The Colliers Arms
Aspull, WN2 1DU

The Colliers Arms
Aspull, WN2 1DU

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Escape - If The Caravan's A Rockin'

If The Caravan's A Rockin' - 3.8%

If The Caravan's A Rockin'


3.8% abv

Our first blonde ale! A very drinkable session blonde perfect for a summer's afternoon session down at your caravan escape hole!

Escape - Ten Pound Pom

Ten Pound Pom - 4%

Ten Pound Pom


4% abv

Pale ale hopped with Australian Galaxy and English First Gold. Vegan friendly.

Escape - Tom, Dick & Harry

Tom, Dick & Harry - 4.5%

Tom, Dick & Harry


4.5% abv

An amber pale ale coming in at lovely 4.5% abv. We brewed this for the first time to celebrate our first ever tap takeover at Tails & Ale in Horwich in March 2020. It went down a storm!

Escape - Moonlight Flit

Moonlight Flit - 4.2%

Moonlight Flit


4.2% abv

An English stout, very dark and creamy with just a hint of roasted barley. Vegan friendly.

Craft Keg Available

Vault City - Coconut Cherry Cabana

Coconut Cherry Cabana - 4.7%

Coconut Cherry Cabana

Vault City

4.7% abv

We’ve cherry picked this flavour combination as the perfect pairing for our sour base beer and house mixed culture. Mountains of cherry purée meets sweet, creamy coconut flavours creating exotic aromas from a vegan friendly beer that’s perfectly balanced with every sip.

New Bristol - Coffee & Biscotti Stout

Coffee & Biscotti Stout - 5.5%

Coffee & Biscotti Stout

New Bristol

5.5% abv

Inspired by the delicious Italian pairing, Coffee & Biscotti Stout we brewed with a bevy of dark malts, biscotti and coffee beans from our friends at Extract Coffee. (Vegan friendly. Hops: East Kent Goldings.

Rivington - Fall Out The Sky

Fall Out The Sky - 3.6%

Fall Out The Sky


3.6% abv

Hoppy little pale, peach, apricot, raspberry, wine, tropical, hopped with Loral, Enigma, Nectaron and Azacca Lupomax.

Bianca Road - Hay-Z 2023

Hay-Z 2023 - 5.5%

Hay-Z 2023

Bianca Road

5.5% abv

For 2023 our New England style pale ale has had a revamp, incorporating a smooth base of extra pale malt, flaked oats and a low percentage of Wheat gives a soft, medium bodied beer. We then give this beer a massive dry hop of the freshest hops available, expect to find a combo of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Azacca or Idaho 7 to bring layers of flavours that include citrus, tropical and stone fruits. Vegan friendly.

Cloak & Dagger - Holy Calamity

Holy Calamity - 4%

Holy Calamity

Cloak & Dagger

4% abv

An outlandishly crushable citrus pale, with a light, bright finish. An easy drinking thirst quencher extraordinaire!

Bianca Road - Dog House IPA

Dog House IPA - 6.5%

Dog House IPA

Bianca Road

6.5% abv

This heavily hopped India Pale Ale is bursting with tropical flavours, dry hopped generously with Simcoe and El Dorado, and Vegan friendly.

Pomona Island - Phaedra

Phaedra - 5.3%


Pomona Island

5.3% abv

I'm gonna open up your gate, and maybe tell you about Phaedra. Our Core range Pale is the sort of beer the bears repeating, time and again.

Coming Soon

Escape - Erik Weisz

Erik Weisz - 4.4%

Erik Weisz


4.4% abv

Erik is our signature beer, the first beer we produced commercially back in 2019. It's a refreshing Citra pale ale.

Escape - Azaccacadabra

Azaccacadabra - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Really easy drinking Azacca hopped pale. Perfect for a summer’s day session. Vegan friendly.

Escape - Avoid Detection

Avoid Detection - 4.2%

Avoid Detection


4.2% abv

An easy drinking Cascade hopped pale ale. It was initially brewed as a one off never to be brewed again pale ale to use some small quantities of grain and hops we had! We received rave reviews and just had to brew it again and again and....

Escape - Brew's Afraid Of The Styrian Wolf

Brew's Afraid Of The Styrian Wolf - 4.2%

Brew's Afraid Of The Styrian Wolf


4.2% abv

Pale ale triple hopped with Styrian Wolf, Citra and Mosaic. Vegan friendly.

Escape - The Shackles Are Off

The Shackles Are Off - 4.1%

The Shackles Are Off


4.1% abv

Easy drinking ultra pale ale hopped with Chinook, Citra and El Dorado.

Escape - Ten Pound Pom - New Zealand Hopped

Ten Pound Pom - New Zealand Hopped - 4%

Ten Pound Pom - New Zealand Hopped


4% abv

Pale ale hopped with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin and English Jester. Vegan friendly.

Escape - Day Trip To Bangor

Day Trip To Bangor - 3.8%

Day Trip To Bangor


3.8% abv

Pale hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic. Vegan friendly.

Verdant - Marylou

Marylou - 5.2% (keg)

Marylou (keg)


5.2% abv

Smashable pale ale brewed with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops.

Marble - Lagonda IPA

Lagonda IPA - 5% (keg)

Lagonda IPA (keg)


5% abv

An India pale ale with a golden malt base complimenting a quadruple addition of hops. All of which precede a floral and bitter finish. A proud contemporary classic, just like its name sake the 1927 Lagonda.

Vault City - Double Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Doughnut

Double Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Doughnut - 4.1% (keg)

Double Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Doughnut (keg)

Vault City

4.1% abv

Double helpings of blueberry purée create a deep purple colour and vibrant fruity flavour, while sweet vanilla swirls round out every sip. With a whole lotta dough, blend double blueberry and vanilla then swirl together with toasted coconut lemon drizzle, to create the ultimate doughnut duo. Contains lactose.

Brew York - Coney

Coney - 4.5% (keg)

Coney (keg)

Brew York

4.5% abv

Our classic hazy session IPA, generously hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe, brings strong fruit flavours of citrus, mango and stone fruits. Vegan friendly.

Disruption Is Brewing - Talk To Your Alchemist

Talk To Your Alchemist - 6.5% (keg)

Talk To Your Alchemist (keg)

Disruption Is Brewing

6.5% abv

A peach melba sour. Filled with loads of real peach, raspberry and apricot puree and dash of vanilla. Keep summer alive with this classic dessert kettle sour.

Rivington - The Guy Was An Interior Decorator

The Guy Was An Interior Decorator - 5.5% (keg)

The Guy Was An Interior Decorator (keg)


5.5% abv

A DDH Pale, coconut, pineapple, Pina Colada! Hopped with Azacca, Sabro, Azacca Cryo and Sabro Cryo.

Disruption Is Brewing - In My Walkabout Haze

In My Walkabout Haze - 5.7% (keg)

In My Walkabout Haze (keg)

Disruption Is Brewing

5.7% abv

Citra and Simcoe in the boil, then double dry hopped with a silly amount of Mosaic and Galaxy with even more Simcoe and Citra. Sweet candy aromas with mango, peach and tropical stone fruit flavours.


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The Colliers Arms is in the Wigan CAMRA branch area.