The Cask Lounge
South Shields, NE33 1QQ

The Cask Lounge
South Shields, NE33 1QQ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Rat - King Rat

King Rat - 5%

King Rat


5% abv

An IPA that is all about hops! The Nelson Sauvin variety from New Zealand give a unique white-winey aroma. Bitterness is high, but balanced nicely by a residual malty sweetness.

Wilde Child - Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can - 4.9%

Catch Me If You Can

Wilde Child

4.9% abv

Gingerbread milk stout. Another Christmas is here and that only means one thing, another delectable stout to add to the mix. 7 types of grain combined with the obligatory hit of WC lactose and a ridiculous amount of gingerbread flavouring will be sure to warm the cockles of your heart during these colder months. Contains lactose.

Westgate - Call Me

Call Me - 4%

Call Me


4% abv

A refreshing fruity blonde beer with a sweet finish.

Almasty - Green

Green - 5%



5% abv

A strong pale ale that pushes tropical fruits with the balance of gentle citrus pithiness. This is the mid-strength beer that forms part of our core can range. Beautifully balanced daily drinker packed full of aroma and flavour. Bursting with Ekuanot, Mosaic and Simcoe hops.

Nightjar - Can I Pet That Dawg?

Can I Pet That Dawg? - 4.6%

Can I Pet That Dawg?


4.6% abv

Ekuanot and Simcoe hops really take the spotlight in this hazy East Coast pale ale. Tropical fruits, berries, pine, papaya, peach and apricot are all flavours at play here with just a touch of Citra hops bringing those classic citrus notes in as support characters. An easy drinker for a mid strength ale; naturally hazy with a smooth mouthfeel from heaps of oat malts. Vegan friendly.

Two By Two - Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA - 6%

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Two By Two

6% abv

Full bodied IPA, oats and dextrin add to mouthfeel, with Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops bringing pine, herb and juicy citrus notes.

Ciders & Perries Available

Seacider - Blood Orange

Blood Orange - 4%

Blood Orange


4% abv

Made with real blood oranges and blended with Seacider Medium, this cider is refreshing and packed with flavour.

Seacider - Black Cherry

Black Cherry - 4%

Black Cherry


4% abv

Bursting with fruit and flavour. Made purely from local black cherries and apple juice, this old favourite is one of our best sellers.

Westons - Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider

Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider - 4.2%

Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider


4.2% abv

An easy drinking traditional cloudy medium dry cider blended to give a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice.

Seacider - Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple - 4%

Raspberry Ripple


4% abv

This is a sweet cider with raspberry and vanilla notes that give you a well-balanced fruity drink.

Coming Soon

Durham - Bone To Be Wild

Bone To Be Wild - 4%

Bone To Be Wild


4% abv

A blonde ale with masses of stunning US Cascade hops throughout with a big grapefruit hop aroma. More Cascade in the body gives mellow grapefruit bitterness and sweet orange. This is a re-badge of White Gold.

Fernandes - Swift One

Swift One - 3.8%

Swift One


3.8% abv

A fruity easy drinking golden amber ale brewed with Fuggles and Cascade hops.

Nightjar - Little Swift

Little Swift - 3.8%

Little Swift


3.8% abv

A swift little pale ale, clean, easy drinking and straight to the point. Dry hopped with some US classic hops for that solid session pale profile - flavours of grapefruit, orange, citrus and peach with a touch of dry bitterness. Vegan friendly.

Consett Ale Works - White Hot

White Hot - 4%

White Hot

Consett Ale Works

4% abv

White hot steel reaches temperatures of 1200 degrees centigrade and this ale pours a pale yellow and offers a refreshingly crisp ale with a bitter finish.

Bradfield - Farmers Blonde

Farmers Blonde - 4%

Farmers Blonde


4% abv

This award winning, very pale brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale.

Gorilla - Kong

Kong - 6%



6% abv

Our big one! A crisp, hop-forward IPA with powerful citrus aroma and flavours! Feel the strength!!

Also Available


Carlsberg UK Tetleys Smooth flow 3.6%



Carlsberg Angelo Poretti 4.6%


Italian Larger

Henry Weston Stowford Press 4.5%


Apple cider

Diajio Guinness 4.2%


Micro draught stout

Carlsberg Marstons Shipyard 4.5%


American Pale Ale


Koppaberg Cider 4.0%


Strawberry and lime cider

Koppaberg Cider 4.0%


Mixed fruit cider

Heineken Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7%


Brown ale

AB IBEV Budwieser 4.5%



Heineken Birra Moretti 4.6%




Brewdog Double Hazy 7.2%


New England IPA

Brewdog 5AM Saint 5.0%


American Red ale

Brewdog Elvis Juice 6.5%


Grapefruit infused IPA

Wilde Child Brewery Clique Fiesta 4.8%


Biscoffi milk stout

Tartarus Manaia 4.7%


New ZeLand pale ale

Tiny Rebel Stay Puft 5.2%


Marshmallow porter

Vocation Heart And Soul 4.4%


Session IPA

Vault City Strawberry Banana Milkshake 5.8%


Modern sour beer

Wilde Child Glutinous Maximus 4.8%


Sticky Toffee stout

Wilde Child Purple Rain 4.5%


Plum sour

Wilde Child Transcendent Intervention 5.9%


Citra IPA

Alcohol Free

Heinken Birra Moretti


Alcohol free lager

Brewdog Punk AG Punk IPA 0.5%


Alcohol free IPA

Big Drop Brewing Poolside 0.5%



Tiny Rebel CLWB TROPICA 0.5%


Non Alcoholic IPA

Big Drop Brewing Galactic Milk Stout 0.5%


Alcohol free milk stout

Kopparberg Brewery Koppaberg Cider 0.5%


Strawberry and lime alcohol free cider

Carlesber Marstons Shipyard 0.5%


American Pale ale

Gluten Free

Wold Top Brewery Against The Grain 4.5%


Pale Ale

Wold Top Marmalade Porter 5.0%



Almasty Citra Sabro 4.7%


Unfined Pale ale

Vocation Heart And Soul 4.4%


Session IPA


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The Cask Lounge is in the Sunderland & South Tyneside CAMRA branch area.