The Crystal Ship
Earith, PE28 3PP

The Crystal Ship
Earith, PE28 3PP

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Papworth - Bulwark Bitter

Bulwark Bitter - 3.8%

Bulwark Bitter


3.8% abv

Traditional English bitter with a light caramel aroma.

Papworth - Koura

Koura - 5.7%



5.7% abv

Fruity wheat beer brewed with Australian and New Zealand hops. Strong fruit flavours and a banana finish.

Papworth - Mad Jack

Mad Jack - 3.8%

Mad Jack


3.8% abv

A chestnut brown full-bodied English Bitter. Caramel overtones and a gentle citrus aroma lead to a long hop finish. Hops: Centennial, East Kent Goldings and Fuggles.

Milestone - New World Pale Ale

New World Pale Ale - 3.9%

New World Pale Ale


3.9% abv

New World pale ale, dry hopped giving a crisp, refreshingly aromatic ale.

Papworth - Fen Skater

Fen Skater - 4%

Fen Skater


4% abv

Refreshing fruity hoppiness that glides across the palate, evoking memories of crisp winter days skating on the frozen fens. Brewed with Pilsen malt and a soft water, the combination of Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic hops provide fresh fruity flavours.

Papworth - Crystal Ship

Crystal Ship - 4.2%

Crystal Ship


4.2% abv

Light amber, a crisp Pilsen body, with bitter pine notes leading to a strong citrus finish. Brewed using the finest Pilsner malt and American Simcoe, Cascade and Citra hops, to provide a refreshing, clean body finished with a citrus kick.

Papworth - Pass The Porter

Pass The Porter - 5.5%

Pass The Porter


5.5% abv

Smooth, rich and distinctive porter with dark malt and chocolate flavours. Initial sweetness is balanced with bitterness from a long, hoppy finish. Hops: Centennial and Simcoe.

Nethergate - Venture

Venture - 3.7%



3.7% abv

Made in the heart of East Anglia, our flagship amber ale combines traditional brewing techniques with new world ingredients to produce a beer for all tastes and all seasons, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

Papworth - Old Riverport Session

Old Riverport Session - 3.8%

Old Riverport Session


3.8% abv

This traditional stout is silky smooth and oozes flavour, with rich cocoa, coffee and caramel notes in abundance.

Nethergate - Growling Dog Tropical IPA

Growling Dog Tropical IPA - 7.5%

Growling Dog Tropical IPA


7.5% abv

A tropical IPA. The expert selection of hops (Idaho 7, Amarillo, Azacca, Simcoe and Mosaic) creates a great juicy flavour: mango, peach, passion fruit and grapefruit! The tropical flavour is balanced with a backbone bitterness. Naturally hazy to lock in those punchy flavours.

Papworth - Mild Thing

Mild Thing - 3.5%

Mild Thing


3.5% abv

A deep amber full flavours mild with light roasted malt flavours and a subtle hop finish. Hops: East Kent Goldings and Willamette.

Craft Keg Available

Papworth - Culture Shock

Culture Shock - 5%

Culture Shock


5% abv

Craft lager, light and sweet malt notes, with a hint of banana aroma and a light spicy finish. Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrüeh and Saaz.

Papworth - The Beast

The Beast - 6.5%

The Beast


6.5% abv

Dry hopped IPA, tropical fruit and citrus hop flavours predominate, with a strong yet balanced malt character.

Papworth - Culture Shock Light

Culture Shock Light - 4.2%

Culture Shock Light


4.2% abv

Craft Helles, light and sweet malt notes, with a light spicy finish.

Nethergate - Venture Point Five

Venture Point Five - 0.5%

Venture Point Five


0.5% abv

We've taken our beloved flagship beer Venture and given it a low-alcohol twist without sacrificing any of the delicious citrus and tropical notes that makes it so popular. An amber ale that's light and fruity, thanks to the American hops we use to brew it. It's crisp and refreshing on the palate, with a pleasant hoppy and citrusy finish that leaves you wanting more. The combination of Nugget, Cascade, Ekuanot, and Centennial hops makes for a unique and irresistible taste that is sure to please beer aficionados and newbies alike.

Ciders & Perries Available

Blue Barrel - Smokin Barrels II

Smokin Barrels II - 7.4%

Smokin Barrels II

Blue Barrel

7.4% abv

Fruity full-bodied medium dry cider with distinctive vanilla and butterscotch notes from the barrel and a delicious bittersweet finish. No concentrates, artificial sweeteners or flavouring.

Blue Barrel - Cuckoo Returns

Cuckoo Returns - 5.5%

Cuckoo Returns

Blue Barrel

5.5% abv

A medium sweet Eastern style cider using dessert fruit from our own and other nearby wildlife friendly orchards. Fresh, fruity and zingy made from mixed desserts mainly Worcester Pearmain, Spartan and Russets.

Cromwell - Cavalier Perry

Cavalier Perry - 5.2%

Cavalier Perry


5.2% abv

Made from Conference and Comice pears that are allowed to fully ripen on the tree to produce a light and bright medium perry.

Potton Press - Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard - 8.2%

Trip Hazard

Potton Press

8.2% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Simon's Cider - Short Stirling

Short Stirling - 4.5%

Short Stirling

Simon's Cider

4.5% abv

A session cider! A delicious and refreshing cider in the Eastern Counties style. Fully fermented cider is blended with apple juice to give a proper appley cider with a crisp finish.

Cromwell - Oliver's Sweetheart

Oliver's Sweetheart - 6.4%

Oliver's Sweetheart


6.4% abv

Very similar to Choice in flavour and abv, but as its name suggests a little sweeter and a firm favourite with the ladies.

Cromwell - Oliver's Mighty Mango

Oliver's Mighty Mango - 4.5%

Oliver's Mighty Mango


4.5% abv

A medium cider with strong mango aroma and a taste that quenches any thirst and imparts a true Caribbean feel.

Cromwell - Oliver's Last Gasp

Oliver's Last Gasp - 6.5%

Oliver's Last Gasp


6.5% abv

The driest cider in our range. A 'mean' cider with an abv between 6.5% and 7% that will take your breath away and is not for the faint hearted.

Cromwell - Oliver's Downfall

Oliver's Downfall - 6.7%

Oliver's Downfall


6.7% abv

Oliver’s Choice medium dry cider that has been oak cask conditioned and taken on the full character of the Islay whiskey casks used, making it a very special cider indeed.

Cromwell - Oliver's Choice

Oliver's Choice - 6.7%

Oliver's Choice


6.7% abv

A medium dry cider which is light in colour with a slight residual sparkle and distinct apple flavour. Possibly the best in our range.

Potton Press - Heritage

Heritage - 7%


Potton Press

7% abv

A medium sweet heritage cider.

Potton Press - Dabinett

Dabinett - 7%


Potton Press

7% abv

Delicious medium cider, bittersweet and fruity, made from freshly pressed Herefordshire Dabinett apples.

Cromwell - Oliver's Elder Flower

Oliver's Elder Flower - 4%

Oliver's Elder Flower


4% abv

The addition of elderflower flavour brings an interesting botanical edge to our cider creating a delicious and slightly floral cider that has a refreshing and smooth finish.

Coming Soon

Colchester - Freakshow

Freakshow - 3.8%



3.8% abv

This pale copper ale is flavoured with English hops Goldings, Epic and First Gold. The first beer brewed in our Freak Show range.


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The Crystal Ship is in the Huntingdonshire CAMRA branch area.