The Black Country Arms
Walsall, WS1 1QW

The Black Country Arms
Walsall, WS1 1QW

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Black Hole - Black Hole IPA

Black Hole IPA - 5.2%

Black Hole IPA

Black Hole

5.2% abv

IPA dry hopped with American and New Zealand hops that give an intense fruity aroma with notes of grapefruit and pine.

Froth Blowers - Cloudburst Porter

Cloudburst Porter - 4.6%

Cloudburst Porter

Froth Blowers

4.6% abv

A dark red beer with a fruity nose giving way to a subtle bitter finish.

Fixed Wheel - Pogi

Pogi - 3.8%


Fixed Wheel

3.8% abv

Three big juicy American hops of El Dorado, Cascade and Equinox got jam packed into our brewing system to bring a lovely refreshing tropical Session IPA. Bold tropical fruits of pineapple and mango for this cask special.

Wensleydale - Black Dub

Black Dub - 4.4%

Black Dub


4.4% abv

A black beer - smooth and well structured, brimming with roasted chocolate taste and aroma from the combination of four different malts, producing a long, dry bitter finish.

Newbridge - Solaris

Solaris - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Brewed with English Maris Otter malted barley, and a combination of English hops and American hops (Target & Amarillo). Our aim was to create a beer to drink on a hot summer's day in a traditional beer garden. Its first hit is quite a harsh bitterness, but then followed by beautiful fruity mouth feel, and floral aroma.

Shiny - Tropical Jelly

Tropical Jelly - 5.5%

Tropical Jelly


5.5% abv

Summer has come early!! Take a Shiny getaway to tropical lands, with our new passion fruit and guava sour.

Big Hand - Havok

Havok - 5%


Big Hand

5% abv

Big citrusy hop monster. Intense grapefruit carried on a bitter-sweet malty body.

Black Country - Citra Sublime

Citra Sublime - 5%

Citra Sublime

Black Country

5% abv

A refreshing pale ale lifted by a fresh hop character. Hops: Citra.

Salopian - Dr Picc

Dr Picc - 4.5%

Dr Picc


4.5% abv

A lovely aroma of mango gives way to flavours of dry bright grapefruit - a transfusion of refreshing bitterness is injected to a medley of summer fruits and lemon drops.

Salopian - Break Point

Break Point - 4.6%

Break Point


4.6% abv

A bubbly sparkling rush of sweet lemon and vibrant tropical fruits that cavort over a spritely fruit filled finish and a silken maltiness.

Wychwood - Hobgoblin Gold

Hobgoblin Gold - 4.2%

Hobgoblin Gold


4.2% abv

Gold coloured beer with a pleasant lemon, white grape and slightly bready nose. Taste reflects the nose with some astringency as the hops kick in.

Black Country - Pig on the Wall

Pig on the Wall - 4.3%

Pig on the Wall

Black Country

4.3% abv

A refreshing chestnut brown beer with a complex flavour of light hops giving way to a bittersweet blend of roasted malt. Suggestions of chocolate and coffee undertones.

Black Country - Fireside

Fireside - 5%


Black Country

5% abv

A well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste leading to a pleasant dry finish.

Sharp's - Sea Fury

Sea Fury - 5%

Sea Fury


5% abv

An exceptional example of the Special Bitter beer style, offering substance and depth of flavour without compromising balance and drinkability. An aroma of inviting roasted and dark berry notes gives way to sumptuous, fruity, malty flavour and a moreish hop finish.

Black Country - BFG

BFG - 4.2%


Black Country

4.2% abv

A straw coloured quaffing beer, with an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering refreshing after-taste.

Craft Keg Available

Salopian - Kashmir

Kashmir - 5.5%



5.5% abv

An elegant strong Salopian version of an IPA, citrus, pines and tropical fruit engulf the palate and caress the senses. A dry body with an extremely long lingering finish.

Salopian - High & Wide

High & Wide - 5.7%

High & Wide


5.7% abv

A de-li-cious DDH IPA lavishly hopped with Mosaic and Idaho 7, the lush aroma of mango and peach is quickly followed by a burst of rich, citrus flavour across the palate. Super soft, and super drinkable.

Ciders & Perries Available

Westons - Old Rosie (2019)

Old Rosie (2019) - 6.8%

Old Rosie (2019)


6.8% abv

Old Rosie is the name given to our 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller, that still sits in our yard in Herefordshire. Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family, we named this cloudy cider in her honour. Light, crisp and dry, this truly old fashioned cloudy cider is slowly matured and left unfiltered.

Broadoak - Sloe Gin Cider

Sloe Gin Cider - 4%

Sloe Gin Cider


4% abv

The marrying of these three flavours, sloe, gin and cider culminate with the characteristics of a fruity cider punch.

Broadoak - Moonshine Rum & Raisin

Moonshine Rum & Raisin - 4%

Moonshine Rum & Raisin


4% abv

Moonshine premium cider has been infused with rum and raisin invoking the flavours of the warm and sunny West lndies. A classy cider and very drinkable.

Gwynt y Ddraig - Dog Dancer

Dog Dancer - 6.5%

Dog Dancer

Gwynt y Ddraig

6.5% abv

Produced from bittersweet cider apples blended with a true sharp cider apple, it is a light straw coloured cider with a medium dry, smooth, crisp, slightly sharp characteristic.

Coming Soon

Titanic - Raspberry Pale

Raspberry Pale - 4.7%

Raspberry Pale


4.7% abv

Fruit wheat beer which is hazy in appearance due to the high percentage of wheat malt in the recipe and has light raspberry aromas and taste. It's a perfect beer for lovely sunny days and evenings, it's got us all excited for summer.

Mallinsons - Calypso

Calypso - 3.9%



3.9% abv

One of our range of single hopped beers, using Calypso hops from the USA. This beer is pale blonde with tropical fruits aroma, and hints of bananas and lychees. The taste is resin bitter and a long grapefruit citrus finish.

Welbeck Abbey - Ernest George

Ernest George - 4.2%

Ernest George

Welbeck Abbey

4.2% abv

We've used a balanced blend of traditional roasted malts to brew a deep ruby ale with distinctively bitter-sweet chocolate notes. British Bramling Cross hops provide a subtly blackcurrant note in the background.

4T's - Chocolate & Fudge Stout Detectives

Chocolate & Fudge Stout Detectives - 5%

Chocolate & Fudge Stout Detectives


5% abv

Chocolate fudge stout. Moreish stout with long lasting chocolate fudge aroma. Chocolate and Fudge the stout detectives wasn't letting this stout get away lightly!

Oakham - Citra

Citra - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish.

Mallinsons - Columbus

Columbus - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A single hopped beer, brewed only using Columbus hops from the USA. This is a lovely pale blonde ale with a good hop aroma and a slightly spicy nose. The flavour is strong and bitter from the potent hop hit that these hops provide. A lovely bitter session ale!

Welbeck Abbey - Watermeadows

Watermeadows - 4.5%


Welbeck Abbey

4.5% abv

Meadow-fresh lager-style pale ale, crisp and refreshing with light citrus and a grassy herbal finish.

Fownes - Savrinna's Lullaby

Savrinna's Lullaby - 5%

Savrinna's Lullaby


5% abv

Brewed using one of the exciting new British hops from the Charles Faram Hop Development program, this classic IPA packs bags of floral and fruity flavours.

4T's - IPA

IPA - 4.6%



4.6% abv

Indian Pale Ale hopped with Amarillo, Apollo, Centennial and Warrior hops, creating intense bittering and amazing bursts of citrus and grapefruit, with a constant punch of bitterness surrounding the mouthful.

Welbeck Abbey - Nightingale

Nightingale - 5.5%


Welbeck Abbey

5.5% abv

This authentic English India Pale Ale is packed full of herbaceous notes from English Goldings and UK Cascade hops. The balance in this golden brew comes from honey-sweet caramalt.

4T's - Busman's Classic Blonde

Busman's Classic Blonde - 4.1%

Busman's Classic Blonde


4.1% abv

English Blonde ale brewed for the more traditional beer drinkers. Single hopped with Pioneer hops. Smooth mouth feel with a sweet maltiness and light hoppy bitterness.

Fownes - Korvak's Saga

Korvak's Saga - 5.4%

Korvak's Saga


5.4% abv

Our signature porter, celebrated and awarded across the Midlands as the finest porter in the land. The complex roast and coffee flavours are suitably balanced by it's bitterness and subtle earthy hop flavours.

Oakham - Bishops Farewell

Bishops Farewell - 4.6%

Bishops Farewell


4.6% abv

Intensely hoppy and full-bodied golden best bitter. Tropical fruit flavours provide a counterpoint to the grapefruit hoppy character. An abiding dryness develops.

Front Row - Loosehead

Loosehead - 5%


Front Row

5% abv

A golden bitter brewed withTarget and Centennial hops.

Magpie - Raven Stout

Raven Stout - 4.4%

Raven Stout


4.4% abv

Our stout is rich, smooth and packed full of roasted malt flavours and a little sweet smokiness.

New Invention - Ice Cream Sour

Ice Cream Sour - 5.6% (keg)

Ice Cream Sour (keg)

New Invention

5.6% abv

Pastry sour brewed with lactose and vanilla, conditioned on strawberries and cherries. Tart and fruity.

New Invention - Blueberry & Vanilla Milkshake Pale

Blueberry & Vanilla Milkshake Pale - 7.2% (keg)

Blueberry & Vanilla Milkshake Pale (keg)

New Invention

7.2% abv

Blueberry milkshake pale brewed with lactose and vanilla for a sweet and smooth mouthfeel.

New Invention - Pool Party Pale

Pool Party Pale - 5.1% (keg)

Pool Party Pale (keg)

New Invention

5.1% abv

Hazy, and juicy pale ale brewed in collaboration with Cotteridge Wines. Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Azacca.

Lilley's - Chocolate Apple

Chocolate Apple - 4%

Chocolate Apple


4% abv

Traditional, bittersweet dessert apples fused with a real dark sumptuous cocoa flavour. This deluxe chocolate delight is heavenly when served chilled but truly IRRESISTIBLE when enjoyed warm.

Lilley's - Gladiator

Gladiator - 8.4%



8.4% abv

This strong rustic cider with its Roman flair has everything. Well rounded, fruity, packed full of flavour and intoxicatingly easy to drink for an 8.5% cider. Medium.

Thatchers - Stan's Big Apple

Stan's Big Apple - 5%

Stan's Big Apple


5% abv

Crafted from vintage bittersweet apples including Tremlett's, Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. Stan's Big Apple is a traditional cider full of flavour and big on personality. Medium dry, this still cider bursts with apple flavours and has a depth of character that only comes from generations of experience.


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The Black Country Arms is in the Walsall CAMRA branch area.