Hop And Vine
Hull, HU1 3TG

Hop And Vine
Hull, HU1 3TG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Wishbone - Hop Tango - Amarillo & Chinook

Hop Tango - Amarillo & Chinook - 5%

Hop Tango - Amarillo & Chinook


5% abv

Two hop combo IPA dry hopped with Amarillo and Chinook hops. Hop Tango is the new name and ABV for the beer we called UnFunk.

Docks - Demolition

Demolition - 5%



5% abv

American pale ale. A classic triple threat of Amarillo, Centennial and Nelson, combine with a destructive force to batter your taste buds into submission, providing devastating blows of gooseberry, melon and orange. Vegan friendly.

Blue Bee - Tempest Stout

Tempest Stout - 4.8%

Tempest Stout

Blue Bee

4.8% abv

Rich well balanced stout with hints of coffee and chocolate leading to a bitter finish. Vegan friendly.

Ciders & Perries Available

Hecks - Egremont Russet

Egremont Russet - 6.5%

Egremont Russet


6.5% abv

A medium-sweet single variety cider with Egremont Russet apples.

Dudda's Tun - Sweet Apple

Sweet Apple - 5.3%

Sweet Apple

Dudda's Tun

5.3% abv

Bursting with freshly picked apple flavour, this sweet cider is deliciously moreish with soft honey notes. Perfect for those with a slightly sweeter tooth.

Udders Orchard - Russet

Russet - 8.4%


Udders Orchard

8.4% abv

A strong, quite sharp, single variety dry cider using Russet apples. Crisp and fruity.

Hecks - Portwine of Glastonbury

Portwine of Glastonbury - 6.5%

Portwine of Glastonbury


6.5% abv

True to its name, this medium sweet cider has in origins in orchards below Glastonbury Tor. Easy on the palate, this is a true session cider with light effervescence and lemony tones.

Udders Orchard - Addle Croft

Addle Croft - 6.5%

Addle Croft

Udders Orchard

6.5% abv

A single variety, single tree perry, made using Norton Butt perry pears grown in Huddersfield. A medium complex perry, an initial sweetness turns in to a dry, tannic finish.

Coming Soon

Blue Bee - Park Hill Porter

Park Hill Porter - 7.3%

Park Hill Porter

Blue Bee

7.3% abv

Strong, rich, dark porter brewed with six different malts which give a liquorice flavour leading to a bitter sweet finish. Vegan friendly.

Blue Bee - Table Nelson

Table Nelson - 3.2%

Table Nelson

Blue Bee

3.2% abv

Single hopped table beer, low in ABV but big on flavour, a great session pale ale packed with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops giving grapefruit hop flavours. Vegan friendly.

Half Moon - Old Forge

Old Forge - 3.8%

Old Forge

Half Moon

3.8% abv

Bright amber coloured ale, with a soft spiced lemon and honeyed flavour.

Jolly Sailor - Selby Stout

Selby Stout - 4.5%

Selby Stout

Jolly Sailor

4.5% abv

Our new recipe Selby Stout now contains no lactose and gets its deliciously, full bodied mouth feel from a different yeast we are using. The yeast we now use in the fermentation of this beer leaves increased amounts of unfermented sugars, giving this dark, silky stout the full body it deserves!

Linfit - Old Eli

Old Eli - 5.3%

Old Eli


5.3% abv

A premium strength ale, dark amber/ruby in colour, full-bodied texture with a malty aroma and bittersweet finish.

Dudda's Tun - Perry

Perry - 5.5%


Dudda's Tun

5.5% abv

A well balanced perry with subtle honey notes. Produeced from super ripe Comice pears.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

Plzensky Prazdroj Pilsner Urquell 4.4%

The original Pilsner, still brewed in the town of Pilsn


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Hop And Vine is in the Hull & East Yorkshire CAMRA branch area.