The Beer Shop Folkestone
Folkestone, CT20 1EZ

The Beer Shop Folkestone
Folkestone, CT20 1EZ

Craft Keg Available

Craft Keg Available

Kernel - Biere de Saison - Sour Cherry

Biere de Saison - Sour Cherry - 5.5%

Biere de Saison - Sour Cherry


5.5% abv

Tart, pink and delicious! 250g per litre of macerated cherries blended with fresh and aged Saison. Don't miss out on this one.

Kernel - Pils - Nelson Sauvin

Pils - Nelson Sauvin - 5%

Pils - Nelson Sauvin


5% abv

Our unfiltered German-inspired Pilsner lager has a light, malty body and a defined, refreshing bitterness. This batch is hopped with Nelson Sauvin adding a mild and harmonising tropical fruitiness.

Kernel - Brown Ale

Brown Ale - 6%

Brown Ale


6% abv

A classic Brown Ale with chocolate and vanilla notes and an earthy edge. There is a light sweetness and a slight fruity caramel finish.

Kernel - Dry Stout - Citra Simcoe

Dry Stout - Citra Simcoe - 4.4%

Dry Stout - Citra Simcoe


4.4% abv

Medium-bodied easy-drinking stout, dry-hopped with Citra and Simcoe.

Kernel - IPA - Nelson Sauvin

IPA - Nelson Sauvin - 6.7%

IPA - Nelson Sauvin


6.7% abv

Our India Pale Ale is brewed with different hops in each batch so the flavour profile is ever changing and the ABV is between 6.5-7.5%. This version is hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Please note that the ABV varies for this beer but the recipe is the same.

Kernel - Pale Ale - Simcoe Cascade Huel Melon

Pale Ale - Simcoe Cascade Huel Melon - 5.3%

Pale Ale - Simcoe Cascade Huel Melon


5.3% abv

Our Pale Ale is brewed with different hops in each batch so the flavour profile is ever changing and the ABV is usually between 5 and 5.5%. This version features Simcoe, Cascade and Huel Melon hops. Please note that the ABV varies for this beer but the recipe is the same.

Villages - Witch

Witch - 6.5%



6.5% abv

A black IPA that combines roasted malt with a strong and bitter hop character. This beer's a step into the mystical black IPA style. Roasted malt alongside pine, dank, and citrus notes from Simcoe, Chinook, Citra, and Columbus hops.

Boutilliers - Astro

Astro - 4.3%



4.3% abv

In a landscape filled with extremes, from the joosiest joose to the thickest imperials, it is often pleasing to remember that there is space for a best bitter. It's not big and powerful and dominant and assertive. No. It's balanced and malty and a little sweet and a little bitter. It's a reminder of better times before things like pandemic statistics and zoom meetings ruled our lives.

Bohem - Amos

Amos - 4.9%



4.9% abv

Orr best-selling, classic Czech Pilsner has plenty of body. Floral and citrus notes in the aroma are followed up with subtle lemon and honey in the flavour, beautifully balanced by a dry bitterness and a spicy burst that lingers in the aftertaste.

Villages - Rafiki

Rafiki - 4.3%



4.3% abv

Our low-strength IPA, and a family fave. Tropical notes of mango, passionfruit and guava come from Mosaic and Ekuanot. Smooth bitterness and a sweet biscuity malt flavour.

Coming Soon

Burning Sky - NZPA

NZPA - 4.5%


Burning Sky

4.5% abv

A thirst quenching New Zealand pale ale for the end of summer. Packed with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops. A perfect accompaniment to the last rays of sun of the season.

Wylam - Fleek

Fleek - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Citra Amarillo Pale - A virtuously, honourably clean cask conditioned pale ale utilising an adroit yet subtle dimension of cold side hopping. Fresh crop Citra and Amarillo pirouette, gambol and frisk, resonating together in a fresh citrus zest luminosity followed by a soft peach fruit conclusion.

Three Legs - Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Raspberry Berliner Weisse - 5.2% (keg)

Raspberry Berliner Weisse (keg)

Three Legs

5.2% abv

A classic wheat heavy Berliner grain bill fermented with a huge hit of raspberries. Pours cherry pink - balanced and sessionable.

Phantom - Pristine

Pristine - 4.4% (keg)

Pristine (keg)


4.4% abv

This beer spent 3 months tucked away in a Foeder and is finally ready and tasting incredible. Refreshingly crisp with a delicate honey sweetness and subtle herbal spice, before finishing oaky and dry.

Verdant - Random Rules

Random Rules - 6.5% (keg)

Random Rules (keg)


6.5% abv

A juicy and tropical IPA hopped with copious amounts of Nelson Sauvin alongside Citra and Vic Secret. Gooseberry, grape and unexplainable Kiwi hop magic.

Cloudwater - Volley

Volley - 6% (keg)

Volley (keg)


6% abv

Allow us to indulge in a spot of California dreaming. Inspired by the modern West Coast beers we delight in drinking, this IPA pops with juicy tropical fruit and citrus flavours, whilst staying clean, crisp and easy-drinking. each sip fills you with radiant sunshine.

Anspach & Hobday - The Ordinary Bitter

The Ordinary Bitter - 3.7% (keg)

The Ordinary Bitter (keg)

Anspach & Hobday

3.7% abv

A classic ordinary bitter. Weaker than a best. Smooth, malty and balanced. Extremely easy drinking.

Iron Pier - From The Wave

From The Wave - 6.2% (keg)

From The Wave (keg)

Iron Pier

6.2% abv

West Coast IPA. Big juicy, fruity, tropical, piney hop character with resinous citusy aroma. It's hops, hops, hops but the malt has a say too.

Boutilliers - Radical Edward

Radical Edward - 4.7% (keg)

Radical Edward (keg)


4.7% abv

Mango pale ale brewed with 2 different types of mango addition. This is quite possibly the best smelling beer we've ever made and 100% one of the most sessionable.


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The Beer Shop Folkestone is in the Ashford Folkestone & Romney Marsh CAMRA branch area.