The Black Bull Inn
Blackburn/Darwen, BB3 0LL

The Black Bull Inn
Blackburn/Darwen, BB3 0LL

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Three B's - Bobbins

Bobbins - 3.8%


Three B's

3.8% abv

A golden bitter with warm aromas. Golding and nut grain and a full fruity flavour with light dry finish.

Three B's - Old Bee

Old Bee - 5.5%

Old Bee

Three B's

5.5% abv

An olde English ale with deep liquorice and treacle flavours, one of our strongest ales.

Three B's - Black Bull

Black Bull - 4%

Black Bull

Three B's

4% abv

A dark ruby red bitter with a rich character and a hint of chocolate. A unique beer brewed exclusively for The Black Bull.

Three B's - Bee Blonde

Bee Blonde - 4%

Bee Blonde

Three B's

4% abv

A refreshing pale bitter with a well balanced grain and hop taste. Light, dry and citrusy. Great for summer days!

Three B's - Knocker Up

Knocker Up - 4.8%

Knocker Up

Three B's

4.8% abv

A porter beer of supreme character with exotic ebony texture and deep, rich taste of roast barley and chocolate malt.

Three B's - Doff Cocker

Doff Cocker - 4.5%

Doff Cocker

Three B's

4.5% abv

A premium straw coloured ale brewed with 50% Bitter hops and 50% Lager hops, a light and refreshing pale ale that everybody loves.

Three B's - Stoker's Slake

Stoker's Slake - 3.6%

Stoker's Slake

Three B's

3.6% abv

A traditional dark mild, roast malt aromas and creamy chocolate notes.


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The Black Bull Inn is in the East Lancs CAMRA branch area.