Talbot Taphouse
Ripley, DE5 3LT

Talbot Taphouse
Ripley, DE5 3LT

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Thornbridge - Kipling

Kipling - 5.2%



5.2% abv

Golden blonde beer with an exquisite passionfruit, gooseberry and mango aroma. An initial sweetness and full body are balanced by a lasting grapefruit-like bitter finish.

Oxford - Let The Dragon See The Wolf

Let The Dragon See The Wolf - 4.5%

Let The Dragon See The Wolf


4.5% abv

A beautifully balanced blend of Styrian Wolf and Styrian Dragon hops creating a wonderful golden ale with Maris Otter pale malt giving an intense balance of fruity and floral notes, flavours of tropical fruits and complex aromas of mango, elderflower and hints of violet and rose petal with an undertone of citrussy grapefruit, lemon, orange and apple.

Lenton Lane - 36 Degrees North

36 Degrees North - 3.9%

36 Degrees North

Lenton Lane

3.9% abv

A superb bitter showcasing the best of British malt and hops.

Bristol Beer Factory - Drop The Pressure

Drop The Pressure - 4.2%

Drop The Pressure

Bristol Beer Factory

4.2% abv

Fresh out the box US hop Trident brewed with the BBF UBER pale ale treatment. Breaking the standard of the American styles, Trident could become a cask legend with pine and grapefruit and a unique flavour blend. Pure sessionability, drink with pals and repeat.

Thornbridge - Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake - 6.5%



6.5% abv

We love brewing West Coast IPAs and appreciate how well they work in beautifully conditioned cask beer. Rattlesnake is a great example of this and it’s absolutely packed with classic hops from the USA, the aroma is all grapefruit and pine leading to a fantastic display of flavour across the palate with lemon, melon and lychee all coming to the fore. It's perfectly balanced with a malty sweetness in the body, and a refreshing bitter bite to finish.

Urban Chicken - I Got 99 Problems But Black IPA Ain't One

I Got 99 Problems But Black IPA Ain't One - 6%

I Got 99 Problems But Black IPA Ain't One

Urban Chicken

6% abv

Black IPA Collab with The Dirty Monkey Brewing Unit.

Craft Keg Available

Thornbridge - Jaipur X

Jaipur X - 10%

Jaipur X


10% abv

We have brought back the massively popular big brother of Jaipur for its 15th Anniversary celebrations. Jaipur X is a huge, hazy Imperial IPA using the same ingredients as Jaipur but in much larger quantities!

Buxton - Deepdale

Deepdale - 4%



4% abv

A hoppy session IPA bulging with US super-hops Citra, Amarillo, Columbus and Ahtanum. Gluten free.

Beavertown - Neck Oil

Neck Oil - 4.3%

Neck Oil


4.3% abv

We wanted to create a light, crisp, punchy, go to beer! A beer that you know you can pick up and appreciate or simply get it down ya neck. Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of hop additions during the whirlpool and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliantly 'easy' IPA.

Beavertown - Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray - 5.4%

Gamma Ray


5.4% abv

The concept was to create a juicy tropical beer. A brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and huge tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. Massive additions of American hops are added to the whirlpool giving huge hop flavour. The beer is then dry hopped for days, driving the punchy aromas so you can smell it from miles away!

Thornbridge - Lukas

Lukas - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Light gold in colour, Lukas is a crisp Bavarian-style Helles. Traditionally lagered and brewed with all Bavarian ingredients, the resulting beer is the very definition of elegant simplicity and finesse.

Ciders & Perries Available

Gwatkin - No Bull

No Bull - 4.5%

No Bull


4.5% abv

Orange-brown in colour and has an appley aroma together with some vanilla tones. A smooth but sweet toffee-apple taste leads to mild tannins on the aftertaste and a rounded finish. An easy-to drink medium sweet cider that would appeal to most cider drinkers.

Dudda's Tun - Greenhorn

Greenhorn - 5.2%


Dudda's Tun

5.2% abv

A light medium cider, with crisp and refreshing green apple undertones.

Lilley's - Pina Colada

Pina Colada - 4%

Pina Colada


4% abv

You'll never get caught in the rain with this deliciously fresh and cool Pina Colada cider. Pineapple, rum, and coconut are all blended with our crisp Somerset cider. Escape with this smooth, sweet and summery delight. Perfect when served over ice with a fresh pineapple wedge to garnish.

Healeys - Flattler - Peach

Flattler - Peach - 4%

Flattler - Peach


4% abv

Life's a peach! Bursting with mouth watering peach, blended with crisp apples and Rattler know how. Our Flattler Peach Cornish Cyder has the fresh flavour you crave.

Lilley's - Bee Sting

Bee Sting - 6.8%

Bee Sting


6.8% abv

Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma.

Celtic Marches - Thundering Molly

Thundering Molly - 5.2%

Thundering Molly

Celtic Marches

5.2% abv

Thundering Molly is a well rounded medium cider. Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma. Gorgeous golden colour and a balanced finish. Made on our Herefordshire farm from 100% cider apples. Made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples.

Gwynt y Ddraig - Black Dragon

Black Dragon - 7.2%

Black Dragon

Gwynt y Ddraig

7.2% abv

The legendary Black Dragon! This cider now has quite a following amongst the most descerning cider drinkers. It is rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh, fruity aroma.

Thistly Cross - Whisky Cask

Whisky Cask - 6.7%

Whisky Cask

Thistly Cross

6.7% abv

The perfect marriage between Scottish methods and Scotland's favourite craft cider. We use Glen Moray Distillery casks to give our cider its warming notes of oak, vanilla and honey.

Healeys - Rattler

Rattler - 6%



6% abv

Named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple and blended with Healey's know-how, our Rattler Cyder has the crisp, fresh flavour you crave.

Coming Soon

Lenton Lane - 300

300 - 7.1%


Lenton Lane

7.1% abv

Our 300th gyle is here! A big-hitting IPA brewed with a shed load of Mosaic, Galena and Centennial hops and oats!

Pentrich - Cut Your Teeth

Cut Your Teeth - 4.7%

Cut Your Teeth


4.7% abv

A super hoppy and hazy session IPA packed full of Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial. Zingy marmalade and juicy citrus flavours are paired with light pine notes.

First Chop - IPA

IPA - 5%


First Chop

5% abv

A well balanced East Coast IPA bursting with tropical fruit flavours.

By The Horns - Hopadelic

Hopadelic - 4.3%


By The Horns

4.3% abv

A wonderfully clean light bodied, jam packed full of US hops (Citra, Summit and Cascade) in the boil and dry hopped. Expect waves of tropical fruit with light bitterness on a crisp extra pale malt base.

Pentrich - Distant Swirls

Distant Swirls - 4.5%

Distant Swirls


4.5% abv

An incredibly hoppy and super hazy pale ale packed full of Ekuanot and Mosaic. These hops lend powerful flavours of blueberry and white peach, alongside notes of citrus and pine, all rounded off with some light floral notes and a gentle bitterness on the finish.

By The Horns - Panowow

Panowow - 3.8%


By The Horns

3.8% abv

We longed to brew a truly British bitter that was low in abv yet punching with beautiful British floral hops and rounded caramel malt notes. Using Hukins hops located in Kent we brewed this quaffable table bitter. Expect a bold rounded mouthfeel with layers of caramel and lightly roasted malts, topped off with distinct fresh floral hops.

Lincoln Green - Dipper

Dipper - 5%


Lincoln Green

5% abv

Inspired by a beer we brewed using waste bread, we wondered what else would work and after a few beers we came up with Doughnuts! Who doesn't love these sugary, jammy naughty treats?! Using a variety of doughnuts to make up 15% of the grist, we've loved the bready and jammy flavours that come from this 5% beer.

Derby - Summer Nectar

Summer Nectar - 3.6%

Summer Nectar


3.6% abv

Pale ale.

Derby - Mercia

Mercia - 5%



5% abv

The finest English malts combined with continental hops, create an IPA with a modern twist.

Lenton Lane - 200 Not Out

200 Not Out - 6%

200 Not Out

Lenton Lane

6% abv

Brewed to celebrate our 200th gyle. This juicy, hop monster has all the stone fruit flavours with an incredibly soft citrus finish.

Bristol Beer Factory - Park City

Park City - 4%

Park City

Bristol Beer Factory

4% abv

Single hop with a twist, Park City brings both CRYO and T90 hops together into a pure El Dorado dream. T90 pellets added during the boil with CRYO Double Dry-Hopped maximising on the El Dorado mango, watermelon and tropical fruit. Brewed at session strength with extra pale Maris Otter malt as the base; this is summer in a glass.

Dancing Duck - Duzzy?

Duzzy? - 4.1%


Dancing Duck

4.1% abv

Mind bendingly tasty pale ale.

East London - Seven Boroughs

Seven Boroughs - 5.5%

Seven Boroughs

East London

5.5% abv

Cask IPA brewed with all English hops. UK Cascade, First Gold, Bramling Cross and Admiral hops are used to showcase what flavours can be achieved by brewing with UK hops.

Pentrich - Little Fury

Little Fury - 4.2%

Little Fury


4.2% abv

A naturally hazy session pale that's hopped heavily with all the Citra we could muster. This beer is full of bold citrus and stone fruit flavours from the hops, complimented with punchy tropical notes from the yeast and a light bitterness on the finish.

Pentrich - California Cheeseburger

California Cheeseburger - 5.2%

California Cheeseburger


5.2% abv

A bright and hoppy American-style Pale Ale hopped with Amarillo and Mosaic hops. Bright stone fruit and bold citrus flavours sing over the top of a clean bitter finish.

Kirkstall - Three Swords

Three Swords - 4.5%

Three Swords


4.5% abv

Three American hop varieties are used in abundance to deliver a crisp, aromatic pale ale with clean and refreshing citrus-fruit flavours. The three C's come together to give this pale it's signature flavour: Cascade, Centennial and Chinook.

Pentrich - Glass Half Empty

Glass Half Empty - 5%

Glass Half Empty


5% abv

A sweet and decadent stout at a (reasonably) sessionable ABV. A combination of the dark malts and lactose produce sweet chocolate flavours alongside a very subtle bitterness on the finish.

Derby - Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack - 4.5%

Wolf Pack


4.5% abv

Pale ale.

Saltaire - Titan

Titan - 5.7%



5.7% abv

Tropical notes of passion fruit, pineapple and mango layered over a rich caramel base, all nicely balanced by a satisfying, bitter finish. Proper IPA!

Green Duck - Blonde

Blonde - 4.2%


Green Duck

4.2% abv

Our best-seller, combines New World hops and fresh passionfruit, wonderfully refreshing with a sweet long finish.

Little Critters - Macaw Blimey

Macaw Blimey - 7.5%

Macaw Blimey

Little Critters

7.5% abv

Starting off our Spring fun in South America, the Big Dipper constellation was known as the Seven Macaw, so we’ve gone for some fresh harvest of El Dorado, a South American lineage hop, combined with Mosaic and Citra in a 7.7% DIPA that is hoppy but balanced and seriously suppable.

Oxford - Trinity

Trinity - 4.2%



4.2% abv

This is a pale ale with a big hop aroma and intense citrus character that lingers wonderfully on the palate. Hopped in multiple stages, it delivers a remarkably dry and intensely hoppy beer.

Pentrich - Sample And Hold

Sample And Hold - 6.8%

Sample And Hold


6.8% abv

A bold and juicy naturally hazy IPA that is extensively and exclusively hopped with Mosaic. So expect ripe citrus and stone fruit flavours, alongside juicy blueberry notes, all over the top of a moderate bitterness on the finish.


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Talbot Taphouse is in the Amber Valley CAMRA branch area.