Stackhouse Bar
Hornsea, HU18 1AG

Stackhouse Bar
Hornsea, HU18 1AG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Vocation - Pride & Joy

Pride & Joy - 4.8%

Pride & Joy


4.8% abv

Pale, crisp, very hoppy and aromatic. Robust hop flavours are layered over a balanced malty backbone, with flavours and aromas of mango, citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit and blueberry.

Theakston - Old Peculier

Old Peculier - 5.6%

Old Peculier


5.6% abv

A full-bodied, dark brown, strong ale. Slightly malty but with hints of roast coffee and liquorice. A smooth caramel overlay and a complex fruitiness leads to a bitter chocolate finish.

Great Newsome - Old Fergie

Old Fergie - 4.4%

Old Fergie

Great Newsome

4.4% abv

Brown ales lost favour in recent years but now they are back and Old Fergie is the very best of this great beer style.

Craft Keg Available

New Bristol - Duvet Vous

Duvet Vous - 4.8%

Duvet Vous

New Bristol

4.8% abv

Our New England pale ale is soft, pillowy and hazy with low bitterness. A gorgeous mix of hops makes this incredibly sessionable. Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo and Idaho 7. Vegan friendly.

New Bristol - Wonderland

Wonderland - 4.1%


New Bristol

4.1% abv

We've retained lots of flavour and a silky smooth texture in this Vermont Style IPA and made sure its one you ca enjoy time and time again by keeping the ABV nice and low. A mild bitterness and big juicy blast.

Electric Bear - Nice One - Idaho 7

Nice One - Idaho 7 - 5.6%

Nice One - Idaho 7

Electric Bear

5.6% abv

Introducing our new Single Hop IPA series, Nice One. Kicking things off is one of our absolute faves, Idaho-7. Juicy tropical fruit and stone fruit flavours with big notes of resin-y pine and hints of black tea. Vegan friendly.

Neon Raptor - Fruit Rascals

Fruit Rascals - 5.5%

Fruit Rascals

Neon Raptor

5.5% abv

Nestled amongst a couple of other tuck shop inspired beers we have brewed up a tangy and tart blackcurrant and strawberry sour. Vegan friendly.

Belhaven - Saltire Lager

Saltire Lager - 4%

Saltire Lager


4% abv

Brewed with all-Scottish barley at the famous Belhaven Brewery for a clean, crisp, classic lager refreshment.

Belhaven - Black

Black - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Brewed with 100% Scottish grown barley malt and water drawn from the Brewery well, this deliciously-balanced, full-bodied stout offers a rich roasted coffee aroma with a smooth finish, with lingering hints of dark chocolate and liquorice. Smooth, deep and distinctive.

Ciders & Perries Available

Lilley's - Somerset Scrumpy - Dry

Somerset Scrumpy - Dry - 6%

Somerset Scrumpy - Dry


6% abv

Made with a blend of bittersweet cider apples this is a very traditional unfiltered cider. Perfect for those that like a dry Somerset cider. Full-bodied and full of character.

Aspall - Draught Cyder

Draught Cyder - 5.5%

Draught Cyder


5.5% abv

A crisp, medium dry cyder with a delicate aroma and taste of fresh pressed apples.

Coming Soon

Great Newsome - Holderness Dark

Holderness Dark - 4.3%

Holderness Dark

Great Newsome

4.3% abv

Strong dark mild ale with aromas of sweet toffee and grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut on the mouth with a long satisfying finish.

By The Horns - Hopadelic

Hopadelic - 4.3%


By The Horns

4.3% abv

A wonderfully clean light bodied, jam packed full of US hops (Citra, Summit and Cascade) in the boil and dry hopped. Expect waves of tropical fruit with light bitterness on a crisp extra pale malt base.

Salt - Tweed

Tweed - 4%



4% abv

A naturally hazy pale ale, which may be low in ABV but still packs a punch with lots of tropical fruit notes. With added cask carbonation, this hazy pale has a full mouthfeel and light bitterness created by the use of American and Australian hops, which complements the malty flavours.

Neptune - Forecast - English Bitter

Forecast - English Bitter - 3.9%

Forecast - English Bitter


3.9% abv

An English Bitter taking a blend of the best English hops. It is more fruity with berries up front and a satisfying bitterness. Vegan friendly.

Brew York - Lupu Lion

Lupu Lion - 5% (keg)

Lupu Lion (keg)

Brew York

5% abv

Lupulin: The golden part of the hop that gives beer its bitterness, aroma and flavour. Lupu Lion: The hippest cat in the pride, a juicy golden pale ale heavily hopped for roaring citrus notes with a totally paw-some resinous pine finish. Oh, and it's also gluten-free!

Also Available


San Miguel Lager 5.0%

No Description.


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Stackhouse Bar is in the Yorkshire Wolds CAMRA branch area.