The Compass Alehouse
Gravesend, DA12 1AA

The Compass Alehouse
Gravesend, DA12 1AA

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Cellar Head - Hop Project No 006

Hop Project No 006 - 4.8%

Hop Project No 006

Cellar Head

4.8% abv

A super easy drinking lip smacking pale ale with taste bud teasing notes of peach, mango, and passion fruit. Punching it at 4.8% this is a cheeky pale which we have paired with Olicana and a trial hop from Charles Faram called CF185.

Gadds', Ramsgate - Hoppy Pale

Hoppy Pale - 3.6%

Hoppy Pale

Gadds', Ramsgate

3.6% abv

Small batch beer brewed with American hops, this pale ale brings a balanced citrus flavour.

Ilkley - Joshua Jane

Joshua Jane - 3.7%

Joshua Jane


3.7% abv

Rich Yorkshire ale. Everything that is great about traditional Yorkshire bitter, fused with Ilkley Brewery’s unique hop character. Named after Mary Jane’s suitor, ont’ Ilkla Moor baht’at.

Northern Whisper - Beltie

Beltie - 4.8%


Northern Whisper

4.8% abv

Like its four-legged namesake, this stout is strong, bold and rich in flavour, with a smooth creamy head for good measure.

Craft Keg Available

Brew By Numbers - 85 Triple IPA - Chinook & Centennial

85 Triple IPA - Chinook & Centennial - 10%

85 Triple IPA - Chinook & Centennial

Brew By Numbers

10% abv

This massive triple IPA pulls no punches in its pursuit of the ultimate hop expression. Vibrant American hops Chinook and Centennial combine, bringing flavours of juicy grapefruit, sweet floral notes and an assertive piney finish. A liberal oat addition builds body, creating a beer that is full-bodied, creamy and bursting with a bright and expressive hop character.

Kent - Mad Cow

Mad Cow - 7.4%

Mad Cow


7.4% abv

A classic milk stout brewed to an imperial strength and aged for 12 months. It's smooth and creamy and mad as hell!

Ciders & Perries Available

Dunkertons - Organic Dry

Organic Dry - 6.8%

Organic Dry


6.8% abv

Carefully blended from a range of traditional cider apples which provide a crisper taste. Sharp, crisp and to the point. Pours with a red hued gold with a very slight haze. This cider is full-bodied with a short-lived fizz from a light carbonation leading to a slightly sparkling drier cider with a rustic cider apple feel.

Coming Soon

Gadds', Ramsgate - No 3

No 3 - 5%

No 3

Gadds', Ramsgate

5% abv

This is a sparkling, bright, pale ale, made with Goldings for a tangy, slightly astringent bitterness with Fuggles for earthly balance.

Pig & Porter - Blackbird

Blackbird - 4%


Pig & Porter

4% abv

A dry Irish stout designed purely to be drinkable. The complex blend of dark malts brings through delicate flavours of roasted coffee and cacao nibs while Willamette hops impart a balanced bitterness making Blackbird a rounded and fulfilling session stout.

Old Dairy - Mystic

Mystic - 3.6%


Old Dairy

3.6% abv

A session golden pale using Mystic hops. Light copper in colour, medium bitterness with hints of blackcurrant and blackberry.

Old Dairy - Jubilee

Jubilee - 4%


Old Dairy

4% abv

A crisp, light and hoppy beer with malty biscuit tones. A very limited edition ‘Light and Bitter’ created in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by blending a best bitter with a specially brewed light ale. Traditionally this would have been served as a half pint of bitter and a half pint of light ale to be mixed by the customer but we have done the mixing for you!

Gadds', Ramsgate - She Sells Sea Shells

She Sells Sea Shells - 4.7%

She Sells Sea Shells

Gadds', Ramsgate

4.7% abv

A pale ale with a clean, fresh bitterness and a gorgeous, zesty hop flavour. It used to be a summer special but is now available all year round.

Gloucester - Gloucester Gold

Gloucester Gold - 3.9%

Gloucester Gold


3.9% abv

Golden ale with a crisp, fruity and bitter taste and aroma of luscious tropical fruit.

Saltaire - DDH Citra

DDH Citra - 4.2%

DDH Citra


4.2% abv

We’ve taken one of our most popular beers which showcases one of the most aromatic and flavoursome hops and juiced it up with an extra hit of Citra hops. Double Dry Hopping adds more flavour and aroma to what was already a punchy, citrussy beer.

Big Smoke - Ceremony

Ceremony - 3.2%


Big Smoke

3.2% abv

A one-off seasonal Bitter, the perfect light beer for spring. Golden in colour with apricot and spice notes.

Pig & Porter - Skylarking

Skylarking - 4%


Pig & Porter

4% abv

An ultra-pale super refreshing session IPA hopped with Ella and Galaxy. Expect hints of tropical fruit, mango, lychee and melon.

Kent - Platinum

Platinum - 5.2%



5.2% abv

A light and fruity pale beer that celebrates the Jubilee with the best new UK hops.

Kent - Kent Golding Bitter

Kent Golding Bitter - 4.1%

Kent Golding Bitter


4.1% abv

A full-on dose of Golding and Fuggles hops for a taste of historic Kent.

Shivering Sands - Ribersborg

Ribersborg - 4.7%


Shivering Sands

4.7% abv

A dark dry ale produced using 4 different malts with overtones of liquorice and charred toast.

Wiper and True - Milk Shake

Milk Shake - 5.6% (keg)

Milk Shake (keg)

Wiper and True

5.6% abv

This beer combines copious chocolate malts laced with vanilla and cacao to create a luxurious, milkshake-rich and satisfyingly dark beer. Contains lactose.

Snails Bank - Rhubarb

Rhubarb - 4%


Snails Bank

4% abv

A real apple cider infused with tart rhubarb and blended with vanilla for a smooth session cider.

Sandford Orchards - Devon Red

Devon Red - 4.5%

Devon Red

Sandford Orchards

4.5% abv

A perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives our orchards their distinctive quality.


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The Compass Alehouse is in the Gravesend & Darent Valley CAMRA branch area.