The Cask Lounge
South Shields, NE33 1QQ

The Cask Lounge
South Shields, NE33 1QQ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Anarchy - All Torque

All Torque - 4.6%

All Torque


4.6% abv

A hazy IPA with grapefruit flavour, aroma of citrus and pine, light mouthfeel with a gentle bitterness. Vegan friendly.

Firebrick - Pagan Queen

Pagan Queen - 4%

Pagan Queen


4% abv

All British ingredients including Boadicea hops have created a clean and crisp blonde beer with fruit in the nose and taste.

Lune - LB402 - Caked

LB402 - Caked - 5%

LB402 - Caked


5% abv

A chocolate brownie stout. A well balanced stout with tasty baked chocolate brownie notes, not too sweet, not too rich, just very moreish. Like washing down your favourite cake with a pint of stout. Vegan friendly.

Two By Two - Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA - 6%

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Two By Two

6% abv

Full bodied IPA, oats and dextrin add to mouthfeel, with Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops bringing pine, herb and juicy citrus notes.

Bang The Elephant - Tingo Tango Mango Bango

Tingo Tango Mango Bango - 5.2%

Tingo Tango Mango Bango

Bang The Elephant

5.2% abv

A mango pale ale.

Ciders & Perries Available

Seacider - Black Cherry

Black Cherry - 4%

Black Cherry


4% abv

Bursting with fruit and flavour. Made purely from local black cherries and apple juice, this old favourite is one of our best sellers.

Lilley's - Rum Cider

Rum Cider - 4%

Rum Cider


4% abv

A quality medium cider made from a blend of bittersweet and medium apples. This unfiltered cider is smooth and mellow with a hint of rum.

Westons - Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider

Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider - 4.2%

Rosie's Pig Cloudy Cider


4.2% abv

An easy drinking traditional cloudy medium dry cider blended to give a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice.

Coming Soon

Three Brothers - A Pint Full Of Happeachness

A Pint Full Of Happeachness - 3.9%

A Pint Full Of Happeachness

Three Brothers

3.9% abv

A light summery blonde ale with sweet fruit notes of peach to finish.

Marble - Turing Test

Turing Test - 3.8%

Turing Test


3.8% abv

A session IPA with a tantalising blend of Amarillo, Ekuanot, and Mosaic hops. Perfectly balanced and bursting with flavour, a full IPA delivered in a sessionable format. Complexity made simple. Vegan friendly.

Squawk - Crex

Crex - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Session IPA dry-hopped with falconers flight, a light body and citrus aroma makes a very drinkable beer.

Nightjar - Birdhouse In Your Soul

Birdhouse In Your Soul - 4%

Birdhouse In Your Soul


4% abv

A flavoursome session pale in cask, where Amarillo, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin combine for flavours of fresh orange, pine, white wine and grapefruit. Classic hazy pale. Unfined and unfiltered for maximum true flavour.

Firebrick - Stella Spark

Stella Spark - 4.4%

Stella Spark


4.4% abv

Stella Spark uses large amounts of some of the best hops in the world from the American West Coast and combines them late in the process with light malts to create a very refreshing golden citrus beer.

Durham - White Gold

White Gold - 4%

White Gold


4% abv

A blonde ale with masses of stunning US Cascade hops throughout with a big grapefruit hop aroma. More Cascade in the body gives mellow grapefruit bitterness and sweet orange.

Three Brothers - Cherry Chocolate Milk Stout

Cherry Chocolate Milk Stout - 4.4%

Cherry Chocolate Milk Stout

Three Brothers

4.4% abv

A layered malt driven milk stout with ripe finishing notes of cherry. Contains lactose.

Black Iris - Toxcitracy

Toxcitracy - 4.4%


Black Iris

4.4% abv

A fairly classic flavour packed pale ale. Jam packed with Citra hops bringing out the classic citrus notes that we all long for.

Also Available


Carlsberg UK Tetleys Smooth flow 3.6%



Carlsberg Angelo Poretti 4.6%


Italian Larger

Henry Weston Stowford Press 4.5%


Apple cider

Diajio Guinness 4.2%


Micro draught stout

Carlsberg Marstons Shipyard 4.5%


American Pale Ale


Koppaberg Cider 4.0%


Strawberry and lime cider

Koppaberg Cider 4.0%


Mixed fruit cider

Heineken Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7%


Brown ale

AB IBEV Budwieser 4.5%



Heineken Birra Moretti 4.6%




Brewdog Double Hazy 7.2%


New England IPA

Brewdog Elvis Juice 6.5%


Grapefruit infused IPA

Wilde Child Brewery Clique Fiesta 4.8%


Biscoffi milk stout

Vocation Heart And Soul 4.4%


Session IPA

Wilde Child Transcendent Intervention 5.9%


Citra IPA

Brewdog Silk Road 6.5%


Lychee and mango hazy pale

Brewdog Wingman 4.3%


Session IPA

Northern Monk Faith 5.0%


Hazy pale ale

Wilde Child Rik Van Nutter 4.9%


Chocolate hazelnut porter

Almasty Bliss Wizzard 6.0%


Morden IPA

Almasty Crooked 4.5%


Citrus hazy pale ale

Alcohol Free

Heinken Birra Moretti


Alcohol free lager

Brewdog Punk Punk IPA 0.5%


Alcohol free IPA

Big Drop Brewing Galactic Milk Stout 0.5%


Alcohol free milk stout

Kopparberg Brewery Koppaberg Cider 0.5%


Strawberry and lime alcohol free cider

Carlesber Marstons Shipyard 0.5%


American Pale ale

Diagio Guinness 00


Alcohol free guinness

Brewdog Hazy Jane 0.5%


Alcohol free

Gluten Free

Wold Top Brewery Against The Grain 4.5%


Pale Ale

Wold Top Marmalade Porter 5.0%



Vocation Heart And Soul 4.4%


Session IPA

Wold Top Brewery Spring Fling 4.3%


Citrus light hoppy ale


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The Cask Lounge is in the Sunderland & South Tyneside CAMRA branch area.