Northern Monkey Bar
Bolton, BL1 1AQ

Northern Monkey Bar
Bolton, BL1 1AQ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Wilde Child - Rik Van Nutter

Rik Van Nutter - 4.9%

Rik Van Nutter

Wilde Child

4.9% abv

A classic low percentage stout with added lactose, cocoa powder and hazelnut flavouring which leads to a product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Abbeydale - Deception

Deception - 4.1%



4.1% abv

A pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish. Very refreshing and packed full of flavour.

Northern Whisper - Rum Bugger

Rum Bugger - 5%

Rum Bugger

Northern Whisper

5% abv

It's a reet gud mix of rum and raisin mix full of festive cheer!

Crafty - Blind Side

Blind Side - 4%

Blind Side


4% abv

Rich ochre in colour this beer is delicate yet structured with hints of syrup and toasted grain. The earthy richness on the palate brings with it a hoppy, dry finish.

Craft Keg Available

Utown - Peaches & Cream Sour

Peaches & Cream Sour - 6%

Peaches & Cream Sour


6% abv

Sweet peaches, refreshing tartness and a touch of creaminess.

Azvex - Parkour Pigeons

Parkour Pigeons - 8.1%

Parkour Pigeons


8.1% abv

West Coast DIPA with Centennial, Amarillo and Simcoe.

Camden Town - Hells

Hells - 4.6%


Camden Town

4.6% abv

Hells is the lovechild of our two favourite German beer styles - Helles and Pilsner. Clean, crisp and dry, it's the beer we always wanted to drink and the reason we started our brewery. We hope you agree.

Brew York - S'more Tonkoko

S'more Tonkoko - 4.3%

S'more Tonkoko

Brew York

4.3% abv

The latest edition in the epic Tonkoko series brings toasted marshmallows to the coconut, cacao, vanilla and Tonka bean party. Trust us when we say it's very S'moreish!

Mobru - Mo Strawberry Beer

Mo Strawberry Beer - 4%

Mo Strawberry Beer


4% abv

Real strawberry juice is added to the traditional Witbier base to deliver a full fruity drink with a vibrant red colour, a pink foamy head and a delicious fruit aroma. Sweet yet balanced, smooth and gently carbonated, it looks and smells as good as it tastes.

Northern Monkey - Boats N' Hose

Boats N' Hose - 6.2%

Boats N' Hose

Northern Monkey

6.2% abv

DDH Citra pale, boasting big tropical fruit flavours, with melon and pineapple to the fore.

Coming Soon

Escape - Erik Weisz

Erik Weisz - 4.4%

Erik Weisz


4.4% abv

Erik is our signature beer, the first beer we produced commercially back in 2019. It's a refreshing Citra pale ale.

Escape - The Shackles Are Off

The Shackles Are Off - 4.1%

The Shackles Are Off


4.1% abv

Easy drinking ultra pale ale hopped with Chinook, Citra and El Dorado.

Blackedge - Shake

Shake - 4.6%



4.6% abv

A sweet tropical fruit milkshake pale ale with mango, blueberries and lime from the Mosaic and Citra hops.

Gweilo UK - Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam Pale Ale

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam Pale Ale - 4.9%

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam Pale Ale

Gweilo UK

4.9% abv

The classic American combo, translated into a beer! Raspberry purée, peanut and vanilla combine in a medley of delicious flavours. Mosaic hops add a touch of fruity bitterness to complete this dessert-style pale ale.

Cloudwater - Golden Blue Skies

Golden Blue Skies - 4% (keg)

Golden Blue Skies (keg)


4% abv

A session strength wheat beer with bright orange zest. Our lighter interpretation of the classic style retains all the flavour and body of a traditional wheat beer, just at a more session-friendly strength. Orange zest provides a bright citrus character to balance the subtle fruity and spicy notes from the yeast.

Salt - Jute

Jute - 4.2% (keg)

Jute (keg)


4.2% abv

A crisp, light and refreshing session IPA, brewed from pale, wheat and oat malts. Thirst-quenching and moderately bitter, hop aromas of citrus and tropical fruits come from generous quantities of Mosaic, Ella and Vic Secret added to the kettle and as a dry hop.

Nightjar - Kokopelli

Kokopelli - 4.6% (keg)

Kokopelli (keg)


4.6% abv

An amber beer, brewed with US and German hops giving subtle hints of ripe strawberries and apricot.

Caps Off - Belgian Session IPA

Belgian Session IPA - 4.4% (keg)

Belgian Session IPA (keg)

Caps Off

4.4% abv

Hazy gold Belgian session IPA with tropical fruit aroma, tropical notes and a coconut finish. Vegan friendly.

Northern Whisper - Takes The Biscuit

Takes The Biscuit - 5.3% (keg)

Takes The Biscuit (keg)

Northern Whisper

5.3% abv

Cookie dough milkshake pale.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

Amundsen Desert In A Can 10.5%

Salted Caramel choc chip cookie stout


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Northern Monkey Bar is in the Bolton CAMRA branch area.