The Crowborough Cross
Crowborough, TN6 1AF

The Crowborough Cross
Crowborough, TN6 1AF

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Sharp's - Doom Bar

Doom Bar - 4%

Doom Bar


4% abv

£2.19 pint

Bitter with a faint flowery aroma and a moderately fruity, malty taste. The finish is long but pleasantly bitter with some sweetness and dryness.

£2.19 pint

Greene King - Abbot Ale

Abbot Ale - 5%

Abbot Ale

Greene King

5% abv

£2.39 pint

A full-bodied, very distinctive beer with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

£2.39 pint

Greene King - IPA

IPA - 3.6%


Greene King

3.6% abv

£1.49 pint

A light, uncomplicated session bitter. Copper coloured with a bitter introduction, sweetish malt undertone and refreshing increasing bitterness.

£1.49 pint

Craft Keg Available

BrewDog - Punk IPA

Punk IPA - 5.6%

Punk IPA


5.6% abv

£3.35 pint

This Trans-Atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt. The finish is aggressive and dry with the hops emerging over the warming alcohol.

£3.35 pint

Ciders & Perries Available

Westons - Stowford Press Mixed Berries

Stowford Press Mixed Berries - 4%

Stowford Press Mixed Berries


4% abv

£1.99 pint

A bright and refreshing cider, blended with the richness of ripe mixed berries.

£1.99 pint

Thatchers - Gold

Gold - 4.8%



4.8% abv

£2.99 pint

This crafted Somerset cider is full of flavour blended from the highest quality apples, here at Myrtle Farm. A medium dry golden cider, with a smooth and refreshing taste.

£2.99 pint

Westons - Stowford Press

Stowford Press - 4.5%

Stowford Press


4.5% abv

£1.99 pint

A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that is bursting with the delicious flavour of crisp cider apples.

£1.99 pint

Coming Soon

Gwynt y Ddraig - Black Dragon

Black Dragon - 7.2%

Black Dragon

Gwynt y Ddraig

7.2% abv

The legendary Black Dragon! This cider now has quite a following amongst the most descerning cider drinkers. It is rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh, fruity aroma.

Thistly Cross - Jaggy Thistle

Jaggy Thistle - 7.4%

Jaggy Thistle

Thistly Cross

7.4% abv

A vintage cider, Jaggy Thistly is smooth to drink and packed full of flavour. A Dry cider that retains the warming, full bodied mouthfeel you'd expect from a vintage cider.

Also Available


Ringwood Brewery Shipyard Pale Ale 4.5%


An east drinking, American style Pale Ale bursting with fruity, citrus hop flavour and gooseberry and pine aroma. Dry hopped with a quartet of American hop varieties

Worthingtons Cream Flow 3.6%


Superbly creamly, with velverty hints of rich buttered malt loaf. Chilled malted milk and banana split in every sip. Intensified with liquorice notes, nutty toffee and a basket of mixed fruits

Guinness Super-Chilled 4.1%


Guinness has a malty sweetness and a hoppy bitterness, with notes of a coffee and chocolate. A roasted flavor also comes through, courtesy of the roasted unmalted barley that goes into its brewing. It has a sweet nose, with hints of malt breaking through, and its palete is smooth, creamy and balaanc

InBev Belgium Leffe Blonde 6.6%


The strong malty aroma of Leffe Blonde reveals a sweet bitterness in perfect harmony with notes of vanilla and clove.


Brewdog Hazy Jane 5.0%


Notes of pineapple, mango, stone-fruit and a hint of tangerine to mix it up. Brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smooth juicy hit.

Brewdog Elvis Juice 6.5%


Elvis juice is loaded with tart pithy grapefruit. This IPA has a caramel malt base, supporting a full frontal citrus overload - grapefruit piled on top of intense aroma hops. Waves of crashing pine, orange and grapefruit round out this citrus infused IPA.

Goose Island India Pale Ale 5.9%


Sweet grainy malt, lychee, pinapple, orange and lemon. Fleeting but firm bitterness that dissipates quickly from the front of the tongue. The body is light, which allows for the hops to be showcased, the beer finishes with grapefruit hops bitterness and a slight citrus sweetness

Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7%


Toasted bready maltiness with mild hops, faint orange zest, floral notes and hints of liquorice.

The Cyder House Aspall Suffolk 5.5%


Traditional bittersweet cyder-apple aroma with orchard fruit and floral notes. Palate initially slightly sweet, then mouthfilling and full bodied. Complex arrayof fruit flavours balanced by gorgeous soft tannins, producing a bone dry finish. Very long aftertaste, a true sign of a classic cyder of th

Bulmers Red Berries 4.0%


This fruit cider is a delightful burst of mixed red berries on your tongue with the sweet and tangy notes of raspberry, redcurrent and strawberry cut with the zesty hint of lime.

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit 4.0%


Kopparberg Mixed Fruit cider delivers a delicious punch of raspberry and blackcurrent flavour. Refreshingly light, Kopparberg Mixed Fruit cider is the taste of summer.

Kopparberg Passionfruit 4.0%


Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange new cider combines the citrus flavour of orange with the exotic notes of passionfruit, for the perfect cider serve with a fruity twist. The new cider blends together a perfect pair of fruit flavours and it is sure to get you in the mood for the imminent lobger days a

Magners Original 4.5%


Semi-sweet to semi-dry, medium bodied, low tartness and acidity. Hints if bitterness and tannins

Magners Pear 4.5%


The taste of sweet pear with light tartness. The finish is short pear and lightly acidic. There isnt much body or mouthfeel.


Camden Town Camden Hells 4.6%


The one that started it all for Camden Town brewery: The Hells Lager. Notes of lemon, orange and some spicy herbs are complemented by sweet and biscuity notes from malts. Finsihing crisp, dry and clean, this hybrid between a pilsner beerand a Helles lager is nicely balanced and straightforward

Lagunitas IPA India Pale Ale 6.2%


An intense hop juiciness, with white wine, gooseberry, lemon grass, pineapple and melon. Not much malt chatacter - hop flavor is the show! Finish is mostly bitter but balanced.

Alcohol Free

Stella Atois Alcohol Free


Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume

Heineken Zero


Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume

Beck's Blue


Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume

Brewdog Punk IPA Alcohol Free


Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume

Erdinger AlkoholFrei


Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume


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The Crowborough Cross is in the North East Sussex CAMRA branch area.