The Cockpit
Chislehurst , BR7 6NR

The Cockpit
Chislehurst , BR7 6NR

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Gadds', Ramsgate - No 5

No 5 - 4.4%

No 5

Gadds', Ramsgate

4.4% abv

A traditional Kentish best bitter ale. The aroma is full of toffee malt & fresh green hops, with a full body and lingering bitter finish.

Neon Raptor - Afterburn

Afterburn - 5.3%


Neon Raptor

5.3% abv

Cask only US IPA brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops giving plenty of grapefruit and orangey notes. Vegan friendly.

Brew By Numbers - 21 Pale Ale - Grapefruit

21 Pale Ale - Grapefruit - 5%

21 Pale Ale - Grapefruit

Brew By Numbers

5% abv

We’ve taken everything you love about our classic 21 Pale Ale and added a generous squeeze of grapefruit to make an ultra crushable, tangy pale ale. Enjoy bright citrus, tropical aromatics and a classic bitter finish.

Kent - Madagascar

Madagascar - 4.8%



4.8% abv

A sweet vanilla stout full of the distinctive flavour of Madagascan vanilla in a rich and luxurious stout.

Goachers - Special House Ale

Special House Ale - 3.8%

Special House Ale


3.8% abv

Originally blended from our Fine Light and Best Dark ales as a special for a local pub, this is now brewed as an independent ale and supplied to several houses.

Kent - Session Pale

Session Pale - 3.7%

Session Pale


3.7% abv

A light and hoppy session beer with hints of citrus and elderflower.

Ciders & Perries Available

Ascension - Unless You Think

Unless You Think - 4%

Unless You Think


4% abv

Lemon, lime and red grape cider blend.

Ascension - Pilot

Pilot - 4.8%



4.8% abv

This is our original and best selling cider. Wild fermented cider blends with freshly pressed apple juice to create a refreshing and fruity blend.

Oliver's - Basking In The Warm Glow

Basking In The Warm Glow - 6.8%

Basking In The Warm Glow


6.8% abv

This medium dry cider is barrel-aged with ripe autumnal apple taste, accompanied by oak and dried fruit with classic spice phenolic notes.

Oliver's - Making Hay

Making Hay - 6.3%

Making Hay


6.3% abv

A medium sweet still draught cider. Fruity but robust with good acidity and full mouthfeel. Appley and rich.

Luke's - Vintage Draught 2018

Vintage Draught 2018 - 6.4%

Vintage Draught 2018


6.4% abv

A still unfilltered medium dry cider, infinetly drinkable. From the 2018 harvest, matured for over a year to give a wonderful depth and character.

Nightingale - Discovery

Discovery - 6%



6% abv

The Discovery apple is the first to mature and be picked in the autumn. With the nose and flavour of this early variety, our Discovery blend is a medium fruity cider with a delicate rose blush.

Nightingale - Falstaff Bramley

Falstaff Bramley - 5.4%

Falstaff Bramley


5.4% abv

our classic Kentish cider, a refreshing and crisp blend with balanced acidity that shows off the Falstaff and Bramley apples. Medium dry still cider 2019 vintage.

Coming Soon

Mutineers - Open A.I.P.A.

Open A.I.P.A. - 5%

Open A.I.P.A.


5% abv

The recipe for this came from the Chat GPT Artificial Intelligence chatbot, and is an IPA with notes of toffee, mixed with Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe to round it out.

Brew York - Calmer Chameleon

Calmer Chameleon - 3.7%

Calmer Chameleon

Brew York

3.7% abv

The green dream of hyper juicy and resinous hops Columbus, Mosaic, Simcoe and Idaho 7 uniting in a super smashable pale ale.

Brew York - Fennec

Fennec - 3.7%


Brew York

3.7% abv

This super approachable beer uses classic British hops to produce a well rounded and easily drinkable beer. Smooth and refreshing this blonde ale is ideal for supping in the sun, probably followed by another!

Gadds', Ramsgate - She Sells Sea Shells

She Sells Sea Shells - 4.7%

She Sells Sea Shells

Gadds', Ramsgate

4.7% abv

A pale ale with a clean, fresh bitterness and a gorgeous, zesty hop flavour. It used to be a summer special but is now available all year round.

Two By Two - Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA - 6%

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Two By Two

6% abv

Full bodied IPA, oats and dextrin add to mouthfeel, with Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops bringing pine, herb and juicy citrus notes.

Mutineers - Bill Stickers

Bill Stickers - 4%

Bill Stickers


4% abv

A hoppy, juicy pale ale, for Bill Stickers, who always avoided prosecution!

Brew York - Make It Columbus

Make It Columbus - 4.6%

Make It Columbus

Brew York

4.6% abv

The next in our increasingly popular series of single-hopped cask exclusives. This pale ale showcases the unique flavour profile that Columbus can bring. Vegan friendly.

Neon Raptor - Radar Detector

Radar Detector - 3.8%

Radar Detector

Neon Raptor

3.8% abv

American pale ale with bright, citrussy US hops. Vegan friendly.

Gadds', Ramsgate - Dr Sunshine's Special Friendly

Dr Sunshine's Special Friendly - 4.2%

Dr Sunshine's Special Friendly

Gadds', Ramsgate

4.2% abv

Coriander, orange zest, wheat and bags of fruity hops combine with malted barley to create a mellow, soft and refreshing English wheat ale.

Iron Pier - Milk Stout

Milk Stout - 4.4%

Milk Stout

Iron Pier

4.4% abv

Deliciously smooth classic milk stout with a chocolatey sweetness.

Mutineers - Emu War

Emu War - 4.2%

Emu War


4.2% abv

NEIPA brewed with Antipodean hops Vic Secret and Galaxy, plus a good helping of the US hop Idaho 7.

Mutineers - Hopman Vs The Morrismen Of The Apocalypse

Hopman Vs The Morrismen Of The Apocalypse - 4.8%

Hopman Vs The Morrismen Of The Apocalypse


4.8% abv

Super hoppy hazy pale ale showcasing some of the best of British hops. A combination of Jester and Olicana produce a fruity hit with strong strawberry flavours coming through.

Brew By Numbers - 21 Thiolised Pale Ale - Olicana & Ernest

21 Thiolised Pale Ale - Olicana & Ernest - 5.2%

21 Thiolised Pale Ale - Olicana & Ernest

Brew By Numbers

5.2% abv

This pale ale is a celebration of English hops, traditional packaging and modern yeast. Olicana and Ernest hops offer a vibrant palate of juicy berry and pine, with the white labs Thiol yeast unlocking an additional layer for a fruity punch. A super sessionable beer, ripe for spring sipping!

Iron Pier - Bitter

Bitter - 4%


Iron Pier

4% abv

A delicious bitter brewed using English hops. Honey and toffee malt flavours are complimented by spicy hops and a smooth bitter finish.

Oliver's - Wild Farmhouse Summer Blend

Wild Farmhouse Summer Blend - 5.8%

Wild Farmhouse Summer Blend


5.8% abv

A true Herefordshire Cider made from a blend of bittersweet cider apples, medium dry in sweetness and within rich autumnal apple flavour and full, long mouthfeel.

Pilton - Labyrinth

Labyrinth - 5.9%



5.9% abv

Enter the labyrinth - a full flavoured medium farmhouse cider. The first of a series, the Minotaur blend is built around smooth Harry Masters Jersey from 2020, which delivers gentle tannins and confident maturity. To this we have layered in a young Nehou from 2021 to bring robust astringency. The blend is completed with just enough natural apple sweetness from our classic orchard blend keeved cider. Unfiltered, undiluted, cloudy, still, no sugar or artificial sweetener.


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The Cockpit is in the Bromley CAMRA branch area.