Stackhouse Bar
Hornsea, HU18 1AG

Stackhouse Bar
Hornsea, HU18 1AG

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Elephant Juice - 4.5%

Elephant Juice


4.5% abv

A 4.5% pale, hopped with German Comet, Mandarin Bavaria, and Vic Secret... fermented with a New England yeast... expect plenty of juice and murk!

Main Line Bitter - 3.8%

Main Line Bitter


3.8% abv

Proper Yorkshire Bitter. Full bitter flavour balanced with a hint of fruity sweetness.

Three Slips And A Gulley - 4.3%

Three Slips And A Gulley


4.3% abv

It's cricket time! Pale golden ale, generously bittered, late hopped in the kettle with Chinook, and dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic.

Stoodley Stout - 4.8%

Stoodley Stout

Little Valley

4.8% abv

A dark, rich and creamy stout made using chocolate malt mixed with oats and wheat. Stoodley Stout has a rich and creamy roasted flavour with aromas of orange, citrus and berry.

Craft Keg available

Distorting Horizons - 5.9%

Distorting Horizons

Wilde Child

5.9% abv

Take a kaleidoscopic walk on the 'Wilde side' with this super fruity tropical IPA. A ton of Cascade, Citra and El Dorado hops combined with a decent hit of real fruit juice will make you feel like you’ve been smacked over the head with a fruit salad bowl and possibly bend your mind.

The End Is Always Near - 6.5%

The End Is Always Near


6.5% abv

Danky fruit. Fruity dank. Ganja, gooseberries, grapefruit goodness. Bit piney. Bit sweaty.

Five O'Clock Shadow - 7%

Five O'Clock Shadow

Weird Beard

7% abv

This American IPA is the real Desperate Dan of the beer world, hoppy, uncompromising and goes well with a cow pie. Embrace your inner cowboy. Yee Ha!

Breakfast Club - 6.9%

Breakfast Club


6.9% abv

Inspired by one of our favourite breakfasts: blueberry waffles. This indulgent and full bodied stout has a sweet, malty body, topped with rich fruit flavours. It's breakfast in a glass. Collaboration with Yeastie Boys.

Pale Ale - 4%

Pale Ale

Camden Town

4% abv

Like the Queen wearing dirty sneakers, it’s traditionally British with a rock star twist of American hops, giving citrus and tropical fruit, a round body and a drink-me-faster bitterness.

Vedett Extra Blonde - 5%

Vedett Extra Blonde

Duvel Moortgat

5% abv

Vedett is a cult beer brand in Belgium and all over the world. It’s known for being alternative, modern, and retro. The aroma is crisp and light of grainy malts, toasted white breads, and sweet caramel. Again, the taste is lightly sweet and refreshing on the palate. You’ll pick up notes of flavorful malts and dry hops.

Saltire lager - 4%

Saltire lager


4% abv

Brewed with all-Scottish barley at the famous Belhaven Brewery for a clean, crisp, classic lager refreshment.

Black - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Brewed with 100% Scottish grown barley malt and water drawn from the Brewery well, this deliciously-balanced, full-bodied stout offers a rich roasted coffee aroma with a smooth finish, with lingering hints of dark chocolate and liquorice. Smooth, deep and distinctive.

Ciders & Perries available

Lemon & Lime - 4%

Lemon & Lime


4% abv

Lilley's Lemon and Lime cider is a refreshing blend of tangy citrus fruits and crisp Somerset cider to awaken your taste buds, a real taste of summer.

Loubi Lou - 4%

Loubi Lou

Celtic Marches

4% abv

Medium Herefordshire craft cider liberally imparted with pomegranate and rose. The orchard and the garden to give a quintessential taste of summer.

Mortimer's Orchard English Berry - 4%

Mortimer's Orchard English Berry


4% abv

A sparkling, clear, berry-coloured cider made from a unique blend of bittersweet, sharp and sweet apples, which is matured in Westons traditional oak vats before being blended with berry fruits to deliver an exceptionally flavoursome and refreshing cider.

Draught Cyder - 5.5%

Draught Cyder


5.5% abv

A crisp, medium dry cyder with a delicate aroma and taste of fresh pressed apples.

Coming Soon

Topside - English Bitter - 3.8%

Topside - English Bitter

Round Corner

3.8% abv

Pale golden in colour an elegant English hop aroma of floral and herbal notes lead into a slender bodied well balanced session beer. Subtle fruity notes from our house cask ale yeast strain are underpinned by delicate caramel and bready malt characters.

Bad Kitty - 5.5%

Bad Kitty

Brass Castle

5.5% abv

A chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter. Multiple award winner, Champion Beer of Britain finalist 2019.

King Street Pale - 4.2%

King Street Pale

Wild Weather

4.2% abv

An easy-drinking hazy extraordinaire of a beer loaded up with oats for a silky mouthfeel and topped off with a healthy charge of Mosaic dry hops.

Stout - 5.2%


Half Moon

5.2% abv

A dark stout, full bodied with an initial sweetness and a smooth bitter finish.

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