild Thing

Mild Thing - 3.5%

Mild Thing


3.5% abv

A deep amber full flavours mild with light roasted malt flavours and a subtle hop finish. Hops: East Kent Goldings and Willamette.

Craft Keg Available

Papworth - The Beast

The Beast - 6.5%

The Beast


6.5% abv

Dry hopped IPA, tropical fruit and citrus hop flavours predominate, with a strong yet balanced malt character.

Papworth - Culture Shock

Culture Shock - 5%

Culture Shock


5% abv

Craft lager, light and sweet malt notes, with a hint of banana aroma and a light spicy finish.

Papworth - Rum Porter

Rum Porter - 7%

Rum Porter


7% abv

Smooth rich distinctive full-bodied rum porter with dark malt flavours finished with a vanilla finale.

Ciders & Perries Available

Spinney Abbey - Dirty Habit

Dirty Habit - 4%

Dirty Habit

Spinney Abbey

4% abv

A cider produced with a mix of carefully chose apples to achieve the ideal flavour and palatability using only fruit grown in Cambridgeshire.

Cromwell - Oliver's Last Gasp

Oliver's Last Gasp - 6.5%

Oliver's Last Gasp


6.5% abv

The driest cider in our range. A 'mean' cider with an abv between 6.5% and 7% that will take your breath away and is not for the faint hearted.

Potton Press - Dabinett

Dabinett - 7%


Potton Press

7% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Potton Press - Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard - 8.2%

Trip Hazard

Potton Press

8.2% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Potton Press - Happy Medium

Happy Medium - 7.5%

Happy Medium

Potton Press

7.5% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Cromwell - Oliver's Lost & Found

Oliver's Lost & Found - 6.6%

Oliver's Lost & Found


6.6% abv

Around 12 years ago we decided to try our hand at wine and purchased two tons of Italian red wine grapes. To cut a long story short the wine was fine but not really a viable option for cider producers and the last few barrels were pushed to the back of the cellar and forgotten. Until last year that is, when we decided to put it into Bag in Box so that it could be dispensed basically for domestic consumption. Asking yourself what’s this to do with cider? Well one of the barrels was filled with cider not red wine. We have no idea how or when it was brewed or what apples were used, who needs Quality Control anyhow. The good news; the cider is well matured, clearly from a vintage year and knocking the spots off our current ciders on flavour. Limited stocks so enjoy while you can.

Spinney Abbey - Prior Warning

Prior Warning - 4%

Prior Warning

Spinney Abbey

4% abv

Medium-dry cider with flavours of apple juice and light rhubarb.

Cromwell - Oliver's Session

Oliver's Session - 4.5%

Oliver's Session


4.5% abv

Another medium dry cider based on Choice but with reduced alcohol for those more discerning drinkers. An excellent thirst quencher for those hot summer days.

Cromwell - Oliver's Downfall

Oliver's Downfall - 6.7%

Oliver's Downfall


6.7% abv

Oliver’s Choice medium dry cider that has been oak cask conditioned and taken on the full character of the Islay whiskey casks used, making it a very special cider indeed.

Cromwell - Oliver's Merry Cherry

Oliver's Merry Cherry - 4.5%

Oliver's Merry Cherry


4.5% abv

This is our Oliver's Session cider with added cherry flavour to give it colour and depth. We also add a litre of full-bodied red wine to create a medium cider.

Cromwell - Cavalier Perry

Cavalier Perry - 5.2%

Cavalier Perry


5.2% abv

Made from Conference and Comice pears that are allowed to fully ripen on the tree to produce a light and bright medium perry.

Cromwell - Oliver's Choice

Oliver's Choice - 6.7%

Oliver's Choice


6.7% abv

A medium dry cider which is light in colour with a slight residual sparkle and distinct apple flavour. Possibly the best in our range.


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The Crystal Ship is in the Huntingdonshire CAMRA branch area.