The Brewhouse
Poole, BH15 1DA

The Brewhouse
Poole, BH15 1DA

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Stable Genius - 4.5%

Stable Genius

Vale of Glamorgan

4.5% abv

Golden session American IPA.

South Island - 4.2%

South Island

Vale of Glamorgan

4.2% abv

Our NZ Maori (very) pale ale. Dry, bitter and refreshing with a big punch from heavy late hopping with Waimea.

Old Rasputin - 4.5%

Old Rasputin


4.5% abv

Dark soft stout with a hint of sweet creaminess.

Craft Keg available

Taiheke - 4.3%



4.3% abv

Easy drinking NZ Wheat Pale Ale. Brewed with Taiheke hops it is characterised by a floral, citrus profile, with a hint of spice. The bitterness is clean and well rounded.

Ciders & Perries available

Rosie's Pig Strawberry - 4%

Rosie's Pig Strawberry


4% abv

Well balanced cloudy cider with delicious strawberry flavour and hints of added elderflower.

Slack Alice - 4.6%

Slack Alice

Celtic Marches

4.6% abv

A medium well-rounded yet a little tart 4.6% cider drier than Thundering Molly, still mellow with a very slight tart finish.

Gold Label Farm Scrumpy - 7%

Gold Label Farm Scrumpy


7% abv

Awaiting tastings notes from brewer.

Gold - 4.8%



4.8% abv

This crafted Somerset cider is full of flavour blended from the highest quality apples, here at Myrtle Farm. A medium dry golden cider, with a smooth and refreshing taste.

Coming Soon

Funky Monkey - 4%

Funky Monkey


4% abv

Award winning fruity refreshing English Pale Ale with hints of citrus makes it a great drink for any occasion.

Sunny Y - 4.6%

Sunny Y


4.6% abv

Soft, citrus and pineapple oat pale ale brewed with Yuzu and dry hopped with Sultana US hops; smooth, hoppy and not too bitter.

The Usual - 4.4%

The Usual


4.4% abv

An amber ale, smooth and malty with hints of stone fruit.

Same Again - 3.9%

Same Again


3.9% abv

Full-bodied session ale with hints of tropical fruit.

Beer - 5%



5% abv

Bright golden beer with complex fruit flavours that ends with a bitter sweet dry finish.

Prodigal Sun - 5.2%

Prodigal Sun


5.2% abv

Not quite pale ale. Amarillo hops are citrus, tropical and floral. They are grown in the Pacific North West of America and were discovered by accident. The basil blends subtly with the Amarillo hops to enhance the overall flavour.

Zig Zag - 4.5%

Zig Zag


4.5% abv

A warm velvety stout with a deep rich roasted malt flavour and coffee aroma.

Gulp IPA - 4.8% (keg)

Gulp IPA (keg)


4.8% abv

An English IPA with a floral orange and full hop flavour. With big traditional hop flavours as the name suggests this one will leave you wanting more.

Ra - 4.1% (keg)

Ra (keg)


4.1% abv

American Pale Ale, clean citrus with bold floral American hops.

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