Grey Horse
Consett, DH8 6NE

Grey Horse
Consett, DH8 6NE

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Maxim - Sour Cherry Chocolate Stout

Sour Cherry Chocolate Stout - 4.8%

Sour Cherry Chocolate Stout


4.8% abv

Creamy rich and warming sour cherry chocolate stout.

Whitley Bay - 137 Steps

137 Steps - 4%

137 Steps

Whitley Bay

4% abv

A pale ale with spicy pine nut and fruit tones. Named after the number of steps it takes to climb to the top of the local St Mary's Lighthouse at Whitley Bay.

Orkney - Man O' Hoy

Man O' Hoy - 4.2%

Man O' Hoy


4.2% abv

Deep golden ale with summer scents of soft and dark fruit. Flavours of citrus and mango with a soft malt background, creamy, hoppy and a lob bitter fruity finish.

Lord's - Chosen Man

Chosen Man - 4.4%

Chosen Man


4.4% abv

Having the malt character of a traditional bitter, with hints of caramel and a toasted edge, Chosen Man jumps out of the stereotype by employing New World hops additions to give a twist to a classic style. The aroma is faintly citrus with a lovely pineyness and a gentle floral character from well balanced dry hopping.

Consett Ale Works - Last Tap

Last Tap - 4.3%

Last Tap

Consett Ale Works

4.3% abv

A well rounded chestnut hoppy ale.

Keltek - Magik

Magik - 4%



4% abv

Magik is the benchmark brew - a traditional bitter full of hops and malt flavours with gentle bitterness.

Alnwick - Citra Pale Ale

Citra Pale Ale - 3.9%

Citra Pale Ale


3.9% abv

A single hop session pale brewed with the Citra hop. Smooth lemon citrus flavour. An easy drinking sessionable pale.

Consett Ale Works - White Hot

White Hot - 4%

White Hot

Consett Ale Works

4% abv

White hot steel reaches temperatures of 1200 degrees centigrade and this ale pours a pale yellow and offers a refreshingly crisp ale with a bitter finish.

Consett Ale Works - Steeltown Bitter

Steeltown Bitter - 3.8%

Steeltown Bitter

Consett Ale Works

3.8% abv

A smooth traditional bitter.

Consett Ale Works - Red Dust

Red Dust - 4.5%

Red Dust

Consett Ale Works

4.5% abv

Red Dust takes its name from the coloured clouds thrown up from the steel works of Consett and offers a ruby red pint with a hint of spice and crisp malt finish.

Ciders & Perries Available

Seacider - Bourbon Barrel-Aged

Bourbon Barrel-Aged - 6.9%

Bourbon Barrel-Aged


6.9% abv

This is a medium dry cider aged in Bourbon barrels for a year giving notes of oak, vanilla and bourbon.

Lilley's - Tropical Cider

Tropical Cider - 4%

Tropical Cider


4% abv

We have blended our Somerset cider with an explosion of tropical fruits. Pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango and lime all combine to make this a succulent thirst quencher. Perfect for drinking on the beach and making you feel closer to the Caribbean with every sip.

Celtic Marches - Abrahalls AD

Abrahalls AD - 6%

Abrahalls AD

Celtic Marches

6% abv

Well rounded, easy to drink, still dry cider, made on the family farm from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples Dabinett, Michelin and a smattering of Kingston Black the old cidermakers favourite.

Seacider - Mandarin

Mandarin - 4%



4% abv

Apple cider busting with the flavour of mandarin oranges!

Coming Soon

Twisted - Pirate

Pirate - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A classic English best bitter, pale copper coloured with an aroma of roasted malt and coffee. A smooth flavour with undertones of nutty fruitcake - delicious.


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Grey Horse is in the Durham CAMRA branch area.