Grey Horse
Consett , DH8 6NE

Grey Horse
Consett , DH8 6NE

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Wriggly Monkey - Full Tilt

Full Tilt - 4.2%

Full Tilt

Wriggly Monkey

4.2% abv

A full flavoured, well malted bitter. Balanced with a good amount of hop aroma and a caramel undertone. Well bittered to give a dry finish. Hints of citrus and caramel.

Consett Ale Works - Consett Stout

Consett Stout - 4.3%

Consett Stout

Consett Ale Works

4.3% abv

Consett Stout offers a bitter yet smooth taste thanks to the roasted malts that have been mixed with the highest quality English hops to create this rich creamy stout.

Tiny Rebel - Trick Town

Trick Town - 4.8%

Trick Town

Tiny Rebel

4.8% abv

We’ve brewed another American wheat simply because we can’t get enough of them. Different hop profile on this, a combination of Columbus, Hallertau Blanc and Citra hops so a mashup of citrus, tropical and spicy notes. Vegan friendly.

Mr Grundy's - Passchendaele

Passchendaele - 3.9%


Mr Grundy's

3.9% abv

An all English, straw coloured, pale sharp bitter with citrusy overtones.

Consett Ale Works - White Hot

White Hot - 4%

White Hot

Consett Ale Works

4% abv

White hot steel reaches temperatures of 1200 degrees centigrade and this ale pours a pale yellow and offers a refreshingly crisp ale with a bitter finish.

Consett Ale Works - Steeltown Bitter

Steeltown Bitter - 3.8%

Steeltown Bitter

Consett Ale Works

3.8% abv

A smooth traditional bitter.

Consett Ale Works - Red Dust

Red Dust - 4.5%

Red Dust

Consett Ale Works

4.5% abv

Red Dust takes its name from the coloured clouds thrown up from the steel works of Consett and offers a ruby red pint with a hint of spice and crisp malt finish.

Ciders & Perries Available

Seacider - Marmalade

Marmalade - 4%



4% abv

Made with Seville oranges and freshly pressed dessert fruit. Sweet, refreshing and bursting with flavour!

Seacider - Ginger Bread

Ginger Bread - 4%

Ginger Bread


4% abv

A moreish ginger bread flavoured cider with a medium sweet finish.

Celtic Marches - Cuckoo Penny Cider

Cuckoo Penny Cider - 4%

Cuckoo Penny Cider

Celtic Marches

4% abv

Rhubarb juice combined with Herefordshire Cider to produce a taste of the English Countryside. A medium cider with the subtle tart of rhubarb juice.

Sandford Orchards - Devon Scrumpy

Devon Scrumpy - 6%

Devon Scrumpy

Sandford Orchards

6% abv

A champion scrumpy that is a well-rounded, still, medium cider. Blended to show off our fruits natural depth and character, Devon Scrumpy is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Lilley's - Gladiator

Gladiator - 8.4%



8.4% abv

This strong rustic cider with its Roman flair has everything. Well rounded, fruity, packed full of flavour and intoxicatingly easy to drink for an 8.5% cider. Medium.

Coming Soon

Adnams - Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship - 4.5%

Ghost Ship


4.5% abv

At 4.5% abv, this Pale Ale has a good assertive pithy bitterness and a malty backbone. It is brewed with a selection of malts: Pale Ale, Rye and Cara. We use Citra, and a blend of other American hop varieties to create some great citrus flavours.

Mr Grundy's - Big Willie

Big Willie - 4.3%

Big Willie

Mr Grundy's

4.3% abv

Thirst Quenching Golden Ale packed with English Hops Giving a lasting dry bitter finish.

Tiny Rebel - Dark Cherry Battenberg

Dark Cherry Battenberg - 4.8%

Dark Cherry Battenberg

Tiny Rebel

4.8% abv

Something’s telling me it’s Bake Off season again? Coming straight out of cake week we bring you a dark cherry Battenburg IPA. Crammed full of cherry and marzipan notes with a red velvety smooth mouth feel. Contains lactose.


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Grey Horse is in the Durham CAMRA branch area.