The Cockleshell Micropub
Saltash, PL12 6AF

The Cockleshell Micropub
Saltash, PL12 6AF

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Norwegian Wood - 5.5%

Norwegian Wood


5.5% abv

A complex combination of red forest fruit with oak and vanilla running through rich dark malts. Redcurrants and juniper and both fresh-cut and toasted wood are used to make this unique Scandi Noir, our winter special.

Craft Keg available

Moonface - 6.5%


Black Flag

6.5% abv

Hazy IPA brewed with loads of Citra and Mosaic hops.

Deep End - 5.4%

Deep End

New Bristol

5.4% abv

Tropical fruits on the nose, with low bitterness and a soft-mouthfeel.

Thundercloud NEIPA - 5.5%

Thundercloud NEIPA


5.5% abv

Juicy, hazy and full of intense hop aromas, this American style IPA is refreshingly smooth and easy to drink. Brewed with pale malt and oats, we've used Citra, Mosaic and Equanot hops to create the intense flavour known in most NEIPAs. Dry hopped for a cloudy haze, this beer finishes with a tropical, indulgent sweetness.

French Toast Brown Ale - 4.4%

French Toast Brown Ale

New Bristol

4.4% abv

A traditional brown ale with a modern New Bristol twist. Like its namesake treat, French Toast Brown Ale evokes notes of custardy bread, cinnamon and maple syrup. Maris Otter Pale, Brown Malt, Crystal, Oats, wheat, chocolate malt and brown sugar lay down the classic backbone, with cinnamon quills, Madagascan vanilla pods and maple syrup added for that extra oohlala!

Ciders & Perries available

Hazy Dazy - 4.5%

Hazy Dazy


4.5% abv

During long, hot Summer days a haze would descend on the countryside. As the men returned from days in the field Mr Hunt would call them to the cellar saying "Yer, have the Hazy Dazy, tis a bootiful drop." describing his classic sweet, cloudy cider.

Barn Screecher - 6.2%

Barn Screecher


6.2% abv

On a clear night, when the moon is full the Barn Owls could be seen hunting the hillside above Hunt's Farm. Their piercing shriek would make the men look up, "Barn Screecher" be hunting tonight beys, pass the dry cider.

South West Orchards Craft - 5%

South West Orchards Craft


5% abv

Made with fresh apple juice from a blend of the finest West Country Cider apples, such as Yarlington Mill, Harry’s Master and Dabinett, plus a small amount of dessert apple to give the cider a fruity bite.

Coming Soon

Bee Keeper - 4.4%

Bee Keeper


4.4% abv

Awaiting tastings notes from brewer.

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