Glasgow Real Ale Festival (G-RAF) 2023
Glasgow, G1 5HZ

Glasgow Real Ale Festival (G-RAF) 2023
Glasgow, G1 5HZ

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Orkney - Dark Island Reserve

Dark Island Reserve - 10%

Dark Island Reserve


10% abv

A rich strong Orcadian ale. After a gentle fermentation at our brewery in Quoyloo, the beer is finished in old oak casks formerly used to mature fine scotch malt whisky. This unhurried process creates a timeless classic full of fruit, spice, oak and roast malt flavours.

Titanic - Classic Mild

Classic Mild - 3.5%

Classic Mild


3.5% abv

A mild of classic style full of roast malt and balanced by delicate hops. True to type it has a rounded sweetness and a smooth dry finish.

Two By Two - Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA - 6%

Citra Simcoe Ekuanot IPA

Two By Two

6% abv

Full bodied IPA, oats and dextrin add to mouthfeel, with Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops bringing pine, herb and juicy citrus notes.

Cromarty - Ghost Town

Ghost Town - 5.8%

Ghost Town


5.8% abv

Two-tone, toe-tapping, taste bud-tantalising ten-malt-porter. Monstrous amounts of fresh malts create a beer as black as the earl of hell to which some big piney hops are added to give a robust bitter finish. Quite often this beer can be aged in a barrel with some varying special ingredient.

Not That California - Agent Grapefruit

Agent Grapefruit - 4.8%

Agent Grapefruit

Not That California

4.8% abv

Brother of our award winning Agent Orange, very bitter West Coast style IPA with a strong grapefruit aroma. This beer doesn’t go for mellow nor balanced, it is a punch in the face!

Broughton - Old Jock

Old Jock - 6.7%

Old Jock


6.7% abv

A classic Scottish Strong Ale. Surely one of the definitive examples of the Scotch ale style. Rich, dark malty flavour with a deceiving drinkability for its ABV. Also available as a permanent cask ale. Brewed with Optic malt and Roasted Barley and hopped with Challenger, Fuggles, and First Gold.

Loch Leven - King Slayer

King Slayer - 5.2%

King Slayer

Loch Leven

5.2% abv

A traditional dark amber Scottish Ale. Brewed using locally sourced water, Scottish, sown, grown and malted barley, light crystal malt and wheat malt.The moderate bitterness comes from a mixture of Target, Goldings hops. It has a malty/sweet aroma and a slightly drying finish derived from the roast barley.

Stewart - Juicy IPA

Juicy IPA - 5%

Juicy IPA


5% abv

This juicy IPA is teeming with tropical fruit flavours of overripe mango, papaya, crushed grape skins and hints of banana. Mash-hopped with a large dose of Saaz and Cascade hops, and fermented with a specially selected strain of yeast, all to help promote the creation of unbound thiol compounds which helps produce this tropical, juicy IPA with a Sauvignon Blanc style zesty finish. Collaboration with Fierce Beer.

Alechemy - Bad Day at the Office

Bad Day at the Office - 4.5%

Bad Day at the Office


4.5% abv

This delicious tipple is a light golden ale with a heavy hop bitterness and flavoured with a strong fruit and citrus aroma. Hops: Ella and Mosaic.

Cloudwater - Piccadilly Gold

Piccadilly Gold - 4%

Piccadilly Gold


4% abv

A straw-coloured golden ale featuring bright Citra hops that are pleasantly balanced with a delicate malt base. Supremely quenchable, it's equal parts refreshing and flavourful. Vegan friendly.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

De Struisse (Belgium) Pannepot 10.0%

A truly great dark beer with complex but subtle flavours.

De Ranke (Belgium) Noir 8.0%

Very rich in flavour due to the use of six different kinds of malt!. A rich, dark, nearly black colour with royal doses of Challenger and Saaz hops bringing the typical balance between sweet and bitter.

De Ranke (Belgium) XX Bitter 5.5%

A classic - Belgian bitter ,blonde but still balanced. Long-lasting, distinct hop taste balanced by light grain flavours.

Alvinne (Belgium) Vaccin 8.0%

Part of the experimental series Vaccin (Various Ales Creative Challenging Innovative New). Phi (Blond Sour) dryhopped with Barbe Rouge.

Alvinne (Belgium) Berliner Kreik Muunt 4.0%

Aroma is big cherry, mild mint, good combination, almost sorbet-like. Taste is the same, good sorbet character and mineraly bite.

Fuerst Wiacek/ Puhaste (Germany) Permafrost 7.0%

A nice baltic porter with strong roasted malt flavours and hints of coffee and caramel sweetness. Nicely balanced flavours.

Fuerst Wiacek /Lost & Grounded (Germany) Landbier 5.0%

Helles style brewed with Spalter Select, Tradition & Mittelfrüh. Slightly more bitter than normal - almost pilsner like.

Maltgarden (Poland) Perfect For Everyday 5.5%

Strawberry Cheesecake Pastry Sour. 4th Anniversary collab with Sofia Electric Brewing.

Maltgarden /Neon Raptor (Poland) Endless Party 6.0%

DDH Hazy IPA Adeena & Citra & HBC472, 4th Anniversary collab with Neon Raptor.

To Ol (Denmark) Blizzard (In A Beer Mug) 6.0%

Fat, fruity and full-bodied. A 6% New England Style IPA with Mosaic and Simcoe hops

Arpus (Latvia) Bourbon BA Impy Stout Blend 11.0%

Contains lactose, nuts, This was brewed with coffee, coconut, vanilla and pistachios then aged for 12 months in Woodford R, Double Oaked barrels.

Elmeleven (Sweden) Living Machines 6.0%

Passionfruit Mango Mandarin Tropical Sundae Sour!

Gamma (Denmark) Sub Orbital 4.2%

What you would expect from a quality Scandinavian stout! Malt, coffee, biscuit and a hit of smokeiness. Bags of flavour and very drinkable.

Kees (Netherlands) Caramel Fudge - Old Windmill 11.0%

A hefty flavoured stout - cake in strong beer form!

Kees (Netherlands) Mosaic Hop Explosion 5.5%

Refreshing, lightly amber, with the typical citrus-fruit flavour of Mosaïc™ hop from the USA. A great showcase for this hop,

De Kromme Haring (Netherlands) Lactic Fantastic Plum 4.5%

A fruity, sour beer that is refreshing and balanced, with the yeast character providing depth and evolving flavours.

Trial & Ale (Canada) A Saison Brambled 7.4%

Award winning brewery - This is their saison with brambles added for more of a fruit kick.

Willebald (Canada) Export Lager 6.5%

Naturally carbonated, unfiltered & lagered for 8 weeks. Up here with the great German examples.

Kinnegar (Ireland) Big Bunny 6.0%

This bigger, juicier sister to our White Rabbit blends a punchy hop wallop with a creamy wheat mouth feel.

Kinnegar (Ireland) Rustbucket 5.1%

A balance of rye and barley malt. The rye gives it a little spiciness which combines nicely with hops that contribute a citrusy note.

Kinnegar (Ireland) Scraggy Bay 5.3%

Fondly known as 'Yellowcap' , Scraggy Bay is a balanced golden ale with a snappy little bite of hops.

Foreign Bottles

3 Fonteinen (Belgium) Oude Geuze 6.0%

A classic geuze. Not overly sour for this style but clean flavours and refreshing.

Alvinne (Belgium) Sigma Forrest 8.0%

Classic Belgian fruit sour with forest fruits.

Alvinne (Belgium) Wild West Kriek /Framboos 8.0%

Classic Belgian fruit sour with a blend of cherry and raspberry.

De Cam (Belgium) 2018 Geuze 7.0%

One of the newest lambic producers - from holland! Again very limited and in 1/3rd measures.

De Cam (Belgium) Mixed Vintage Lambic 7.0%

One of the original Lambic producers - 4 vintages sold in 1/3rd measures. Very limited.

De Ranke (Belgium) Kreik Adellar 5.6%

This is the cherry beer done in a method specific to one area. Whole cherries steeped in ale.

De Ranke (Belgium) Saison De Dottignes 5.5%

Saison de Dottignies is a high-fermenting saison with a relatively low alcohol content which makes for a well-balanced beer.

Foreign and UK Cans

Argus (Latvia) Vanilla Barley Wine 11.0%

A good, old fashioned, malty barley wine with enough vanilla to give more sweetness to the palate.

Vault City (UK) Cinnamon Cherry Caramel Biscuit 8.0%

Sweet, spicy cinnamon meets freshly baked biscuits among layers of decadent caramel. All the while, this sweetness pairs perfectly with mountains of juicy cherries and our delicately tart base beer for a sweet/sour flavour.


The Rookery Burnt Mead 17.0%

After a small fire at the Rookery, some honey was damaged by smoke and thus, the Burnt Mead was born. This unique mead is rich and sultry, with hints of treacle and smoke, making it a great sipping mead.

The Rookery Crab Apple Cyzer 17.0%

Crab apple mead is a sweet, but tangy mead which has been seasoned by oak. The oak cuts into the light sweetness with a tannin bite.

The Rookery Elderberry Mead 17.0%

The Rookery Elderberry Mead is created with locally foraged Scottish elderberries and their delightful honey. A sweet and fruity flavour without being heavy and syrupy. A highly enjoyable drink.

The Rookery Midsummer Mead 17.0%

Lots of meadwort flower on the nose with a light maltiness from the heather in the mouth. Toffee notes linger without too much sweetness medium to medium-dry.

The Rookery Mint Mead 17.0%

Three different mints are used in the mead, giving three different effects. The chocolate mint is first, being on the nose. Peppermint gives the slightest warmth to the drink and the light and sprightly mead gives over to a most subtle and delicate spearmint aftertaste.

The Rookery Mountain Ash Mead 17.0%

Mountain Ash Mead is my driest mead, and probably the driest mead on the market, but it retains a gentle, nutty and herbal character, with an almost sake-like flavour.

The Rookery Spruce Mead 17.0%

Made with hand-picked spruce tips from around The Rookery, this mead is light and delicate with citrus notes and a strong sense of honey-dew melon. The ending is gently peaty, evocative of a whisky, but much smoother.

The Rookery Traditional Mead 17.0%

A light and sweet mead with gentle caramel notes and floral tones.


Ellis Gin No. 2 Scottish Bramble 40.0%

Ellis No.2 is a Scottish Bramble Gin. It is beautifully coloured and flavoured naturally using brambles, with no additives or colourings, giving it a beautiful bramble berry taste with floral hints. When tonic is added it transitions from a vibrant red to a subtle orange colour.

Isle of Harris Harris Gin 45.0%

This island spirit is made with local Sugar kelp seaweed which helps to bring a subtle complexity to the gin. It tends to bring a salty, almost umami flavour to the spirit, with a slight green underlying note. It also complements the other key flavours to create a well-balanced flavour spectrum.

Isle or Wight Mermaid Zest 40.0%

Mermaid Zest Gin infuses grapefruit, island bergamot and wild-foraged coastal rosemary with the smooth yet complex taste of our award-winning Mermaid Gin. A blend of bright citrus and subtle sweetness combine for a zesty fresh spirit with a hint of sea air.

Purist Gin Purist Black 57 57.0%

Glasgow based Purist Gin have made up a Navy Strength expression of their fabulous gin here. Botanicals include the likes of Italian juniper, Japanese yuzu, cassia, and cranberry, for a crisp and softly tangy profile. This gin is ideal if you're looking to add some more body to your cocktails.

Solway Spirits Strawberries & Cream 40.0%

The sweet aroma of summer in a glass well balanced with ripe strawberries and creamy vanilla. A combination produced with our craft distilled gin, infused with strawberries, vanilla with a hint of black peppercorn. Serve with lemonade, garnish with a fresh sliced strawberries.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin 46.0%

The Botanist is an artisanal hand-crafted and distilled gin made at Bruichladdich distillery on the Scottish island of Islay. As the first Islay Dry Gin it is truly unique, with 22 wild and hand-foraged, local herbs and flowers delicately and slowly distilled with nine classic gin botanicals.


Black Bird Sauvignon Blanc 13.0%

Bursting with gooseberry, passion fruit, and grapefruit aromas, this Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp mouthfeel with a fine texture. the intense fruit on the mid palate leads into a delightfully refreshing finish.

Vale do Homen Vinho Verde 12.0%

Bright citrus colour. The aroma is fruity with floral notes. It is very elegant and fresh in the mouth with a vibrant acidity.

Les Decouvertes Pays d'Oc Syrah 13.5%

Syrah (Shiraz in English), a rich, dark-purple colour with an aromatic red-berry and violet nose from the estate of Vignerons du Pic.

Raza Malbec Reserva 13.0%

Full bodied with lovely abundant black fruit flavours. Matured in toasted oak for twelve months adds a touch of vanilla and spice overtones.

Inna Pierrevert Rose 12.0%

Inna Pierrevert Ros is a blend of two grapes: Syrah and Grenache, although the latter dominates. It is a beautiful pale pink colour with a complex and aromatic nose of red berries and spices. These bold flavours continue in the mouth with strong fruit flavours and a slightly spicy finish.

8 Secco Prosecco 11.0%

8 Secco Prosecco has fresh aromas of fruit and flowers on the nose, with pears and sweet apples on the palate. Excellent as an aperitif or with light meals and snacks. A superior Extra Dry Prosecco without the price tag that you expect for this high quality.

8 Secco Prosecco Rose 11.0%

8 Secco Prosecco rose, from grapes grown on the hills nearby Treviso, is a deliciously mouth watering pink fizz with a delicate and fragrant nose of raspberry and strawberry. The palate is fresh and pleasantly aromatic and, as with most sparkling ross, it is excellent as aperitif.


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Glasgow Real Ale Festival (G-RAF) 2023 is in the Glasgow & West of Scotland CAMRA branch area.