Tanfield Lea Working Men's Club
Stanley, DH9 9NA

Tanfield Lea Working Men's Club
Stanley, DH9 9NA

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Play - Lone Rider

Lone Rider - 4%

Lone Rider


4% abv

£3.70 pt 

This light pale ale is a dead-eye winner. A smooth, easy rider. This one takes you all the way yonder with it's cool crisp Citra bitterness. Go on a wild, wild adventure with the delicious, fruity citrus and peach notes. Go on, grab a fistful of beer.

£3.70 pt 

Facer's - Mister Bates

Mister Bates - 4.1%

Mister Bates


4.1% abv

£3.70 pt 

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

£3.70 pt 

Coming Soon

Durham - Sanguaro

Sanguaro - 4.4%



4.4% abv

A US IPA with a heady combination of Amarillo, Cascade and Zappa hops creating robust grapefruit bitterness with spicy, tropical, and more citrus through the body. Delicate hop flower with sweet fruit notes in the aroma.

Three Legs - Mosaic & Cashmere Pale

Mosaic & Cashmere Pale - 4.2%

Mosaic & Cashmere Pale

Three Legs

4.2% abv

A new one-off pale ale with Mosaic and Cashmere hops and a pillowy mouthfeel. Mosaic brings berry, sweet tropical fruit and blossom with Cashmere bringing the zesty pithy bitterness. Vegan friendly.

Consett Ale Works - Molten Ale

Molten Ale - 4.5%

Molten Ale

Consett Ale Works

4.5% abv

A light amber coloured bitter with a floral aroma and smooth aftertaste.

Lakedown - Fire Fall

Fire Fall - 4.8%

Fire Fall


4.8% abv

Our rich, smooth and malt forward American red IPA. Magnum, Mosaic and Centennial hops combine to create a cracking fireside ale with rounded stone fruit flavour, spice and gentle bitterness. Previously known as American Red. Vegan friendly.

Good Chemistry - Amber Sands

Amber Sands - 4.2%

Amber Sands

Good Chemistry

4.2% abv

A traditional amber ale brewed with lovely English hops, East Kent Goldings and First Gold. Amber Sands is a comforting, smooth beer from start to finish. Vegan friendly.

Burning Sky - Nourishing Stout

Nourishing Stout - 4.2%

Nourishing Stout

Burning Sky

4.2% abv

With a nod back to stout recipes from another time. Mashed with Maris Otter malt, a high portion of malted oats and coloured malts. With the addition of brewers liquorice and Bramling Cross hops, this is a luxuriant sessionable stout.

NorthDown - Bright Island

Bright Island - 3.8%

Bright Island


3.8% abv

This is a sparkling Blonde Ale brimming with delicate floral, zesty citrus and strawberry aromas. A clean yet flavoursome malt body rounded off with a deft balance of bitterness and a refreshing bright finish. Almost Kolsch-like and an ale that can be drunk in copious amounts!

Play - Strawberry & Rhubarb Lemonade Sour

Strawberry & Rhubarb Lemonade Sour - 4.5%

Strawberry & Rhubarb Lemonade Sour


4.5% abv

A magic combo of sweet strawberries, rhubarb and fresh lemon give you a whole world of flavours. Juggling sweet, sour and citrus all in one! Expect a light red colour from the strawberries and a whirl of flavour from the rhubarb, backed up by gentle yet sharp lemons and a spritzy fizz. Vegan friendly.

Liquid Light - Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow - 3.7%

Dark Hollow

Liquid Light

3.7% abv

A super sessionable porter, complex dark malt flavours with soft coffee notes and sweet chocolate.

Lakedown - Kicking Donkey

Kicking Donkey - 4.2%

Kicking Donkey


4.2% abv

Our all-UK belter that’s brimming with biscuity malts. It’s a proper best, using UK Pioneer, Cascade and Jester along with local malts and yeast. We blend 7 of the best grains to make our Best Bitter, the best it can be. Previously known as Best Bitter. Certified gluten free. Vegan friendly.

Good Chemistry - Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley - 4%

Paradise Valley

Good Chemistry

4% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Lakedown - Sussex Pale

Sussex Pale - 4.2%

Sussex Pale


4.2% abv

This is our most sessionable beer yet! A modern pale, loaded with English Cascade and Ernest then dry hopped for an aromatic finish. We’ve created this beer to blend the best of British with American style. Previously known as English Pale. Certified gluten free and vegan friendly.

Left Handed Giant - Mosaic Pale

Mosaic Pale - 4.2%

Mosaic Pale

Left Handed Giant

4.2% abv

In our first cask release of 2024, Mosaic, meets Mosaic and even more Mosaic! With T90, Cryo and Incognito forms used, bringing layers of lemon, pine and jelly beans. With a lean and crisp base, this is the ultimate refreshment to start the year with! Vegan friendly.

Durham - Pang Wangle

Pang Wangle - 3.9%

Pang Wangle


3.9% abv

Pale ale with a gentle bitterness from Cashmere hops, bright and refreshing aroma of tropical fruits, fresh strawberry and juicy mango from a generous amount of Azacca and Belma hops. Tropical and citrus notes throughout with a hint of black pepper spice.

George Samuel - Firebox

Firebox - 4.5%


George Samuel

4.5% abv

Amber ale brewed with British Maris Otter, Munich and Rye malts. Dry hopped with Centennial and Columbus hops.

Kernel - Bitter - Simonds 1880

Bitter - Simonds 1880 - 5.3%

Bitter - Simonds 1880


5.3% abv

Brewed to an 1880 recipe from Simond's Brewery in Reading. The malt bill predates the common use of crystal malts (which hugely influence a modern bitter's flavour), so instead comprises of just pale ale malt (our regular Maris Otter being ideal for this purpose) and amber malt (a lightly toasted malt). Hopped with the English classic, Goldings. The lightly floral, earthy and spicy hop-aromas permeate the head and intensify in the mouth as they mix with the mild, sweet and chocolatey malt body of the beer. Expect flavours of marmalade, a touch of tea, a touch of warmth and a firm bitterness to balance. Perhaps in style closer to how we now consider an ESB or Burton Ale than a modern bitter.


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