Talbot Taphouse
Ripley, DE5 3LT

Talbot Taphouse
Ripley, DE5 3LT

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Pentrich - Last Year's Snow

Last Year's Snow - 5%

Last Year's Snow


5% abv

A heavily hopped pale ale using a little from the old school and a little from the new! Centennial pairs up with Citra to create a punchy citrus-centric beer with grapefruit and sweet orange notes at the fore, with light floral and pine notes keeping them company.

Arbor - Yakima Valley

Yakima Valley - 7%

Yakima Valley


7% abv

Our flagship premium strength beer, Yakima Valley is packed full of our favourite American hops. It's our own celebration of everything we love about IPAs.

Half Moon - Session IPA

Session IPA - 4.2%

Session IPA

Half Moon

4.2% abv

Full pale ale malt body carries an early hop flavour of spicey gooseberries and tangerines finishing in a subtle white wine sweetness.

Urban Chicken - Ilson Bitter

Ilson Bitter - 4.4%

Ilson Bitter

Urban Chicken

4.4% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Chin Chin - Star Treatment

Star Treatment - 3.9%

Star Treatment

Chin Chin

3.9% abv

Easy drinking session pale ale brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Idaho 7.

Blue Monkey - Cinder Toffee

Cinder Toffee - 5%

Cinder Toffee

Blue Monkey

5% abv

A hearty, pitch black beer full of malty complexity. Very smooth, with a hint of Old English Toffee.

Craft Keg Available

Verdant - Lightbulb

Lightbulb - 4.5%



4.5% abv

As pale as a 100W light bulb but as juicy as an IPA. Sessionable, quenching and totally addictive. Biscuity malt base with a hint of sweetness all drenched in fruity/dank hops.

Tiny Rebel - Electric Boogaloo

Electric Boogaloo - 4.5%

Electric Boogaloo

Tiny Rebel

4.5% abv

This little New England Style IPA has all the haze and hops you love but with the addition of passionfruit that cranks up the aroma and mouthfeel to 11.

Shiny - Wipeout

Wipeout - 4.2%



4.2% abv

The perfect session IPA for everyone. Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops set waves of juicy, tropical flavours across your taste buds. Gluten free and vegan friendly.

Anspach & Hobday - London Black

London Black - 4.4%

London Black

Anspach & Hobday

4.4% abv

This is our session strength Nitro Porter that takes inspiration from our flagship beer, The Porter. Creamy, smooth and truly sessionable. What better way to create an effortlessly drinkable dark beer than to brew it with nitro. The resulting creaminess and smooth mouthfeel balance perfectly with the subtle roasted notes of coffee and chocolate.

Thornbridge - Lukas

Lukas - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Light gold in colour, Lukas is a crisp Bavarian-style Helles. Traditionally lagered and brewed with all Bavarian ingredients, the resulting beer is the very definition of elegant simplicity and finesse.

Ciders & Perries Available

Gwynt y Ddraig - Black Dragon

Black Dragon - 7.2%

Black Dragon

Gwynt y Ddraig

7.2% abv

The legendary Black Dragon! This cider now has quite a following amongst the most descerning cider drinkers. It is rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh, fruity aroma.

Gwynt y Ddraig - Happy Daze

Happy Daze - 4.5%

Happy Daze

Gwynt y Ddraig

4.5% abv

A new cider in our range, fruity, apply aroma, well balanced finish. A light and very easy to drink medium cider.

Lilley's - Mango

Mango - 4%



4% abv

Smooth and sophisticated mango cider made with an ample portion of mango juice and Somerset cider.

Thistly Cross - Whisky Cask

Whisky Cask - 6.7%

Whisky Cask

Thistly Cross

6.7% abv

The perfect marriage between Scottish methods and Scotland's favourite craft cider. We use Glen Moray Distillery casks to give our cider its warming notes of oak, vanilla and honey.

Hogan's - Original Draught

Original Draught - 4.5%

Original Draught


4.5% abv

Our original no-nonsense cider, 100% fresh pressed. It's authentically distinctive appley aroma mixed with peaty notes. Packed full of classic cider apple tannins with a well- balanced and pleasing complexity.

Healeys - Rattler

Rattler - 6%



6% abv

Named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple and blended with Healey's know-how, our Rattler Cyder has the crisp, fresh flavour you crave.

Coming Soon

Wilde Child - Over Indulgence

Over Indulgence - 5%

Over Indulgence

Wilde Child

5% abv

Wonderfully decadent stout brewed using dark and roasted malts and lactose for a creamy mouthfeel. This is literally a shot of Baileys mixed with your favourite milk stout. Contains lactose.

Parkway - Where's Polly

Where's Polly - 4.2%

Where's Polly


4.2% abv

This is a new style English Pale Ale infused with Challenger and Jester hops. Extra pale Maris Otter malt. This EPA is crisp, clean and creamy with a slight hint of grapefruit and black currents.

Great North Eastern - Dunston Rocket

Dunston Rocket - 6%

Dunston Rocket

Great North Eastern

6% abv

A bright, golden double dry hopped intensely fruity hop explosion! Hops used are Citra, Columbus and Mosaic.

Thornbridge - Jaipur

Jaipur - 5.9%



5.9% abv

A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.

Arbor - Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain - 6%

Magic Mountain


6% abv

Gluten free IPA brewed with Citra and Sabro hops.

Wilde Child - Dutiful Supremacy

Dutiful Supremacy - 4%

Dutiful Supremacy

Wilde Child

4% abv

A Yorkshire Bitter. True to Yorkshire style this beer is brewed using a Tetley's strain of yeast, Challenger and First Gold hops, English Crystal and chocolate malts for a beer you'll come back to time and time again. Vegan friendly.

Wilde Child - Impostor Infiltrator

Impostor Infiltrator - 4.2%

Impostor Infiltrator

Wilde Child

4.2% abv

Pale ale brewed using two of the heavyweight hops of the world; Amarillo and Ekuanot - this beer packs a super fruity punch on the palate and nose and equals a beer that you'll be happy to stick to all afternoon. Vegan friendly.

Neepsend - Vulcan

Vulcan - 3.9%



3.9% abv

A classic Bitter brewed with a careful blend of malts for a dark amber hue and a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. East Kent Goldings and Challenger hops provide a wonderful aroma of spice, honey and delicate citrus.

Brass Castle - Christmas Kitty

Christmas Kitty - 5.5%

Christmas Kitty

Brass Castle

5.5% abv

Our annual collaboration with the North Riding Brewery. Put simply, it is our Bad Kitty vanilla porter revved-up for the festive season. Still at 5.5% but now with added lusciousness from a cocktail of seasonal spices. Gluten free and vegan friendly.

Wilde Child - Brownie Hunter

Brownie Hunter - 4.9%

Brownie Hunter

Wilde Child

4.9% abv

A classic low percentage stout with added lactose, cocoa powder and fudge brownie flavouring for a super smooth 'dessert in a glass' experience.

Wilde Child - Delaying The Inevitable

Delaying The Inevitable - 4.2%

Delaying The Inevitable

Wilde Child

4.2% abv

A classic style IPA brewed using Amarillo and Ekuanot hops which equal fantastic aromas of pineapple, peach and grapefruit. Vegan friendly.

Urban Chicken - Out Of Space

Out Of Space - 4%

Out Of Space

Urban Chicken

4% abv

Pale ale hopped with Galaxy hops. Vegan friendly.

Wilde Child - Transcendent Intervention

Transcendent Intervention - 5.9%

Transcendent Intervention

Wilde Child

5.9% abv

Citra IPA. We've gone heavy on the oats in this grain bill to give you a silky smooth mouthfeel and ensure those flavours of overripe mango, lime and stone fruit dominate your palate to the very last drop.

Kelham Island - Easy Rider

Easy Rider - 4.3%

Easy Rider

Kelham Island

4.3% abv

A staple of the Kelham Island range, and with good reason as it pours pure gold and is beautifully balanced with notes of citrus, peach and passion fruit.

Wilde Child - Ornate Precision

Ornate Precision - 3.8%

Ornate Precision

Wilde Child

3.8% abv

A classic English golden ale with the obligatory Wilde Child twist. Made with healthy servings of First Gold and Godiva hops for a lovely floral lemony note on the pallet and nose. Vegan friendly.

Great North Eastern - Golden Tap

Golden Tap - 3.9%

Golden Tap

Great North Eastern

3.9% abv

A refreshing, perfectly balanced golden ale. Plenty of hops and good bitterness.

Parkway - Pirate's Pet

Pirate's Pet - 4.5%

Pirate's Pet


4.5% abv

A velvety smooth chestnut beer with a hint of apricot and plums. Brewed with New Zealand hops - Wai-iti and Rakau. Malts - Dark Munich and Maris Otter.

Chin Chin - Hit The Switch

Hit The Switch - 4.5%

Hit The Switch

Chin Chin

4.5% abv

Pale ale hopped with Cascade, Chinook and Mosaic.

Neepsend - KIPA

KIPA - 5.2%



5.2% abv

Single hopped pale ale brewed with the classic US hop variety, Willamette for floral, herby and fruity notes.

Parkway - One For The Road

One For The Road - 4.1%

One For The Road


4.1% abv

English and Slovenian hops are being used to create a beautiful easy drinking golden ale. Light on the palate with a slight biscuity after taste and floral aroma.

Shiny - Big Scoop

Big Scoop - 5.5%

Big Scoop


5.5% abv

Double chocolate hot fudge! Layers and layers of chocolate and gooey caramel are all scooped up into a delicious stout. Vegan friendly.

Great North Eastern - Metro

Metro - 4.2%


Great North Eastern

4.2% abv

Unfiltered West Coast Pale Ale. A nod to our local area, double dry hopped with Columbus, Magnum, Centennial, Citra, Cascade and Amarillo. Exotic fruit and pineapple flavours.

Chin Chin - Two Little Ducks

Two Little Ducks - 4.7%

Two Little Ducks

Chin Chin

4.7% abv

Centennial single hop pale ale, full on fruity flavour with hints of grapefruit.

Bristol Beer Factory - Showdown

Showdown - 4%


Bristol Beer Factory

4% abv

Bringing Cryo and T90 hops together in a single hop CITRA bomb, you know what's coming, all out citrus heaven. Embracing evolution T90 is added early bringing the citrus and bitterness with Cryo form taking this to the line with max tropical citrus energy. With the BBF uber pale treatment applied Showdown is all set for cask glory. CITRA, the king, two ways.

Wilde Child - Welcome To The Party, Pal

Welcome To The Party, Pal - 4.9% (keg)

Welcome To The Party, Pal (keg)

Wilde Child

4.9% abv

Galaxy and El Dorado double dry hopped pale. A frivolous amount of El Dorado, Galaxy and Ekuanot hops have been added to the cooking pots and combined with a New England Yeast and plenty of extra pale barley, wheat and oats. Vegan friendly.

Wilde Child - Glutinous Maximus

Glutinous Maximus - 4.8% (keg)

Glutinous Maximus (keg)

Wilde Child

4.8% abv

A thick decadent milk stout with the taste of a firm family favourite dessert, sticky toffee pudding. Does what it says on the tin.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

Amundsen Lorita 4.7%

Passsionfruit pale ale

Amundsen Hazyday Hero 4.2%

Hazy session IPA


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Talbot Taphouse is in the Amber Valley CAMRA branch area.