Shrewsbury Arms
Stafford, ST16 2NG

Shrewsbury Arms
Stafford, ST16 2NG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Salopian - Darwin's Origin

Darwin's Origin - 4.3%

Darwin's Origin


4.3% abv

A copper coloured Bitter given an international twist with an eclectic mix of new and old world hops that give the beer its distinctive lemony aroma and dry finish. Hops: Mosaic and Centennial.

Beowulf - Finn's Hall Porter

Finn's Hall Porter - 4.7%

Finn's Hall Porter


4.7% abv

A fitting tribute to Finn, a character famed for his hospitality, brought to life in the story of Beowulf. Our porter is as it should be: inviting, dark and smoky, hoppy and not too sweet. The kind of ale that invites one to linger.

Slater's - Haka

Haka - 5.2%



5.2% abv

Award winning sweet pale ale, beautifully balanced with a strong aromatic finish. It's dry hopped for 3 weeks to give added oomph. Like all beers brewed with NZ hops, it combines tropical fruit with a hint of sweetness.

Fownes - Mermaid's Tale

Mermaid's Tale - 4.8%

Mermaid's Tale


4.8% abv

A seafaring IPA that tells a dark tale of citrus ruination upon the rocks and unforeseen consequences.

Derby - Paulo One Hop

Paulo One Hop - 4.2%

Paulo One Hop


4.2% abv

Golden in colour with a great zesty hop character and citrus overtone.

Derby - Mocha Me Happy

Mocha Me Happy - 4%

Mocha Me Happy


4% abv

A bold malt-based mild with hints of coffee, subtle hops and a light sweetness.

Grafton - Black Abbots

Black Abbots - 5%

Black Abbots


5% abv

Smooth and dark porter style ale with appealing roast barley aftertaste.

Franciscan Well - Chieftain

Chieftain - 5.5%


Franciscan Well

5.5% abv

£4.20 pint

A hugely popular IPA, and Franciscan Well’s answer to Ireland’s growing demand for IPA style beers. IPA’s are traditionally high hopped to deliver intense bitterness that lingers on the pallet which usually limits what you can drink or taste after it.

£4.20 pint

Black Country - Pig on the Wall

Pig on the Wall - 4.3%

Pig on the Wall

Black Country

4.3% abv

£3.40 pint

A refreshing chestnut brown beer with a complex flavour of light hops giving way to a bittersweet blend of roasted malt. Suggestions of chocolate and coffee undertones.

£3.40 pint

Black Country - Fireside

Fireside - 5%


Black Country

5% abv

£3.60 pint

A well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste leading to a pleasant dry finish.

£3.60 pint

Black Country - BFG

BFG - 4.2%


Black Country

4.2% abv

£3.50 pint

A straw coloured quaffing beer, with an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering refreshing after-taste.

£3.50 pint

Ciders & Perries Available

Lilley's - Mango

Mango - 4%



4% abv

Smooth and sophisticated mango cider made with an ample portion of mango juice and Somerset cider.

Lilley's - Apple & Blackberry

Apple & Blackberry - 4%

Apple & Blackberry


4% abv

Expertly blended crisp Somerset cider with apple and blackberry juice. Conjuring memories of apple and blackberry crumbles.

Thistly Cross - Slyrs Whisky Cask

Slyrs Whisky Cask - 6.9%

Slyrs Whisky Cask

Thistly Cross

6.9% abv

A Thistly Cross special edition matured in ex Slyrs whisky casks to nurture the natural characteristics of the cider, made potent in the wood. This creates a genuine Scottish Bavarian Highland classic; a medium dry cider infused with the unique flavours of the oak cask.


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Shrewsbury Arms is in the Heart of Staffordshire CAMRA branch area.