Parkway Brewing Company
Somerton, TA11 6SB

Parkway Brewing Company
Somerton, TA11 6SB

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Parkway - A Game Of Two Halves

A Game Of Two Halves - 4%

A Game Of Two Halves


4% abv

A delicious and well balanced golden ale. Truly satisfying the taste buds. This fantastic little ale is hopped with Challenger and Bobek.

Parkway - Golden Macaw

Golden Macaw - 4.8%

Golden Macaw


4.8% abv

A strong pale ale, light in colour and well hopped with a blend of three west coast hop varieties. Full bodied with citrus aroma and vibrant hop finish.

Parkway - Who's A Cheeky Monkey

Who's A Cheeky Monkey - 4%

Who's A Cheeky Monkey


4% abv

Golden coloured bitter, crisp and clean with a dry and bitter finish.

Parkway - Pirate's Pet

Pirate's Pet - 4.5%

Pirate's Pet


4.5% abv

A velvety smooth chestnut beer with a hint of apricot and plums. Brewed with New Zealand hops - Wai-iti and Rakau. Malts - Dark Munich and Maris Otter.

Tanners - Box Of Frogs

Box Of Frogs - 4%

Box Of Frogs


4% abv

Hoppy, rich American style pale ale. Flowery, spicy notes combined with citrus and a hint of grapefruit with rich bitterness compensated by a pleasant maltiness.

Parkway - Black Forest

Black Forest - 4.9%

Black Forest


4.9% abv

A well balanced single hopped oat stout. Lovingly brewed with fresh cherries, dark Munich and chocolate malts. A yummy stout that seduces your taste buds.

Parkway - Norwegian Blue

Norwegian Blue - 4.2%

Norwegian Blue


4.2% abv

Inspired by Monty Python and the Dead Parrot sketch. Norwegian Blue is the classic best bitter, light chestnut in colour and well balanced between the malt and hops. This finish is full bodied with a hints of biscuit and chocolate.

Parkway - Giggle And Titter

Giggle And Titter - 3.8%

Giggle And Titter


3.8% abv

A lovely lower ABV traditional bitter, hopped with Sovereign and Olicana.

Parkway - One For The Road

One For The Road - 4.1%

One For The Road


4.1% abv

English and Slovenian hops are being used to create a beautiful easy drinking golden ale. Light on the palate with a slight biscuity after taste and floral aroma.

Coming Soon

Parkway - Big Bird IPA

Big Bird IPA - 6%

Big Bird IPA


6% abv

With big hops and a high ABV, this proper IPA packs a punch. Made with three British Hops offering hints of marmalade, passionfruit and peach, that are balanced by a spicy, pastry malt base. Expect big aromatics from the Harlequin dry hop.


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Parkway Brewing Company is in the Somerset CAMRA branch area.