Silverback Alehouse
Bournemouth, BH9 2EX

Silverback Alehouse
Bournemouth, BH9 2EX

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Black Country - Fireside

Fireside - 5%


Black Country

5% abv

A well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste leading to a pleasant dry finish.

Triple FFF - Sundown

Sundown - 4.3%


Triple FFF

4.3% abv

A refreshing extra pale summer ale with notes of citrus followed by a mild hopiness.

Branscombe - Festive Frolic

Festive Frolic - 4.5%

Festive Frolic


4.5% abv

A dark brown rich and smooth festive premium bitter at a very drinkable 4.5%. A rich maltiness gives way to a subtle bitterness.

Piddle - Coal Porter

Coal Porter - 4.5%

Coal Porter


4.5% abv

Traditional full bodied, mellow & creamy London Porter with a coffee aroma and chocolate caramel notes.

Ciders & Perries Available

Sandford Orchards - Devon Red

Devon Red - 4.5%

Devon Red

Sandford Orchards

4.5% abv

A perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives our orchards their distinctive quality.

Pulp - Mango & Lime

Mango & Lime - 4%

Mango & Lime


4% abv

Savour the flavour! This zingy number is a smooth blend of mango and lime. Fresh and fruity, the zing of the lime meets the tropical sweetness of the mango to create this taste explosion.

Snails Bank - Rhubarb

Rhubarb - 4%


Snails Bank

4% abv

A real apple cider infused with tart rhubarb and blended with vanilla for a smooth session cider.

Thistly Cross - Whisky Cask

Whisky Cask - 6.7%

Whisky Cask

Thistly Cross

6.7% abv

The perfect marriage between Scottish methods and Scotland's favourite craft cider. We use Glen Moray Distillery casks to give our cider its warming notes of oak, vanilla and honey.

Cotswold Cider - Voodoo Pulp

Voodoo Pulp - 4.7%

Voodoo Pulp

Cotswold Cider

4.7% abv

A dry tannic grip with a suitably satisfying apple depth. Real, real, real good.

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Dorset - Santa's Blotto

Santa's Blotto - 4.5%

Santa's Blotto


4.5% abv

A rich copper coloured Christmas ale with hints of nutmeg and citrus on the palate, and a fruity, cinnamon aroma.

Cerne Abbas - Christmas Ale

Christmas Ale - 4.8%

Christmas Ale

Cerne Abbas

4.8% abv

Dark with nutty malts, gentle bitter finish.

Titanic - Plum Porter

Plum Porter - 4.9%

Plum Porter


4.9% abv

This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring. Take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum!

Branscombe - Yo Ho Ho

Yo Ho Ho - 6%

Yo Ho Ho


6% abv

A dark brown ale with a slightly sweet caramelly nose. A sweet start before glorious Christmas fruits come through and a strong bitter finish.

Cerne Abbas - Tiger Tom

Tiger Tom - 4.4%

Tiger Tom

Cerne Abbas

4.4% abv

A traditional ruby mild named after Tiger Tom Curtis the legendary blacksmith from The Forge in Mill Lane, Cerne Abbas. Often described as "a gurt square hairy man". A.O. Gibbons -1962. This ere beer is a true ruby mild, smooth and not bitter, well rounded with a sweet finish.

Sixpenny - 6d Best

6d Best - 3.8%

6d Best


3.8% abv

This is our flagship session ale. A well balanced and moreish ale, with a good rounded malt flavour that leads to a bitter finish.

Black Country - Plum Pig

Plum Pig - 4.3%

Plum Pig

Black Country

4.3% abv

A well rounded beer bursting with natural plum flavour.

Monkey Brewhouse - Lymington

Lymington - 4.8%


Monkey Brewhouse

4.8% abv

A complex Extra Special Bitter with pale, biscuit, crystal and chocolate malts and an assertive hop bitterness, balanced with a delicious whack of Goldings in the whirlpool.

Triple FFF - Moondance

Moondance - 4.2%


Triple FFF

4.2% abv

One of our original recipes brewed since 1997, a pale ale with copious amounts of American Cascade hops. Wonderfully aromatic floral nose balanced by a gentle bitterness with a hint of sweetness. No wonder this beer has won the most awards of all the beers in our range.

Black Country - Chain Ale

Chain Ale - 4.2%

Chain Ale

Black Country

4.2% abv

A light golden beer with hop character of mango, tropical fruits and lime.

Black Country - BFG

BFG - 4.2%


Black Country

4.2% abv

A straw coloured quaffing beer, with an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering refreshing after-taste.

Sixpenny - 6d Black

6d Black - 4.4%

6d Black


4.4% abv

A honey porter, rich and full flavoured, brewed with chocolate and brown malts, smooth dark and delicious.


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Silverback Alehouse is in the East Dorset CAMRA branch area.