The Belper Tap
Belper, DE56 1AZ

The Belper Tap
Belper, DE56 1AZ

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Primate - 4%


Blue Monkey

4% abv

A clean crisp amber ale with notes of chocolate and caramel.

Gold Star - 4.2%

Gold Star


4.2% abv

This pale ale is a beer for all palates and offers a light, smooth and refreshing taste. The aroma is a blend of fresh picked hops with wonderful citrus notes. The flavor has a malty velvet feel that balances perfectly with a zest of citrus, providing a flowery subtle finish that clears and won’t linger.

Craft Keg available

Fuzzy Atmosphere - 7.5%

Fuzzy Atmosphere


7.5% abv

Murky and full bodied with a candy sweet aroma, Fuzzy Atmosphere has a juicy, grapefruit flavour. This 7.5% NEIPA will keep the summer vibes going. Brewed in collaboration with our friends down at Pipeline Brewing Co.

IPA/RMX - 5.8%



5.8% abv

We've teamed up with the Manchester acoustic-electronica band GoGo Penguin to celebrate the release of their remix album GGP/RMX with our very own remix beer IPA/RMX. It's a hoppy, hazy, in-your-face mash-up of two of our favourite IPAs, featuring Sabro and Motueka hops. All profits from this beer will go to the NHS Christie Charity - a specialist in cancer treatment based in Manchester.

CAM-RAA and the Masters of the Brewniverse - 7%

CAM-RAA and the Masters of the Brewniverse


7% abv

Chocolate vanilla stout with low carbonation for enhanced mouthfeel to deliver the abundant chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Alpenflo - 4.9%



4.9% abv

Alpenflo gets its clean noble hop character from Tettnanger hops sourced from family farms in Germany. It’s real lager - all 2-row barley malt - and horizontal lagering tanks provide the exact right conditions to create bright, beautiful beer.

Loaded - 5.6%


Dark Revolution

5.6% abv

DDH Pale Ale Super charged juicy pale ale. Full bodied, smoothly bittered and jammed packed of Citra hops then double dry hopped with even more Citra for a tropical fruit punch. Juicy. Smooth. Citrus.

Funk Fest Special - Coolship Release - 5.2%

Funk Fest Special - Coolship Release


5.2% abv

One wort was created and then split into three batches to explore different approaches to fermentation. This version was coolshipped for the remainder of the festival, for spontaneous yeast inoculation to occur. Pleasant acidity combined with a subtle barrel character pairs nicely with the spicy malt base. Collaboration with London Beer Factory.

Mercury Rising - 6.2%

Mercury Rising

Dark Revolution

6.2% abv

Juicy, citrus and soft. The Sabro hop brings its unique coconut qualities to this New England style IPA. Blended with a mix of Cryo Citra and Cyro Idaho 7 to spawn a citrus and coconut blast.

Ciders & Perries available

Wildcat Cider - 5.5%

Wildcat Cider

Dorset Nectar

5.5% abv

This untamed traditional cider is dark and mysterious, a medium cider with a bite, made using wild yeasts delivering a balanced cider with a light sparkle.

Coming Soon

Coal Face Stout - 4.5%

Coal Face Stout


4.5% abv

Easy drinking oat stout with rich roast malt flavour. Brewed with First Gold and Bullion hops.

Chocolate Guerrilla - 4.9%

Chocolate Guerrilla

Blue Monkey

4.9% abv

A complex and malty stout with a rich chocolate aroma and flavours.

Less Dangerous - 4.5% (keg)

Less Dangerous (keg)

Liquid Light

4.5% abv

A big juicy NEIPA with a sessionable ABV. This beer is fermented with Vermont Ale yeast and double dry hopped with pellet hops to ensure a fruity/citrusy aroma.

Metamorph - 5.5% (keg)

Metamorph (keg)

Vibrant Forest

5.5% abv

A strong pale ale brewed for the Butcher's Hook's 5th Birthday. It sits between East and West coast in style, strong bitterness, but a lot of soft character with juicy hops.

Hazers Gonna Haze - 6.6% (keg)

Hazers Gonna Haze (keg)

Belching Beaver

6.6% abv

Hazy IPA showcasing a combination of new age hops that rotate throughout the year.

Metamorph - 5.5% (keg)

Metamorph (keg)

Vibrant Forest

5.5% abv

A strong pale ale brewed for the Butcher's Hook's 5th Birthday. It sits between East and West coast in style, strong bitterness, but a lot of soft character with juicy hops.

Fels - 4.2% (keg)

Fels (keg)


4.2% abv

A well balanced, full bodied flavoursome Bavarian beer with a smooth aromatic hop taste. Cool, refreshing session beer with an intense yellow/golden appearance and great ability to produce an excellent head.

Blanche de Bruxelles - 4.5% (keg)

Blanche de Bruxelles (keg)

Brasserie Lefebvre

4.5% abv

Brewed using 40% soft wheat, Blanche de Bruxelles has a naturally opalescent colour with a very white, dense head. Coriander and orange peel added during wort boiling lend a slight but unobtrusive spiced nose. Although soft and smooth on the palate, as is typical of soft wheat beers, this light and well-balanced white beer is very fresh. Its complex aroma and modest alcohol content make Blanche de Bruxelles a beer like no other.

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