Sankey's Tap House
Burntwood, WS7 2BX

Sankey's Tap House
Burntwood, WS7 2BX

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

NZ Gold - 3.7%

NZ Gold


3.7% abv

A session golden ale, brewed with New Zealand Hops to give a citrus refreshing taste.

Pump Up The Jam - 5%

Pump Up The Jam

Tiny Rebel

5% abv

A Jam Doughnut Pale Ale combining the sweet jam flavours with a sweet bready malt base. It’s a jam doughnut in a pint glass. Imagine the best of a jam doughnut with the best of a beer.

Sundance - 5%



5% abv

A refreshing, hoppy golden ale that packs a firm but balanced bitterness. Sunshine in a glass!

Milk Stout - 4.5%

Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory

4.5% abv

The original Bristol Milk Stout with smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruits. This award winning national champion stout is a beautifully creamy, full-bodied stout.

Wholesome Stout - 4.6%

Wholesome Stout

Wye Valley

4.6% abv

A dark, full-bodied number; a wonderful stout with intense roasted barley flavours and a dry, bitter finish. It boasts roasted coffee notes and plenty of hop flavour. It’s only the second beer to gain top beer writer Roger Protz’s five-star rating.

Craft Keg available

Rockstar Breakfast - 5%

Rockstar Breakfast

Bristol Beer Factory

5% abv

It starts with a Super Pale malty base and then some Naked Oats for lovely creaminess and mouthfeel. Add some tropical stonefruits, some citrus on the side, oranges and limes, and top it off with some smooth sweet lactose…no we are not talking about what you had for breakfast this morning. We are talking about our new 5% lactose keg with Kiwi hops giving it some amazing flavour.

Pilsner - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A well balanced, smooth session lager with a robust and hoppy taste. Brewed exclusively for the UK market. Pilsner has a smooth aromatic hop taste. It is a cool refreshing session beer with an intense yellow, golden appearance. A truly authentic Bavarian imported session lager and an antidote to the current trends around the UKs mainstream lager brands.

Hell - 5%



5% abv

Lightly golden Helles lager with a bubbly, medium white head that steadily shrinks to a thin foamy lace, the aroma is soft and sweet with grain and very flowery hops.

Ciders & Perries available

Slyrs Whisky Cask - 6.9%

Slyrs Whisky Cask

Thistly Cross

6.9% abv

A Thistly Cross special edition matured in ex Slyrs whisky casks to nurture the natural characteristics of the cider, made potent in the wood. This creates a genuine Scottish Bavarian Highland classic; a medium dry cider infused with the unique flavours of the oak cask.

Rattler Cloudy - 4.8%

Rattler Cloudy


4.8% abv

Slightly cloudy in character, it is a young, light, tremendously fruity and refreshing cyder with a distinctive bite. Named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple and blended with Healey’s know-how, our Cornish Rattler Cyder has the crisp, fresh flavour you crave.

Coming Soon

Rapture - 4.5%


Green Duck

4.5% abv

Tangerine, grapefruit and pineapple notes from this hop blend make for an easy drinking pale.

Beerero Roche - 5%

Beerero Roche

Green Duck

5% abv

Hazelnut oatmeal porter. Beer meets a popular hazelnut chocolate brand.

Inferno - 4%



4% abv

This light igniting ale flickers complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity bitter finish smothering your thirst. Inferno uses a blend of five different hops from the Yakima Valley to create its floral aroma and unique flavour.

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