Naval & Military Club
Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1DU

Naval & Military Club
Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1DU

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Leigh On Sea - Two Tree Island Red

Two Tree Island Red - 4.5%

Two Tree Island Red

Leigh On Sea

4.5% abv

A spicy red ale with a blend of malts including dark crystal for colour, and some big American hops for flavour and aroma.

Leigh On Sea - Legra Pale

Legra Pale - 3.8%

Legra Pale

Leigh On Sea

3.8% abv

A light, fresh and sessionable golden ale. Single hopped, during the boil and following fermentation, with lashings of Citra hops for a clean citrus flavour. Vegan friendly.

Coming Soon

Leigh On Sea - Thirteen Shores

Thirteen Shores - 5.3%

Thirteen Shores

Leigh On Sea

5.3% abv

A West Coast IPA using four different malts combined with the fruity and piney hops: HBC 682, Citra, Simcoe and Chinook. This well-balanced easy drinking West Coast was also packaged using nitrogen in the keg version to provide a soft and creamy finish. Brewed in collaboration with Baker’s Dozen.

Leigh On Sea - Barley Wine 2023

Barley Wine 2023 - 8.4%

Barley Wine 2023

Leigh On Sea

8.4% abv

Originating from the strong ales produced by aristocratic brewing houses from the 18th century, Barley Wine is a style to be sipped and savoured. Our 2023 offering is single hopped with East Kent Goldings and contains the finest English malt. Made via a painstaking brewing process (including a 3 hour boil), you’ll enjoy a strong beer with complex flavours. Vegan friendly.

Leigh On Sea - The Void Stares Back

The Void Stares Back - 3.9%

The Void Stares Back

Leigh On Sea

3.9% abv

A seasonal one off brew single hopped with Chinook and with seven different malts including a healthy amount of oats for a soft and silky mouthfeel. The keg version has been packaging with nitrogen for that classic stout pour.

Also Available


Madri 4.6%

Madrí Excepcional is a unique collaboration between the brewers of La Sagra and Molson Coors, with all the taste characteristics of a modern European lager. Full of flavour and aroma at 4.6% ABV with a light golden colour, Madrí Excepcional is crisp, clean and refreshing with a short, bitter finish.

Carling 4.0%

Carling Lager is proud to be Made Local, right here in Burton-on-Trent, using 100% British Barley that's Red Tractor approved. We're the UK's no. 1 lager for a reason. Carling is brewed to have the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, giving it that brilliantly refreshing taste from the firs

Staropramen 5.0%

The pleasantly smooth taste and well rounded flavour of Staropramen rewards your palate with a soft malty flavour, before finishing off with a gentle bitterness. Taste the spirit of Prague in every sip.

Aspell 4.5%

Medium bodied with a lovely mouth filling mousse and the delicate flavour of freshly pressed apples A crisp, medium dry cyder with a delicate aroma and taste of fresh pressed apples. Crafted at the original Cyder House, Suffolk.

Worthingtons 3.8%

Creamflow Ale Superbly creamy, with velvety hints of rich buttered malt loaf, chilled malted... Superbly creamy, with velvety hints of rich buttered malt loaf, chilled malted milk and banana split in every sip. Intensified with liquorice notes, nutty toffee, and a basket of mixed fruits.

Guinness MicroDraught 4.2%

Guinness MicroDraught cans are designed for exclusive use with the Guinness MicroDraught tap; an easy to use, plug and pour solution that brings you a perfectly domed head and smooth Draught Guinness on tap, at home. A smoothly balanced stout with bitter, sweet and roasted notes. Hints of coffee and


Coors 330ml 4.0%

Coors Light is a light lager beer known for its crisp, clean taste with a subtle malt sweetness and minimal bitterness. It's often described as refreshing and easy to drink, with a light and smooth mouthfeel.

Rekorderlig Ciders 500ml 4.0%

Gluten Free & Vegan

Courage Light Ale 275ml 3.2%

No Description.

Adams GhostShip 500ml

Alcohol Free

Old Mout Cherry & Berry Cider 500ml

Alcohol Free

Corona 330ml

Alcohol Free


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Naval & Military Club is in the South East Essex CAMRA branch area.